Management Council Meeting ncaa convention Grapevine, Texas Friday, January 18th, 2013 Embassy Suites Hotel 1-5 pm

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Management Council Meeting

NCAA Convention

Grapevine, Texas
Friday, January 18th, 2013
Embassy Suites Hotel 1-5 pm

  1. 1. Approval of Minutes – September 24, 2012 (Appendix A)

  1. 2. Parliamentarian

  2. 3. Approval of the Agenda

  3. 4. Committee Reports

  4. A. Membership/Expansion-Rackley (Appendix B)

  5. B. Awards-Fournier (Distribute at meeting)

  6. C. Championships-Brubacher (Appendix C)

  7. D. Constitution/Bylaws-Robinson (Update)

  8. E. Eligibility-Leidig (No Report)

  9. F. Equity-Laurita; Bill Sproule presenting (Appendix D)

  10. G. Marketing/Broadcasting-Selgo (No Report)

  11. H. Officiating- Allen (Appendix E)

  12. I. Strategic Planning- Rackley (No Report)

  13. J. Long Term Budget Planning (Appendix F)

  1. 5. Sport Action Items

  2. A. Lacrosse (Appendix G)

  3. B. Women’s Soccer (Appendix H)

  4. C. Golf (Appendix I)

  5. D. Women’s Tennis (Appendix J)

  6. E. Baseball Championship Site

  1. 6. NCAA Management Council Report – Dunbar

Conference Voting/CCA (Appendix K)

SAAC Voting (Appendix L)

  1. 7. New Business

    1. A. GLIAC Financials (Distribute at meeting)

    2. B. West Virginia Wesleyan (Lacrosse)

    3. C. CCA Championships Summit Update

    4. D. Business Managers Coordination Update

    5. E. GLIAC Assistant Commissioner Search Update

    6. F. Spring Meeting Dates/Golf (Appendix M)

    1. G. SAAC Meeting Dates (Appendix N)

  1. 8. Old Business

    1. A. Football Schedule Update

    2. B. GLIAC/GLVC Volleyball Crossover Dates (October 25th-26th, 2013)

    3. C. NCAA Enhancement Grant Language (Appendix O)

    4. D. NCAA Enhancement Grant Survey Update

    5. E. Ad Hoc Scheduling Reports: Baseball. Softball, Football, Volleyball

    6. (Appendix P)

    7. F. SWA Reports (Title IX, Leadership Summit)

Appendix A

GLIAC Management Council Meeting

September 24, 2012

  1. 1. Approval of Minutes: May 22, 2012.

Moved: Perk Weisenburger, 2nd: Jeff Blair. Vote: Unanimous in Favor ‐Passed

  1. 2. Parliamentarian Motion: To have Julie Rochester act as the Meeting Parliamentarian.

Moved: Suzanne Sanregret, 2nd: Mike Watson. Vote: Unanimous in Favor Passed

  1. 3. Approval of the Agenda Motion: To accept Agenda.

Moved: Blair, 2nd: Robert Ackerman. Vote: Unanimous in Favor Passed

  1. 4. FAR Report:

  2. Get Post-Graduate Scholarship nominations online. Send 2 month reminder to FAR’s

  3. Streamline Team GPA Academic Award (Best Team & Most Improved Team GPA) Due 5/1.

  4. Use NCAA best practices FAR manual.

  5. Jeff Ligney put Strategic Plan in drop box.

  6. Oppose expansion.

  7. 5. SWA Report:

  8. 40th Title IX anniversary celebrated with 2 articles presented by each institution to be posted on website each week from October 1, 2012 to May 6, 2013. Hillsdale not participating.

  9. Work with game ops personnel to organize Championship Manuals for future use. Will be put on website.

  10. Assigned subcommittee to create and attend women symposiums. Subcommittee: Keri Becker, Krista Plummer, Lisa Liotta and Candice Turner.

  11. Oppose expansion.

  12. 6. AD Report:

  13. 2013 Football Schedule approved.

  14. 2014-15 Football Schedule gathering options.

  15. 2013 Women’s Soccer Schedule approved. Flexibility in movement of quarterfinal game.

  16. NDC departure options-see new business.

  17. Preparing document for expansion (white paper revision).

  18. Oppose expansion.

  19. 7. Committee Reports:

  20. A. Memberships: Oppose expansion

  21. B. Awards: No report.

Action Item #1: Volleyball Selection and Seeding

Motion: Selection and seeding for the conference post-season volleyball tournament will be based on a straight one through eight of the conference volleyball teams as determined by regular season record and approved ranking system.

Moved: Don Brubacher, 2nd: Steven Rackley.

Vote: Unanimous in Favor-Passed.
Action Item #2: Volleyball Tiebreaker

Motion: Update all Division criteria from the tie breaker system. See agenda item #4C.

Moved: Brubacher, 2nd: Rob Fournier.

Vote: Unanimous in Favor-Passed.

Action Item #3: Lacrosse Tiebreaker

Motion: Teams will be seeded according to regular season finish. Ties will be broken in the following manner: 1. Head to head results during the regular season for a two-way tie; 2. Records versus 1st place team and continue down until the tie is broken; 3. If teams are still tied, total goals scored minus total goals against with no more than 5 goals counting in games where the differential is greater than 5; 4. If more than two teams are tied, than the formula will be used to determine the top team and then the procedure will start again from #1; 5. A coin flip by the commissioner or designee.

In the situation of three of more teams tying: after determining the highest seeded team, the tie breaking procedure reverts back to the start of the tie breaking procedure to seed the next team. This process continues until all tied teams have been seeded.

Moved: Keri Becker, 2nd: Griz Zimmerman.

Vote: 5 For, 0 Against, 11 Abstain-Passed.

  1. C. Championships:

  1. D. Constitution & Bylaws: New language added regarding exit fees. To be approved by Presidents. New language added regarding governance. To be approved by Presidents.

  2. E. Eligibility: No report.

  3. F. Equity: Looking to add female officials. No infractions to report.

  4. G. Marketing: Looking to generate revenue. Report from 2D Consulting: each school looking to create their own marketing agendas. Discussed using TV. Need to show Presidents how we would market our conference. Cost v. Potential revenues being looked at.

  5. H. Officiating:

  6. Interviews for Lacrosse assignor on Thursday September 27.

  7. Officials pay chart will be sent out.

  8. M/W Basketball moving away from Arbiter and going with Blue Zebra. Assignors to coordinate a call with coaches for a Blue Zebra walk through.

  9. Coordinate a call of campus business managers regarding pay scale and host financials.

Action Item #1:

Motion: Decrease number of participants to 7 per team in the varsity race + open race effective immediately. (Was 10/team).

Moved: Walter Moore, 2nd: Zimmerman.

Vote: 10 For, 5 Against, 1 Abstain-Passed.

Action Item #1:

Motion: Request that the GLIAC office pay for cost of maintaining weekly stats and championship stat (declaration) processes through the National Database (Trffs-Direct Athletics).

Moved: Moore, 2nd: Charlie Grimes.

Voted: Unanimous Against-Failed.
Action Item #2:

Motion: Championship format: a. Increase time between field events both indoor and outdoor, b. Indoor DMR to 2 sections and/or use box alley for starting line, c. Outdoor: Move the steeple chase to later in the meet on day 2 to ensure better weather, giving student-athletes a better chance to qualify for NCAA Championships, d. Outdoor: Add preliminaries in the 4 x 100 at the beginning of the championship meet on day 2 in spot of the 3000m steeplechase, e. Move indoor championships to a Saturday and Sunday format.

  1. I. Strategic Planning: Motion to pursue an NCAA Membership Grant. Moved: Rackley, 2nd: Weisenburger. Vote: Unanimous in Favor-Passed.

  2. 8. Sport Action Items:

Moved: Moore, 2nd: Rackley.

M/W Cross Country

Vote: 15 For, 1 Against-Passed.

M/W Indoor/Outdoor Track
Action Item #1: Indoor Track Only

Motion: Decrease number of participants to 3 per event per team (plus any additional NCAA provisional qualifying athletes up to 5 per team) (Previously was 4/event).


Moved: Moore, 2nd: Rackley.

Vote: 15 For, 0 Against, 1 Abstain-Passed.

Men’s Soccer

  1. 2013 Draft Schedule to be sent to AD’s and Coaches soon.

Women’s Soccer

  1. 2013 Schedule passed in AD Breakout Meeting

Men’s Golf

  1. GVSU will host 2013 Championships at Hawk Hollow

  2. 9. NCAA Management Council Report:

  3. Kris Dunbar gave a summary. Important item: DII selection criteria. Target date is for 2013-14 athletic year.

  4. 10. New Business:

  5. GLIAC Financials:

  6. i. Email will be sent with this information. Due date December 1, 2012 to GLIAC office.

  7. ii. Track- 1 report for M/W Cross Country and 1 report for M/W Indoor/Outdoor Track.

  8. iii. Motion: Develop a report showing all athletic department salaries and not just coaches. Committee to head this report: Angela Pohl and Suzanne Sanregret. Moved: Angela Pohl, 2nd: Don Brubacher. Vote: Unanimous For-Passed.

  9. Ursuline College: Want to be an affiliate member with Swim/Dive and Women’s Lacrosse. Tabled to Membership Committee.

  10. Tiffin adding Swim/Dive in 2013-14.

  11. Scheduling Ad Hoc Committee: Purpose is to increase our bids to NCAA Tournaments for schools within the GLIAC. Deadline for reports for each respective sport is December 1, 2012.

  12. GLIAC office update-Penny Cook has left. Restructure of office in process.

Action Item #1:

Motion: To adopt the NCAA Softball “Halted Game” policy for GLIAC regular season games. Per the NCAA Rule: 6.17.3 During the regular season, if a game is both halted and regulation, regulation will take precedence assuming the reasonable efforts made to complete the game have failed.

Moved: Fournier, 2nd: Lonny Allen.

Vote: 14 For, 0 Against, 2 Abstain-Passed.
Action Item #2:

Motion: To make the following changes to the All-GLIAC teams: 1. Add one Pitcher to the All-GLIAC first and second teams, 2. To eliminate one utility position from the All-GLIAC first and second teams, 3. To add 2 “At Large” positions to the All-GLIAC first and second teams, 4. To change the requirement that to be considered the All-GLIAC teams at the positions of 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, C and OF, a nominee must have at least 67% of GLIAC games at that position to 50% of GLIAC games at that position.

Tabled to Awards Committee.

  1. NDC eligibility for Championships: Motion: Ask legal counsel to contact Notre Dame College (this week) requesting them to fulfill their contractual obligation with the GLIAC for the 2013-14 athletic year. If they agree, a new contract should be executed with a financial penalty if the games are not fulfilled. Determine the financial loss of each institution with the early departure of Notre Dame College. Seek legal counsel on the best route to take if Notre Dame College does not want to fulfill 2013-14 obligation - 1) Sue for damages, 2) Revoke affiliate membership and benefits associated with membership for their failure to compete their contractual agreement with the GLIAC. The association is strictly a scheduling agreement. Games played vs. Notre Dame College will not count toward conference standing and Notre Dame College will not appear in standings, 3) or do nothing.

Moved: Griz Zimmerman, 2nd: Dale Howard.

Voted: Unanimous For-Passed.

  1. SAAC Report. Mainstay of meetings will be about NCAA proposed legislation as presented by SAAC rep Jared Merritt.

  2. Game Ops: All ops personnel met to share basic expectations. They are working with SWA’s to find and produce Championship “How to Manuals” for the GLIAC office to put on website for all to use.

  3. 11. Old Business:

  4. Pre-conference calls: Men’s Golf is moved to October 3, 2012. Host AD, Coach, SID, Trainer, AD Liaison, Coach Liaison and Conference Liaison to attend.

  5. Committee Assignments: Added Krista Plummer to Championships.

  6. Directory: Delivered 3/institution at the meeting.

  7. GLIAC/GLVC Crossover: Not many SID’s can make this tournament so stats will not get to coaches right away. Let your coaches know this. Need 4 more people to fill this duty. GLIAC needs to do their part to add value to this important volleyball tournament.

  8. Pink Wave: Have 1 shirt for all sports to make process easier. Marketing Committee setting parameters.

  9. 12. Motion: Adjourn meeting. Moved: Pat Riepma.

Those in attendance: Bill Goldring, Sue Ramsey(AU), Perk Weisenburger, Sara Higley,(FSU), Steven Rackley, Brandi Laurita (UF), Tim Selgo, Paul Leidig, Keri Becker, Walter Moore (GVSU), Don Brubacher, Claudette Charney, Samuel Webster (HC), Griz Zimmerman, Lisa Liotta, Joanne Gurley (LEC), Kris Dunbar, Brian Snyder (LSSU), Charlie Grimes, John Koshmider, Tonya Hockman (MU), Suzanne Sanregret, Bill Sproule, Joel Isaacson (MTU), Forrest Karr, Bridget Berube-Carter, Julie Rochester (NMU), Pat Riepma, Dave Marsh, Krista Plummer, Ken Wang (NU), Jeff Blair, Cindy Hahn (ODU), Mike Watson, George Eastland, Angela Pohl, Alex Tiseo, Matt Oberlin (SVSU), Lonny Allen, Pam Oswald, Jim Padilla (TU), Dale Howard, Jackie Novak, Ellen Kutz (WU), Robert Fournier, Robert Ackerman, Candice Turner (WSU), Dell Robinson, Jeff Ligney, Kris Hengesbach (GLIAC)

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