It’s the most wonderful time of the year for a wedding

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year for a wedding

Christmas! The time of year when Christians all over the world recognise and rejoice at the birth of our saviour.

New Year’s. The day we celebrate the dawn of a brand new year, and resolve to be better versions of ourselves.

That magical week between Christmas and New Years when family and friends get together for fun and fellowship is traditionally, a popular time of year for weddings. What makes a Trinbago Boxing Day or New Year’s Day wedding so special?

For us, great music, a mouth watering variety of food, plenty drinks and lots of laughter are the essential ingredients for an epic Trinbago lime, and a holiday wedding checks all the boxes.

When it comes to decorating the ceremony and reception spaces, you can opt for the traditional Christmas palettes of green and red, green and gold, red and gold or silver and blue. Poinsettias, whether flaming red, delicate pink or simply white add that festive touch. Personally, I love to see the altar decorated with poinsettias. Having a poinsettia Christmas tree as a visual focal point is always special, because this tropical plant only blooms at this most wonderful time of the year.

Then there are the Christmas lights. Fairy lights, icicle lights, rope lights, candle lights all add to that magical holiday atmosphere. Lanterns are still on trend, so if you are hosting a garden wedding ceremony or reception, tents are advisable. Draping with strings of lantern lights and soft fabric is elegant , effective and picturesque.

For those brides who want a more modern spin, decorating with metallics like bronze, stainless steel and pewter, candlelabras and chandileers will deliver that wow factor.

Decor apart, when it comes to food and beverage choices for the Christmas & New Year’s wedding season,” go big or go home.” Will power be gone, we are all guilty of over indulging during this time of the year.

Traditional Trinbago menu must haves include ham, turkey with stuffing, garlic pork and everyone’s favourite pastelles. Do remember to provide some veggie and meat free options for vegetarian or health conscious guests.

Black cake, fruit cake, rum cake, call it what you will, is mandatory. Then there are the seasonal drinks...sorrell, ginger beer, Cydrax, Peardrax and ponche de crème. For a new spin on the old drinks, include sorrel wine or sorrel liquer and pumpkin ponche de crème (tastes delicious).

For dessert, besides the cake and the candy station with all our local sweets and treats, to balance out the sugar intake, offer up some healthy options with a selection of almonds, dates and other dried fruit.

Having coffee and tea available for your guests is a thoughtful gesture that helps to sober them up for the drive home afterwards. Keep it local by offering “cocoa tea” made from locally grown chocolate. After all, we still produce some of the finest cocoa in the world!

Fruit infused water is also on trend, so be sure to have jugs of water infused with slices of either cucumbers, lemon, apple or cherries, and, if your budget allows, make it with sparkling water instead of “ ordinary” water. The more your guests stay hydrated, the less likely they will be to experience that legendary “next day hang over .

Letting the wedding bells ring for us in Trinbago land usually involves music. Live music or DJ music sets the mood for the celebration. Words cannot describe the unique sounds of our national instrument, be it a solo steel pan player during the ceremony, as a musical interlude, or a small stage side during the reception. Pan equals musical flavour par excellence.

Then there is tassa. There is nothing quite like hearing the tassa roll, to joyfully announce the arrival of the bride, groom and bridal party.

At Christmas time, music takes on a significance with the sounds of cuatros, maraks and shack shacks. Thanks to the Spanish cultural influence which lives on in our Christmas music, we dance to the beat of parang and soca parang.

Whether you are planning the wedding in Trinidad or our beautiful, scenic sister island of Tobago, infusing your wedding with our cultural traditions is an easy way to make it memorable and enjoyable.

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