Is, for no city or monument is much more than 5,000 years old

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The Mystery of Easter Island Commas Answers

  1. The greatest wonder of the ancient world is how recent it all is, for no city or monument is much more than 5,000 years old .

2. Even today some believe that the wonders of the ancient world were built by Atlanteans gods, or space travelers, instead of by thousands toiling in the sun.

3. The great mystery of Easter Island that struck all early visitors was not just that these colossal statues stood in such a tiny and remote corner of the world, but that the stones seemed to have been set down from the sky.

4. We now know the answer to the riddle, and it is a chilling one.

5. No natural disaster, eruption, drought, or disease had ravaged Easter Island ( ; . ) the catastrophe was man.

6. Like Polynesians on some other islands, each clan began to honor its ancestry with impressive stone images.

7. As time went on, the statue building became increasingly rivalrous and extravagant.

8. Each generation of images grew bigger than the last and required more timber, rope, and manpower.

9. Trees were cut faster than they could grow, and the settler's rats ate the tree seeds and saplings.

10. For a generation or so, there was enough old lumber to keep a few canoes sea worthy.

11. Wars broke out over ancient planks and worm eaten bits of driftwood ( ; . ) they ate all their dogs.

12. If there was no wood, then there could be no statues, no boats, no seafood, and no escape.

Practice with Commas Answers

  1. We are having peas and carrots, roast beef, and cake for dinner.

  2. Mr. Morton, my English teacher, says we have to learn how to use commas.

  3. He says, "Remember, Bob, use commas before and after you address someone directly."

  4. Kelly said, "Did you do the homework, Angie?"

  5. The teachers at Ericson Academy work hard to teach the students.

  6. Alex painted the fence white, blue, and green.

  7. We waited at the bus stop on Central Park Avenue after school.

  8. My mom, who is a nurse, cares for the sick injured and disabled.

  9. One famous basketball player, Michael Jordan, won five MVP awards.  

  10. "Don't go there," said Formica.

  11. Robert Louis Stevenson was a Scottish writer of novels, poems, and essays.

  12.  Now, Mr. Bond, we will saw you in half.  

  13.  Tequita said, "Shut up talking to me, Renisha."

  14. Chicago, the largest city in the Midwest , is the home of the skyscraper, blues, and deep-dish pizza.

  15. No, Jackie, I don't want to go with Mark.  

  16. Alice said, "But they keep picking on me Rudy."

  17. Emilio, my next-door neighbor, has two daughters, a son, and a puppy.

  18. That Tuesday, which also happens to be my birthday, is the only day we can take the test.

  19.  Fred, who often cheats on his homework, is really only harming himself.  

  20.  Brett Favre, the quarter back for the team, is having a bad week.  

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