Installation Connect the usb end of the included cable to regular 5v usb power supply and the other micro usb end to the dongle;

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  1. Connect the USB end of the included cable to regular 5V USB power supply and the other micro USB end to the dongle; (double check if it is fully plugged in, or you won’t see display)

  2. Plug in the dongle to the HDMI port of your TV; (you might use HDMI extension cable)

  3. Turn on TV, switch to the correct HDMI channel;

  4. The initial page will show up on TV. If your version is 1.6.4, you want to press the button on the dongle for correct mode (DLNA/iOS for iPhone iPad; Miracast for Android & Windows 8.1)

AerbCast for iOS 6.0+

 Before set up, make sure your iPhone or iPad has updated firmware iOS6 or newer;

  1. Swipe to [Settings], then [Wi-Fi], search for the dongle and connect to it using password: 12345678;

  2. On your TV, it will show dongle connected; you can now go straight to step 4 if you do not want to set up internet and only need local mirroring;

  3. Open Safari, and enter the IP showing on the screen; find connect to Wi-Fi; hit Scan to find available Wi-Fi network; select the network, and type in your Wi-Fi password; then hit connect to finish setup;

  4. Swipe from the bottom on your iPhone or iPad, and hit [Air Play], then select the Dongle, switch on screen mirroring.


For iPhone, please use Safari for Youtube, and do not use Youtube App; you have to log in with Safari for videos. You have to connect to Wi-Fi for video streaming because your 3G or 4G data won’t support.

AerbCast for Android 4.2+

 Connect to Android smartphones are super easy; you have to make sure your device is android 4.2+, and does support Miracast or Wireless display.

 1. Swipe on your device screen, and find [Settings] / [Display] / [Wireless Display]; or try swiping down from the top of the device's screen or go to settings (this will vary depending on the brand of your device). Check for an icon “Screen Mirroring”, or go to Display and check for “Wireless Display” or “Wireless Mirroring” option.

2. Turn on wireless display to search for the wifi dongle; once the dongle is discovered, tap on the name and finish the pairing; you are all set to go.

Reference Video:

AerbCast for Windows 8.1+

 Before connecting, make sure you updated your graphics display drivers, and make sure you are using authentic Windows 8.1+ system.

1. Swipe in from the right side of the screen, select [Devices] from the exposed menu;

From the list, select [Project];

2. Then select [Add a wireless display]; a window will appear searching for devices, and display any discoverable receivers or dongles; you will only need to do this the first time you connect this dongle;

3. Select the AerbCast device named [Dongle-XXXX] for the pairing; if you have the latest Windows 8.1 system, you won’t need to input a code; Wait for like 20 seconds for the connection to be established.

Next time to use the mirror, swipe in from the right, go to [Device] / [Project], select the discovered Dongle as for the display.

 Reference video:

Troubleshooting & FAQs

1. My version is 1.6.4, I can see the screen or initial page on screen, but I could not connect?

If you are in 1.6.4 version, you want to press the button on the dongle for correct mode (DLNA/iOS for iPhone iPad; Miracast for Android & Windows 8.1).

2. My dongle won’t start, and the TV screen is fully dark?

You want to make sure the micro USB port is fully inserted to the dongle, so please check the connection between the dongle and micro USB cable. Also try to use better USB wall charger to give more power to the dongle.

3. I have the 5G dongle, how could I know if it is working at 5G?

For Android devices, you can press the button and switch to 5G. If your phone supports 5G, the dongle will connect to your phone through 5G Wifi automatically.

For iOS devices, you will have to go to safari, and type in router IP address, then scan the network and select your 5G Wifi network and then password. Make sure your router supports 5G broadcast.

4. I have mirrored the screen, but it is not smooth or image is very bad, what I can do?

You can exit the mirror, and reconnect through airplay or miracast. Also move your phone closer to the dongle and router.

5. I am watching video which is 4K HD 1080P quality, it keeps on buffering, what I can do?

You might have other 2.4 frequency devices, which interfering the dongle, or you device is too far away. You will have to move your device closer to the dongle, and make sure your mirror source, the dongle and router are as close as possible.

6. My TV screen flashes blue and then black, and the dongles seems rebooting in few seconds, what should I do?

While the dongle detects a newer version, the dongle will try to clean its cache, and it might turn to be unstable. If your TV screen flashings blue and black, please do not worry.

If your dongle was connected to the router before, your dongle will complete the upgrade by itself. If your dongle is not connected to the router before, following instructions to connect it to the wifi router first.

You can leave the dongle there for like 1 hour, until screen shows “success”.

7. I am using my iOS device, why I could not watch some online video?

Android devices won’t have this issue since miracast is to mirror whole phone screen.

For iOS, you have to use DLNA or airplay. Please be noted that not all apps or online videos support airplay or DLNA. They might be encrypted by its provider, like Netflix, or some media on kindle, which we do not have access to. For iPhone, you won’t be able to use YouTube app, but you can access at safari using

While you connect to the dongle in your device’s wifi settings, you can start mirror the screen through airplay. You can surf the internet using your 3G or 4G network. However, while you are trying to access online video, you won’t succeed unless you connect the dongle to your home wifi. Read instructions on how to connect to your home wifi router for iOS devices. After dongle connected to your router, your iPhone will connect to your home wifi next time automatically.

8. I am using my Android tablet, do I need to connect to dongle through wifi, and then set up dongle to router for internet?

No, definitely you do not have to. First, for android device, it has to support Miracast; if it does support, you will only need to find screen mirror or wifi display in your device to mirror the screen.

9. For iOS device, how complicated it is to use?

You will only need to connect to the dongle in wifi settings using code 12345678. Then swipe to find air play and start casting. However, some people might need to use wifi to watch online video: in this case, you first connect your iPhone to dongle in wifi settings, then type IP address in safari as shown on screen, search to find your local wifi, and finish connection. Then go to airplay to cast and watch online.

10. Doe it support true HD 1080P?

Yes, both 2.4g and 5g version support. You can search on youtube for a 4K 1080P video to test, you will find it is very smooth. If it keeps on buffering, you want to move phone, dongle and router much closer.

Test Video:

11. Can I use 2.4G dongle to watch local video taken by iPhone 6?

We recommend 5G; but if your phone is very close to the dongle and router, it will be smooth as well.

12. Does it support Netflix and Youtube?

For android 4.3+: there will no issue, because Miracast basically mirror everything to screen;

For iOS device: it won’t support Netflix. For Youtbue, it won’t support youtube app, but it will go smoothly if you watch video on using safari directly!

13. What I can do if I see buffering or lagging?

You can restart your wifi router, and also move your phone, wireless router, and the TV closer.

14. How to upgrade the dongle? Or how to connect the dongle to router? Or how to connect iPhone to internet while casting?

1. If you are in 1.6.4 or lower version, switch to DLNA/iOS mode; if it’s V2.0 above, go to wifi settings of your device;

2. Find the dongle in your wifi list, and connect to the dongle using password 12345678;

3. Go to your internet browser, and type in the IP address showing on screen;

4. Find connect to Wi-Fi; hit Scan to find available Wi-Fi network; select the network, and type in your Wi-Fi password; hit connect to finish setup. You are ready to use iPhone with internet while casting;

5. Wifi dongle will update if a newer version discovered; during upgrade, it is normal for the dongle reboot very frequently (screen black and blue), and it takes like 30 to 60 minutes to complete. Please do not turn off power unless you see “success” on screen while upgrading.

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