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CHARACTER TYPE : Beaches and Cliffs

PARISH : Newquay


ASSESSOR :John Rainbow



Landscape reference guide

Your landscape description

Record your descriptive information for each heading

Topography and drainage

What is the shape of the land? - flat, shallow, steep, uniform, undulating, upland, ridge, plateau

Is there any water present? - estuary, river, fast

flowing stream, babbling brook, spring, reservoir, pond, marsh

Three bays housing 9 beaches : Fistral, Newquay Bay (Harbour, Towan, Great Western, Tolcarne, Lusty Glaze, Porth), Watergate Bay (Whipsiderry, Watergate) separated by the headlands Pentire, Towan and Trevelgue– all face Atlantic Ocean. Sandy and gently sloping with rocky coves. Fistral backs onto gently sloping Golf course with sand dunes at North End. From Newquay Bay to Watergate, beaches edged by cliffs which vary in height but are all steep and sheer – see ‘Additional Information’

Supporting info OS Map; Cornwall Council mapping; aerial photographs


Does the area contain areas of ‘semi natural habitat?

(land which is not highly modified guidance from

Cornwall Wildlife Trust)

What elements of the character could support protected species (guidance from Cornwall Wildlife Trust


Are there any hedges, what are they made of and do they support vegetation, if so describe the type of vegetation? Are there any wet areas?

Are there any features which could support protected species?

Are there any invasive species? (refer to supporting notes)

CLIFFS: Observed: Herring Gull, Fulmar, Rock Pipet, Kestrel, Kittiwake, Feral Pigeon, Jackdaw, Raven and one lone pair of Wood Pigeons

Native Vegetation includes: Thrift, Vetch, grasses, Cow Parsley, Hearts Tongue Fern, , rock alyssum, Sea spinach, Rock Samphire, Seashore Mallow along with Wild Garlic, Brambles, Ivy, Wall Flowers, Bracken,

Invasive Plants: strangling Thrift and Vetch include: Hottentop Fig (notably at North Fistral and Wine Cove), Silver Ragwort (notably Whipsiderry to Zacry’s Islands) , Tamarisk (notably at Porth Beach), Valarian, Montbretia, Carnham Lily

BEACHES: Rocks and Pools house marine life and many kinds of sea weed, (see ‘Additional information’)

Supporting info CWT notes and mapping, local knowledge, old photos, local guide books

Land cover and

Land Use

What is the vegetation cover?

Woodland, scrub, heather, dunes, mudflats, grassland, moorland, farmland crops

What is the land used for ?

Arable, pasture, industry, isolated farm buildings, isolated residential properties, playing field, golf course, sports

pitch, caravan park, camp site etc

There is a large tidal range, just under 8 metres being the highest recorded. When tide is in, the sea covers all the land to the foot of the cliff – as the tide recedes, the beaches are sandy.

Used for Leisure – surfing, fishing, general beach leisure use

Harbour – The base for local fishing trade, known for crustacean and shell fish. Beach revealed at low tide when Harbour inaccessible.

Supporting info OS Map; aerial photographs, local knowledge

Field and woodland


Where is the woodland located?

In sheltered areas, in hollows, open landscape, lower lying land in undulating landscape. Are the trees native?

Is there ancient woodland? (existed continuously since

1600 or before)

What size are the fields - Small, medium, large, have hedges been removed and filed sizes increased?

What are the hedges made of? - Cornish hedge (stone)

what is the stone type? Hedgerow (no stone, all vegetation). Are they heavily managed or overgrown.

What is the character of the hedge? - Sculpted by

exposure, possibly no trees, or are there mature or larger trees

Is there a buffer of vegetation to either side of the hedge,

if so what type? Is the hedge fenced?

Trees only in sheltered Harbour Area where native species include: Sycamore, Ash, Elder, Hawthorn, Holly. Non Native: Tamarisk

Not Applicable

Supporting info OS Map; aerial photographs, CWT, agricultural land classification

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