Islamic Republic of Afghanistan جمهورى اسلامى افغانستان Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development

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Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

جمهورى اسلامى افغانستان

Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development

وزارت احياء و انکشاف دهات

National Solidarity Programme

برنامۀ همبستگى ملى

NSP Success Story
Getting Access to Electricity
The Koz Kalai Babar is one of the villages of Azra district of Logar province, where approximately 156 families live. Like other rural areas of the country, the villagers established the Community Development Council (CDC) through a democratic and transparent process soon after the National Solidarity Programme of the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD/NSP) launched its coverage to the region.

Before the NSP's assistance, the village was in darkness, despite having had the resources to be utilized in generating electricity. The community, through the NSP managed to take advantage of a small river flowing nearby and build a micro hydro-power (MHP) project which currently provides enough energy for not only lighting houses in the Koz Kalai Babar village, but also for the governmental offices and other small local industries.

Before having access to electricity, people of this community had to make use of kerosene lamps for many years. They had difficulty finding fuel for them in the local bazaar, which was a major concern.

The community contribution in this project was more than 25% of the total NSP budget. Most of the traditional workers use the electricity for running their machinery such as carpentry and welding machines. The community collects about AFN 15,000 net income per month from this project. The villagers are so satisfied because of this project, they seriously look after it in terms of its maintenance and safety.

“After a series of discussions and consultations, our CDC has decided to prioritize a MHP project in our Community Development Plan (CDP). Our community has contributed more than 25% to this MHP project. We have transferred the power not only to our homes, but also to the district sub-governor's office, district hospital, district local bazaar, small industries, etc. The income from the project is more than AFN 15,000 per month”, said Mr. Zamin Gul, the community secretary.

The villagers strongly believe in the NSP and they are utterly satisfied with the activities carried out through the programme for the sake of their community. 03022011322

The National Solidarity Programme (NSP) was created by the Government of Afghanistan to develop the ability of Afghan communities to identify, plan, manage and monitor their own development projects. NSP empowers communities to make decisions and manage resources during all stages of the project cycle. The programme lays the foundation for a sustainable form of inclusive local governance, rural reconstruction, and poverty alleviation.

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