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Interfaith Gleaning Event

February 21, 2015

8:45 am until noon


Field on Atlantic Boulevard & Lyons Road

  1. Coming from North or South on I-95: Take I-95 to Exit 52 Atlantic Avenue also known as route 806. Go west on Atlantic Avenue. When you reach the turnpike interchange follow the directions listed in number 2.

  1. Coming from North or South on Turnpike: Exit Turnpike at the Atlantic Avenue exit # 81 and turn right onto Atlantic Avenue also known as route 806.

  1. In one mile you will come to the intersection of Lyons and Atlantic.

Turn left onto Lyons heading south. .

  1. In two tenths of a mile on the right hand side of the road is the entrance to the field. Look for gleaning signs.

  1. Parking: The parking will be off the road outside of the field. There is a large berm that can accommodate buses and cars. If there is no room there please pull into the field complex and we will park you at head rows.

Remember to Bring a Gleaning Form for everyone who is present
Remember there are no Restroom Facilities at the Field

Contact me on my cell phone if you have difficulties: Keith (561) 236-8176. Please have the gleaning forms ready for each volunteer and return to me on gleaning day.

Thank you & please drive safely!

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