List of Major Landforms and Water Bodies in the United States Directions

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List of Major Landforms and Water Bodies

in the United States
1. Use an atlas or textbook to locate each landform or body of water listed below.

2. Use ONE map for all LANDFORMS. Use ONE map for all BODIES OF WATER.

3. Use a PENCIL to neatly and accurately label each of the following items on your maps. Check them off as you complete each item.

4. After checking that all locations are accurately labeled, use COLORED PENCILS ONLY to neatly and accurately shade locations the colors indicated below.

MOUNTAINS: (purple)

Appalachian Mountains

Cascade Range

Rocky Mountains

Sierra Nevada Mountains

RIVERS: (no color)

Arkansas River

Colorado River

Columbia River

Hudson River

Mississippi River

Missouri River

Ohio River

Platte River

Red River

Rio Grande

Snake River

St. Lawrence River

Yukon River


Chesapeake Bay (yellow)


Great Basin (brown)

Grand Canyon (red)

Cape Cod (orange)

PLAINS: (green)

Atlantic Coastal Plain

Great Plains

Gulf Coastal Plain

OCEANS AND GULFS: (no color)

Atlantic Ocean

Pacific Ocean

Gulf of Alaska

Gulf of Mexico

LAKES: (blue)

Great Salt Lake

Lake Erie

Lake Huron

Lake Michigan

Lake Ontario

Lake Superior

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