Larry m. Joseph

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Joseph Associates, LLC

4373 Westover Place, NW

Washington, DC 20016



Tel: 240-888-1009

Experience Summary:
Dr. Joseph has had extensive success in cross-functional problem solving in complex, large programs for a diverse set of clients in the energy, environmental, information technology, and financial sectors. He was the executive manager for the formation and implementation of the government's largest energy/environmental program that has resulted in greatly improved air and water quality in the U.S. He also developed and managed a unique program for private/public sector partnerships that has become the model of joint programs throughout the Government.
Expertise Summary:

  • Project , program, and portfolio management

  • Commercialization of new energy and environmental technologies

  • Management of large, complex programs in public and private sectors

  • Development, negotiation, and implementation of public/private sector partnerships

  • Development and teaching of academic and executive educational programs in project/program management

Professional Experience:
Principal, Joseph Associates, LLC, Washington, DC (1996 – Present)


Provides a range of management and consulting services (including project/program management, strategy development, project portfolio management, and development of Project Management Offices) to international energy and environmental industries, information technology, financial, and health systems clients. Specialize in restructuring troubled projects, the management of complex projects and programs; venture planning; technology assessments; and strategic planning. Recent accomplishments include:

  • Managed an international group of energy and financial firms that developed investment opportunities for mid and large size energy firms in China using both conventional and renewable energy.

  • Directed the nonregulated arm of a major energy company to improve overall performance by integrating its business processes. Engagement including facilitating the strategic planning effort, analyzing business processes (including front and back offices), and implementing a continuous improvement program.

  • Managed the implementation of a Project Management Office at a major global manufacturer of telecommunication equipment.

  • Working with senior management of the unregulated arm of a regional natural gas utility, developed a long term plan for it to transition into a global energy company. This effort included market strategies, investment criteria, and capital allocation targets for the client’s diversified investments.

  • Developed and implemented a Project Management Office for a major medical device company.

  • Implemented a project portfolio approach to managing a diverse set of Congressionally mandated requirements for a major Federal agency including establishing long term goals, program development, and implementing a performance measurement system to better report on progress to a diverse set of constituents.

  • Developed an innovative executive training program oriented toward applying advanced program and project management techniques to corporate sector clients in China.

Unites States Department of Energy, Director New Technology Commercialization, Washington, DC (1986 – 1996)

Provided executive leadership in the development and implementation of this innovative program ($7 billion of total project cost) which demonstrates technologies that will lead to the continued, cost effective use of domestic resources. These cost shared partnerships between industry and Government (two dollars of private sector money for each dollar of Federal money) consisted of 43 projects in 20 states. Private partners were consortia of electric power and technology development companies.

  • Negotiated the first round of joint venture agreements between the Government and project directed consortia of private sector companies. These were unique and a breakthrough for Government agencies to better interact with the private sector and jointly demonstrate the commercial viability of new technologies. The approach became a model for such efforts within the Government.

  • Trained a staff of professionals to negotiate subsequent rounds of solicitations before taking over full responsibility for the program as Program Director.

  • Established an ongoing series of Executive Seminars with senior management of State agencies and private sector companies to better understand the changing nature of the electric power industry.

  • Oversaw all engineering and design activities for all projects.

HRI INC., Vice President, New Technology Programs (1981 – 1986)

Managed (with profit/loss responsibility) the development, commercialization, and licensing of new technologies in the energy, chemical, and petroleum industries.

  • Managed all engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) activities related to new technologies.

  • Directed R&D, engineering of projects, and marketing of licenses and technical services.

  • Negotiated and implemented a joint venture for commercialization of proprietary technology in coal cleaning and coal slurries.

Unites States Department of Energy, Program Director, Major Coal Liquefaction Program Office (1976 – 1981)

Primary management executive for planning, budgeting, and executing of the international, cost shared Coal Liquefaction Program. Directed program and project management teams associated with two large commercial demonstration projects.

  • Chairman of the Joint Project Management Team which included technical and management members from three countries and oversaw project performance, approved all project related materials, assured project objectives were being met, and reported to an international Steering Committee at the ministerial level.

  • Management and technical member of the team that represented the U.S. Government in negotiations of international agreements with Germany and Japan.

  • Successfully negotiated cost sharing contracts with industrial partners and directed the supporting research activities.

Badger Company, Process Engineer

Developed process designs; performed economic feasibility and process analyses; prepared energy and material balances; specified equipment; performed construction checks; and participated in start-ups of petrochemical and refining facilities for one of the leading Engineering-Procurement-Construction contractors.

Education/ Academic Credentials/Certifications:


  • Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, The University of Michigan

  • M.S. in Chemical Engineering, Tufts University

  • BChE in Chemical Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


  • Project Management Professional (PMP)


  • Executive Education Program, School of Business Administration, University of Michigan


  • Adjunct faculty positions at Georgetown University, The University of Chicago, George Mason University, and Tsinghua University

October, 2013

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