List of great books for 4th Grade Students

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List of GREAT Books for 4th Grade Students

JF Auch

A Dog On His Own

All alone in the world, without a human to call his own, this canine tries to live up to the name his mother gave him when he was a pup, "K-10" (she said it was because he was one step above all other K-9's).

JF Babbitt

Jack Plank Tells Tales

When a pirate ship falls on hard times, Jack Plank is let go because he is not very good at plundering and is left in the Caribbean town of Saltwash. The other people in his boarding house wonder if he is actually good at any job. It seems that he has a excuse for not taking any of the jobs 11-year-old Nina suggests, explaining with tales from an eventful past why none are the right job for him.

JF Barrett

The 100-Year-Old Secret

Xena and Xander Holmes move from Florida to London where they discover that the famous detective, Sherlock Holmes, is their great-great-great grandfather. Xena receives a mysterious note with clues to finding the 100- year-old unsolved cases of Sherlock Holmes.

Series: Sherlock Files

JF Barrows*

The Magic Half


Eleven-year-old Miri Gill has two sets of twins in her family and she feels left out! Her loneliness is over when she travels back in time to 1935 and meets Molly, an orphan in much need of a friend.

JF Barshaw

Ellie McDoodle: Have Pen, Will Travel

Eleanor McDougal is Ellie *McDoodle* because she likes to draw. So when she has to travel with Aunt Ug, Uncle Ewing and her annoying cousins to camp out at Higgins Lake, Ellie has a pen and a sketch book and draws and writes about the trip.

JF Bearn

Tumtum & Nutmeg: Adventures Beyond Nutmouse Hall


In three exciting tales of daring and wit, mice Tumtum and Nutmeg find adventure when they secretly try to save their "people" from an evil aunt, a squeamish schoolteacher and pirating pond rats.

JF Benton*

The Frandidate

Franny wants to be class president. So she becomes the candidate each person wants with the help of her Atomic Combiner and some DNA from Igor the dog, a parrot, a chameleon, a sample of cobra, spider and some spicy peppers. Franny is now the Frandidate!

Series: Franny K. Stein, Mad Scientist

JF Bowe

My Last Best Friend


Although she is determined not to have another best friend, Ida Mae is curious about Stacey, the new girl in school, so she pretends to be somebody else to uncover Stacey's secrets.

JF Brockmeier

Grooves: A Kind of Mystery


Dwayne's blue jeans can talk! He hears a cry for help in the grooves of his jeans. Dwayne decides to take the lead.

JF Butler

Tank Talbott's Guide to Girls


Tank Talbott has a secret that he cannot share even with his best friend. In order to pass 5th grade, Tank must be tutored in math and write everyday in a notebook on his guide to girls. He will have to be alert, and not let his stepsister Mollie find out.

JF Byars*

Dog Diaries: Secret Writings of the WOOF Society

WOOF, a group of dogs, get together at night and hear stories written by dogs worldwide and from history. You'll laugh with the dogs.

JF Cabot*

Moving Day


Allie gets the news that her family will be moving and she is not excited about the changes. No, she is not at all happy about giving up her precious rock collection, about having a creepy new bedroom, or about starting in a new school.

Series: Allie Finkle's Rules for Girls

JF Carmody*

Little Fur — The Legend Begins

Gentle, timid Little Fur is an elf-troll girl that lives in a magical forest as a healer. An unlikely heroine, Little Fur is given the task of saving the ancient trees and the earth spirit they contain from the human "fire-loving" burners.

JF Cowley*

Snake and Lizard

Snake and Lizard are very different from each other, and disagree on almost everything. Can they stay friends?

JF Danneberg

Family Reminders


Life is not the same around the house when Mary's father loses his leg in a gold mining accident. Mary is bound and determined to find a way to help her father regain his purpose in life.

JF Delaney

Obi, Gerbil on the Loose!


Obi the gerbil lives a very comfortable life in her two-story apartment with her favorite snacks and fresh cedar shavings until her adopted family leaves on vacation and Obi is forgotten. Now she faces danger and starvation! But this special gerbil is brave and clever.

JF Duncan*

News for Dogs


Now that Bruce and his sister Andi have closed the Hotel for Dogs, they have a new business, a newspaper for dogs. Writing a newspaper is harder than it looks. There's also a mystery to solve. Someone is stealing dogs from their owners.

JF Dyer*

Ibby's Magic Weekend

A box of magic tricks gets Ibby and her cousins into some magical trouble.

JF Feiffer

Problem with the Puddles


When the zany, disagreeing Puddles accidentally leave their dogs Sally and Sally behind after a vacation, they find they have a big problem, leading them -- and their dogs -- on a crazy journey back to find each other.

JF Finney*

Jack and Rebel, the Police Dog

Jack the Dog (called Big Yellow Stupid by the cats) is SO HAPPY to be friends with you and tell you about his friend the police dog and the Flying Feathery who can bark and what happened when his Packleader went to London. Woof! Woof!

JF Fleischman*

Dream Stealer


Susana dreams about a horseback-riding trip and wakes up before her dream ends. Susana’s grandmother tells her the Dream Stealer can help her retrieve the rest of her dream. Soon, Susana is on a journey to the Dream Stealer’s castle.

JF Fleming

The Fabled Fourth Graders of Aesop Elementary School


No teacher in his right mind would even consider taking on these incoming fourth graders. Much to the principal's relief, Mr. Jupiter applies for the job. The students can't wait to test the new teacher's patience. Ah, but with Mr. Jupiter, always expect the unexpected.

JF Funke*

Igraine the Brave


Igraine wants to be a knight, not a magician like the rest of her family. When her castle home is threatened, it is up to her to prove her worth.

JF Fusilli

Marley Z and the Bloodstained Violin

Marley Zimmerman's best friend Marisol has just been accused of stealing a priceless violin. Even though the video proves it, Marley believes her friend couldn't be responsible. It's up to Marley Z. to find out who really stole the violin.

JF Giff*


—"ing," were the last letters, and the first part was "Miss". If only Sam knew how to read that old newspaper clipping, he would have known why a picture of himself at age 3 was in it. Was he missing or kidnapped? It's hard to think that Mack really wasn't his grandfather.

JF Graff

Umbrella Summer

Ever since her brother Jared's unexpected death, adventurous Annie has turned cautious and scared. With the help of a new neighbor and good friends, she begins to close her "umbrella of sadness."

JF Haddix*

Dexter the Tough

Dexter's feelings and actions are hard for him to understand as he deals with his father's illness, living with his grandmother, and attending a new school.

JF Hanson

How to Save Your Tail

When Bob the rat is caught by two cats, he tells them stories to distract them from eating him. Gulp!

JF Hirsch*

Have Courage, Hazel Green

A kid can't just tell a grownup that she thinks the grownup did an awful thing. But when Hazel comes up with a plan to make things right, she's the one that gets punished. Unless she can get Mr. Davies to confess, no one will trust her again.

JF Kennedy

Me and the Pumpkin Queen

Mildred has always dreamed of growing a one-thousand-pound pumpkin and winning first prize in her town's famous Pumpkin Fair. Maybe this will be her year.

JF Klise*

Dying to Meet You

Ignatius B. Grumpty wants to be alone to work on his next children's book. Unfortunately the house he has rented comes with an eleven year-old boy, a cat and a ghost who don't want company either.

Series: 43 Old Cemetery Road

JF Laybourn

Missing Magic

What happened to Ned? Everyone around him can do magic, but he doesn't have a bit! The other students at his fancy new school use magic to fly, play, do math and try all sorts of tricks. Ned can barely escape the jinxed chairs, but his lack of magic may just be what saves him.

JF Lin

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon


Minli's luckless village is in the shadow of Fruitless Mountain, where her hardworking parents tell wondrous folktales every night. After hearing about the wise Old Man of the Moon, Minli sets out to find him and ask how to change her village's fortune.

JF Lincoln

Billy Bones: A Tale from the Secrets Closet


It's the skeleton family's job to guard the dirty secrets for the living. But when Billy Bones meets the newly orphaned Millicent, together they explore the mansion and find out how Billy died.

JF Lisle

Highway Cats

Cats like Shredder live by the highway and business cats like Khalia Koo run the rat factory down the road. Both their lives change when three kittens come down the highway and a series of curious events unfold.

JF Loizeaux

Clarence Cochran, A Human Boy


Clarence is a cockroach. Then, one morning he awakes to find his body has turned into the body of a miniature human boy. This isn't Clarence's only problem - he must also save his whole species from extermination!

JF Lombard

Drita, My Homegirl

It's not easy to be the new girl in school, let alone one who doesn't speak English and is trying to make friends. Drita's grandmother says that "sometimes there is more to people than meets the eye." It seems like everyone has some adjustments to make, no matter where you are from or what language you speak.

JF Look

Alvin Ho: Allergic to Girls, School, and Other Scary Things

Wasabi, girls, elevators, piano lessons, school - Alvin Ho is scared of them all. He can pretend to be crazy superhero Firecracker Man at home, but at school he is too scared to talk.

JF Marsden

When Heaven Fell

Binh and her family are sure their financial problems will be solved when their relative arrives from America, since everyone knows all Americans are rich.

JF Martinez

Pedrito's World

It's 1941 and Pedrito lives in southern Texas, right along the Mexican border. The only life he knows is his life on the farm, helping his father plant watermelons, and tending to farm animals. His world becomes bigger and scarier when he starts to attend school, where he is not permitted to speak any Spanish. Now Pedrito has new worries, like how will he let the teacher know when he has to go pee?

JF Mazer

Ten Ways to Make My Sister Disappear

Sisters, especially older sisters, can be so totally annoying. Everything ten-year-old Sprig wants, her twelve-year-old sister Dakota already has or does better.

JF McGhee

Julia Gillian (and the Art of Knowing)


This summer Julia Gillian walks around her Minneapolis neighborhood with her dog Bigfoot and searches for strength to finish a book with a possible sad ending.

JF Mead*

Isabella's Above-Ground Pool

Isabella longs for an above-ground swimming pool. Money is tight for her family, so it's up to Isabella to come up with a way to earn some of the money for the pool, but will her motto, "I won't share 'cuz it's not fair!," get in her way?

JF Mills

The Totally Made-up Civil War Diary of Amanda MacLeish

Amanda's parents are always arguing, making family time increasingly unpleasant. When everything takes a turn for the worse, Amanda finds comfort and a way to express her feelings through her class assignment, writing a Civil War diary for ten-year-old Polly Mason.

JF Morpurgo

The Mozart Question

Young Paolo becomes obsessed with what he can't have -- a violin hidden away in his parents' room. In his quest to play it, he uncovers the horrific story of his parent's experiences in a Nazi death camp during World War II.

JF Morris*

The Adventures of Sir Lancelot the Great

Sir Lancelot, the greatest of King Arthur’s knights, has many exciting and silly adventures as he bring peace and justice to the land.

JF Mould*

Wooden Mile

Something wickedly weird is going on in the village of Crampton Rock. Werewolves, pirates and talking fish are only the beginning!

JF Napoli*

Mogo, the Third Warthog

The ratel burrow is too shallow. The mongoose burrow is not safe. Mogo, the third little warthog, works long and hard on an aardvark burrow to survive on the African savanna.

JF O’Connor

Small Adventure of Popeye and Elvis

"Lonely: adjective". Popeye lives with his aunt who teaches him a word a week. "Friendship: noun". Nothing ever happens in his world until Elvis comes along. "Adventure: verb". Then something small but wonderful does happen. "Worry: verb". Soon Elvis must leave. What will happen to Popeye? "Lonely: adjective".

JF Paratore*

Sunny Holiday


Sunny, who is as cheerful as her name implies, makes the best of life's ups and downs with her best friend and neighbor, Jazzy, from their inner-city apartment complex, Riverview Towers.

JF Patterson

The Winner's Walk

Noah, a lovable stray dog adopted by Case's family, can answer the telephone and load the dishwasher! Someone MUST be out there looking for such a special dog, and Case is getting more attached to him everyday....

JF Paulsen



Cool, calm, uber observant, with lightning speed reflexes, Lyle Williams (aka Mudshark) is the school's "go to" person for anyone who can't find something. He likes it that way, so that psychic parrot in the library has to go.

JF Perkins

Rickshaw Girl

 "You can help your father," Naima laments to her friend, Saleem. "Why can't I help mine?" Naima is a girl, and girls stay home to help their mothers. And sometimes her beloved father looks so tired from driving his rickshaw for paying customers every day. But maybe there is a way Naima, a girl who loves to paint traditional Pakistani designs, can help her family after all.

JF Philbrick

Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figg


After his older brother, Harold, is sold into the Union Army by his wicked uncle, Homer runs away to get him back. Stretching the truth with humor, Homer relates his mishaps, such as: abduction, robbery and "being thrown in with the pigs."

JF Pitchford

Captain Nobody


Newt wasn't anyone when his big brother was around. But now he has a new persona – Captain Nobody - able to solve crimes, stop disasters and save lives.

JF Prineas

The Magic Thief

When Conn is caught pick-pocketing a magical item from the wizard Nevery, his street smarts and natural understanding of magic are enough to convince Nevery that Conn could be his servant. Conn will only be satisfied if he can be Nevery's apprentice.

JF Regan

Cyberpals According to Kaley

Kaley is excited about the class assignment of emailing children in other countries. The trouble begins with her first cyberpal who is a BOY and is very rude. The second emailing pal wants to write to one of Kaley's classmates instead so Kaley needs to look for someone else to write to, again and again.

JF Russell

Jack Jones and the Pirate Curse

With the passing of Jack's Great-Uncle Mungo, Jack inherits the Pirate Curse from the famous pirate, Blackstrap Morgan and must confront a vengeful group of pirates or spend the rest of his life running!

JF Russell

Tofu Quilt

A young girl growing up in Hong Kong in the 1960's has "a dream as big as the universe, and a hope as bright as the sun." She has decided to become a writer, even though her uncle says she is only a girl.

JF Salisbury*

Calvin Coconut: Trouble Magnet


Calvin lives in Hawaii with his mom and younger sister. His mom says, "You're the man of the house, Cal." This really means, " be responsible and don't get into trouble". Cal tries, but trouble and fun seem to follow him wherever he goes.

JF Santopolo*

The Nina, the Pinta, and the Vanishing Treasure

Alec Flint has a detective pen that writes upside down. He has black sneakers useful for spying at night, and spikey hair that is good for rubbing thoughts into his brain. Good thing too, as this super-sleuth is going to need all the help he can get to solve the mystery in the museum.

Series: Alec Flint, Super Sleuth

JF Sonnenblick

Dodger and Me

Willy Ryan's life is at an all time low, until he stumbles upon Dodger, a furry blue 125-pound chimp who wears an eyepatch and orange-and-white surfer shorts. How can this imaginary genie-like chimp improve Willy's life?

JF Spinelli

Where I Live

Diana lives in a yellow house
With a bird's nest on the door.
Her father loses his job,
So she doesn't live
By Rose anymore.

JF Stewart

Hugo Pepper

A ten-year-old boy,orphaned and raised in the Frozen North by reindeer herders, boards his parents magical Aeronautical Snow Chariot and sets its special compass to "Home," where he uncovers a plot that threatens his mermaid godmothers and others.

JF Thompson*

Highway Robbery


"Round the corner he came, a tall rider on a big, black horse. . . ." So the lad tells the tale of Black Bess, horse of the famous Highway Robber, Dick Durbin. How he comes to the horse, the King's soldiers, and this tale, is up to you to believe.

JF Tripp

Pete & Fremont

Pete the Poodle loves the limelight of the circus. When he misses jumping through a flaming hoop - twice, he fears that his rival Lolly will take his place as lead dog. Suddenly, a very grumpy bear named Fremont joins the circus and Pete is the only one who can talk to him.

JF Vernon

Nurk: The Strange, Surprising Adventures of a (Somewhat) Brave Shrew

Nurk is a shrew that lives a peaceful life in the hollow of a tree. One day a letter addressed to his missing grandmother arrives. Curious, Nurk opens it and begins an adventure where he is called upon to be a hero.

JF Weeks*

Oggie Cooder

Oggie, a 4th grade "cheese sculptor," is shunned by all the other kids because he's different. That all changes when he comes to the attention of a popular T.V. talent show that spotlights the weird.

JF Wells

Lincoln and His Boys

Tad and Willie Lincoln live in Washington with their father, President Abraham Lincoln. Mr. Lincoln has a hard time being president during the Civil War. Thanks to their pranks, his boys help him to remember to laugh.

JF Wiley

The Extraordinary Adventures of Ordinary Basil

Basil's very un-extraordinary life in a lighthouse in Maine completely changes when he is whisked away to a floating city in the sky. But Basil soon finds out life in the sky is complicated when he gets caught up in a battle to save the world.

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