Grade 9 Geography: Ecozone Assignment Names

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Grade 9 Geography: Ecozone Assignment
Names: _____________________
You and a partner are to conduct an in-depth study of a Canadian ecozone. Your ecozone is________________________________________________.

Taiga Shield

Taiga Plains

Taiga Cordillera

Southern Arctic


Pacific Maritime

Northern Arctic

Montane Cordillera

Mixedwood Plains

Hudson Plains

Boreal Plains

Boreal Cordillera

Boreal Shield

Atlantic Maritime

Arctic Cordillera

Assignment Evaluation - K /10 T /20 C/30 A/ 20 Total /80

*Students are responsible for printing fees in library and the cost of poster materials. Students are advised to only print what is needed, to cut and paste Internet information into word processing programs and to use whatever material is available in their homes to make their posters.
Resources in the library:
The Canadian Encyclopedia (book) or The Canadian and World Encyclopedia (CD-ROM) Keyword: natural regions
Class Textbook: Ecozones Chapter
The Illustrated Natural History of Canada
Internet Sites: (search Internet using keywords Canadian Ecozones) (most information)
Parks Canada (short summary) (short summary)
Canadian Geographic (more information on conservation)
Atlas of Canada (species at risk by ecozone)
Statistics Canada (population statistics)

The mark breakdown for each section is included in the outline below. A more detailed rubric will follow.

Poster Presentation K /10 T /10 C /10 A /10
You are to create a poster presentation that includes at minimum, the following information about your ecozone.

*It is your decision how you display information. All information must be accurate, complete and concise.
Oral Presentation T /10 C /10

This is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your expertise on your ecozone to the class. You are not to read your poster or fact sheet. You are to demonstrate your expertise by being able to talk freely about your ecozone. Presentations should be about 5 minutes

Fact Sheet C /10 A / 10

You are to create a 1-page point form fact sheet for your classmates based on your poster and oral presentation. This sheet is to be in your own words not a reiteration of the facts on your poster.

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