Greater Atlanta Christian Math Tournament in Norcross, Georgia on March 13

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2010 Greater Atlanta Christian Math Tournament

Dear math team parents:

Happy 2010! The seventh and eighth grade math teams have been invited to attend the Greater Atlanta Christian Math Tournament in Norcross, Georgia on March 13. It is an honor to be invited to such a prestigious Georgia tournament. School from across the southeastern US will be participating. We will compete in the out-of-state schools division.
We plan to leave Cullman Middle on Friday morning, March 12 at 7:30 am, travel to Norcross, spend the night, compete on Saturday and then head back to Cullman. We should return around 6:00 pm on March 13.
Our team will be staying at ???. If you and/or your spouse would be a chaperone, contact me as soon as possible to be included in our reserved group of rooms. The cost for each chaperone will be $50 (Two adults per room). Only a certain number of chaperones can ride the charter bus, first come first served, while others will need to carpool. If you are interested in traveling with our team, but not as chaperones on the bus, then you will need to make your own reservations separate of the math team. The hotel’s number is ???. Greater Atlanta Christian School (GACS) is located on Indian Trail Road off I-85 (Exit 38) in Norcross, GA. The school phone number is 404.923.0515.
The cost per student will be $75 which will pay for their room, registration fee and charter bus fee. If you give your child permission to participate, please sign the attached sheet. If you can chaperone, please sign in the appropriate place. Please return to me as soon as possible.
Please make checks available to: Cullman Middle School. Return the form by Friday, Friday, January 15 so that I will know how many rooms to reserve. Money may be sent any time before Feb. 5. We hope you can go with us, but if not, we know you will be cheering us on as we represent Alabama and Cullman at the tournament. It should be a terrific trip, one the kids will remember for a long time. Go Bearcats!

Susan Sellers

Math Team Coach

Cullman Middle School

Greater Atlanta Student Form

I have read the information regarding the March 12 and 13 math team trip at Greater Atlanta Christian Math Tournament (GACS) held in Norcross, GA. I give my permission for my son/daughter to participate on this trip. I understand that this is a school related activity and then my child is representing the community of Cullman and will act accordingly.

Expenses for the trip: 4 meals, shopping, activities (Malibu Grand Prix)
Fee for the trip ($75.00)
Child’s name ____________________________________________________________

Parent Signature _________________________________________________________

Please check one of the following:
_____ Yes, I would like to ride the bus and chaperone ($40 each)
_____No, I will not be able to chaperone.
_____ I will be riding separately from the team, but will attend the tournament.
Return form by
Friday, Jan. 15 and money now or by Feb. 5. It is very important that I get this form by Friday so that I may reserve enough rooms for everyone.
Thank you,

Susan Sellers

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