John A. Cartwright

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John A. Cartwright

109 South Doran

Mesa, Arizona 85204

(602) 432-6772

Skills Summary

I have over twenty-five years experience providing IT business solutions. My experience includes IT management, project management, systems analysis and design, programming and application support and training. In 1987, as the Advanced Manufacturing and Inventory Management Support Groups in Atlanta Project Lead for IBM for the MAPICS, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to train with IBM’s staff in Rochester, MN on the then new AS400. I have since worked as an AS400 / iSeries specialist for many companies in a variety of industries.

I have a strong technical and programming background but my real strengths lie in my business knowledge, my ability to understand and adapt to new situations and the way I work with people. I am honest and realistic in both my solutions to problems and in reporting to management. I try to bring the most practical and efficient solution to each opportunity without sacrificing quality.
Since 2012, I have been working and teaching at various companies on short duration projects. Please ask me for additional information.



IBM AS400 / iSeries / Power7

IBM Systems 3, 32, 34, 36, 38, 4300, 360


Programming Languages

RPG, RPL 2, RPG 3, RPG IV, RPGLE, CL, CLLE, ILE, DB2, SQL, SQL DDL, SQL DML, PLI, RDA, JDBC, ODBC, OPNQRYF, Embedded SQL, Stored Procedures, Service Programs, DDM, DDS, SDA, PDM, Prototypes, Procedure Calls, Websphere, WDSc, Synon 2E, BIFs (Built in Functions), Binder Source, COBOL, Visual Basic, IBM ASSEMBLER 360, HTML, Synon 2E

Application Software

CGC Construction, MAPICS, MacPac, BPCS, JDA, Lawson, JDE, EDI, EDIFACT, ROBOT, WDSc, WKS Implementer, Aldon, Turnover, PCI, MANMAN MM3000

Custom Software

Retail Accounting, Retail Credit, Catalog, Manufacturing and Inventory Management, PCI, Most Accounting applications, Banking and Mutual Funds, Retail Sales, Forecasting, Commissions, GL, Financials, Order Processing and Invoicing, Distribution, Project Management


Construction, Logistics and Distribution, Forest Products, Manufacturing, Retail, Retail Accounting, Accounting, Financial, Medical Accounting

PC Software


Numerous other PC based applications including design and development using ACESS.


Uline 6/08 – 11-2009, 03/10 – 10/2013, 05/2011 - 11/2013

Gurnee, Il, Pleasant Prairie, WI

Senior Systems Analyst and Programmer

Uline is a leading distributor of shipping, industrial, and packing materials to businesses throughout North America with warehouse across the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Working at ULINE, I supported the Reports Group in providing reports and other programming for all departments and warehouses. Programming included new on-line tracking of packages for the new automated warehouse in California, new warehouse stocking location logic and reporting, and other critical enhancements. This position required analysis of existing applications and development of new applications using ILE techniques and programming. ILE Programming was done using DB2 and SQL or RPGSQLLE. I also created the new DDM Tables, Indexes, and Views for the Business Intelligence Group following DB2 standards. RDA was the primary editing and debugging tool and MKS Implementer was the Change Management tool.

Tutor Perini Corporation 09/10 – 05/11

Sylmar, CA

Senior Systems Analyst

Tutor Perini is a billion dollar construction company with offices across the United States and Guam. Tutor Perini uses a combination of software and hardware to provide IT solutions across it many companies. The primary business platform is IBM’s iSeries. Applications have been developed on the AS400 as well as using Computer Guidance Corporations CMS construction software. My responsibility was to provide analysis and programming in support of CGC’s package and the related reporting interfaces including Business Objects. All programming on the iSeries was done using the latest ILE and SQL/DB2 technologies. Business Objects was at level 9.0.

Charming Shoppes / Crosstown Traders 6/06 – 5/08

Tucson, AZ

Senior Systems Analyst and Programmer

Crosstown Traders and Arizona Mail Order is a direct marketer of women's apparel, footwear, accessories and specialty gifts headquartered in Tucson, Arizona. Crosstown was acquired by Charming Shoppes, Inc., Pennsylvania, shortly before I began my contract. My first project was to analyze the requirements needed to convert their existing Credit system to the new Charming Shoppes credit system. This included re-writing many existing programs, adding procedures to service programs, modifying the Order Processing programs, documentation and installation of new programs. I thus became the primary consultant for the Credit group. The bulk of my work was within the Credit applications, Order Processing and working with the team to convert the programs to become PCI compliant (tokenization and encryption / decryption of existing and new credit card numbers) using custom tokenization code and Protegrety encryption software. I programmed management-reporting systems for the purchasing department. I also designed and programmed applications to interface with various credit services and provide on-line credit validation. I also took information from the credit services to use for catalog drops for preferred customers.

Rural Metro Corporation 6/05 – 11/05

Scottsdale, AZ

Senior Systems Analyst and Programmer

Designed and maintained applications for Rural’s Medical Accounting. All programming was done using Synon 2E and CLP. My primary responsibility was the support for Ambulance Billing and Invoicing.

Computer Guidance Corporation 6/03-6/05

Scottsdale, AZ

Senior Systems Analyst and Programmer

Computer Guidance (CGC), is a software company providing the U.S. and Canada with the leading iSeries Construction software. My responsibilities were to support existing applications and develop new ILE software for new Construction applications. A large part of my work was to rewrite many of the existing applications to work as the iSeries business logic for CGC’s new web based product. This includes creating new ILE programs using embedded SQL. The new design utilized the latest ILE coding techniques with both free form and formatted RPGLE. Working with a new technical team at CGC, I developed new service programs and ILE procedures accessing SQL tables. My primary areas of focus were Accounts Receivable, Time and Materials, and Construction Accounting.

Honeywell Hardware Products Group 6/01 - 6/03

Tempe, AZ 85204

Senior Systems Analyst and Programmer

Honeywell’s Hardware Products Group selected BPCS as the primary application for manufacturing, Order Processing, DRP, EDI and other areas within the group. I managed the support queue and provided 24 hour production support for all areas for the HPG support team.

Columbia Management Co. 2/98 - 3/99

3/00 - 6/01

Portland, OR

Senior Systems Analyst and Programmer

Columbia Management Co. is Oregon’s most successful mutual fund investment companies. My responsibilities included analysis of current systems relating to Y2K compliance and Dow 10K compliance and support for existing applications. I was also the project manager for Columbia’s Profile 2.0 applications which provided PC formatted information to Columbia’s third party fund managers from the AS400 data base.
Menlo Logistics 3/99 - 3/00

Portland, OR

Senior Systems Analyst and Programmer

Menlo Logistics is a full service contract Logistics Company specializing in product transportation, storage and distribution for commercial and industrial enterprises. As a consultant with Menlo, I worked to analyze and program applications on the AS400 using ILE concepts for Menlo’s Order Management System Group. Related activities include interfacing with the EDI, Transportation Management and WEB groups. My assignments have included problem resolution for existing clients, new product development and Analysis for new client interfaces.

Willamette Industries, Inc. 10/92 - 2 /98

Portland, OR

Project Manager and Analyst/Programmer

Consultant for the Building Materials Group RIM (Revenue Information Management) Project Team. The RIM team was responsible for implementing and adapting Andersen’s MacPac applications and developing new applications to meet the unique and demanding requirements of the forest and lumber products industry.

A major task was to meet on site at the various BMG (Building Material Group) plant locations with key users and managers at all levels and provide analysis and requirements definitions for each commodity. Initial work began with the Particle Board Plants. MacPac was modified and new applications were designed to meet the demands for Particleboard. Following implementation and conversion for Particle Board, Lumber, Plywood, and other commodities were analyzed and brought on line. As before, much time was spent at the various BMG locations analyzing the requirements and converting to MacPac.

A Major design and programming project included a unique Production Scheduling application for the Plywood division. I also designed and programmed a Freight Rating and Routing application for the Traffic and Sales Departments. These modules interfaced with MacPac’s Order Maintenance and A/R and included EDI interfaces for Bill of Lading. One project included conversion support from Willamette’s 4381 mainframe to the AS400. Much of my work at Willamette included analysis, programming and support for the Transportation Department including both Trucking and Rail.

All programming was done on the AS400 using RPG400 or ILE. Other responsibilities were the continuing support of MacPac and supporting applications and the conversion to ILE on the new RISC AS400’s.

Fred Meyer, Inc. 3/90 - 7/91

Technical Project Manager – Sales Audit

Portland, OR

The Sales Audit project encompassed an extensive Cash Management and Reconciliation System for Fred Meyer's network of AS/400's. As lead technical consultant, responsibilities included application design and management of the project team's technical support personnel and user teams. The design included a comprehensive accounting system linked to each store's 4681-register system and used in tracking and reconciling sales. This system included reconciling each register and cashier’s transactions with the daily vault auditing application. Vault auditing included tracking of checks, credit cards, food stamps, game licenses, etc. and allowed the Teller to track all daily transactions for the store. Audited next day sales information was provided as well as an interface to Fred Meyer's G/L. Supervised up to ten programmers/analysts and reported to upper management each phase of the project development. All programming was performed on AS400’s and designs incorporated normalized databases and the latest coding techniques. I Provided AS400 training to Fred Meyer employees and consultants and worked with the Support and Training groups to develop complete documentation for training and support.

JDA & Associates, Inc. 8/91 - 5/92

Scottsdale, AZ

Senior Systems Analyst and Programmer

As a consultant to JDA, I worked primarily on the Retail Inventory and Purchasing applications. All work was done using RPG IV or ILE on the AS400. A majority of work involved modifying existing code and working to support for JDA's clients. I also designed and programmed the Landed Cost - Purchasing application for one of JDA's Clients in the Northeast.

IBM 6/87 - 9/89

Atlanta, GA

Project Manager IBM MAPICS Advanced Manufacturing and Inventory Management

As Product Support Manager for the MAPICS Advanced Manufacturing and Inventory Control applications, worked with IBM's customers and technical staff to resolve problems reported to IBM though IBM's APAR processing system. Extensive knowledge of MAPICS was required especially for the Advanced Manufacturing Applications such as Inventory Control, MRP, PCC, etc. Primary hardware included the Sys/36 and Sys/38. Prior to the release date announcement for the AS400. I went to Rochester, MN for training on the AS/400 at IBM's Development Center. Following extensive training, I went back to Atlanta and established a training program for all MAPICS support personnel. Prior to the rewrite of MAPICS on the AS/400, I worked with the initial development team on procedures for rewriting MAPICS for the AS400. While working for IBM, I was selected as one of the top five percent of SE’s (System Engineers) resulting in advanced training on AS400 and AS400 related applications.

Education and Military service

A.A. Degree Data Processing (1975)
Mesa Community College
Mesa, Arizona
B.S. Economics (1976)
Arizona State University
Tempe, Arizona
American Management Association

Certification in Project Management


CPIM 1993

Numerous technical and management courses and seminars.

U.S. Navy
September 1967 - October 1968
Honorable Discharge

U.S. Army
Army Security Agency – National Security Agency
October 1968 - April 1974
Honorable Discharge

Top Secret Cryptographic Code Word Security Clearance


John A. Cartwright

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