Managing inappropriate use of internet by customers

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Managing inappropriate use of internet by customers

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  1. SCOPE

This procedure provides guidance for staff on the management of customers accessing inappropriate online content within the library. This procedure is to be applied in conjunction with other relevant procedures and in line with Brimbank Libraries commitment in supporting a cybersafe environment for the community.

This procedure focuses on customers who repeatedly access inappropriate material despite warnings from staff.


This procedures applies to all library staff. Staff should apply the principles in “Managing difficult customer behaviour” procedure.



The Library Services Coordinator is responsible for coordinating any response to ongoing access to inappropriate internet content including consultation with the Library Systems and Resources Coordinator and the Brimbank City Council IT team


The Branch Coordinator is responsible for following up on any incidents that occur in the library. This will include as required: referral of the issue to senior staff, implementation of suspension, recommendation for a ban to be imposed, completing investigations and ensuring all staff are aware of the EAP service.

Branch Coordinators will lead team discussions on any issue of inappropriate content being accessed.


In the absence of the Branch Coordinator the RSSM is required to implement any actions required including discussion with the customer, issue of any warnings, implementation of suspension and reporting to the Branch Coordinator and/or senior staff.


All staff are accountable for their own performance and actions. Team members should strive to meet expectations as described in a variety of documents including position descriptions, work plans, Competency Framework, Values and Behaviours and other related policies and documentation.


4.1 Managing Difficult Customer Behaviour Procedure

4.2 Consequences for Poor Customer Behaviour Procedure

4.3 Library Rules

4.4 Internet and WiFi rules Form

4.5 eSmart Libraries is a behaviour change initiative for cybersafety and wellbeing designed to equip libraries and connect library users with the skills they need for smart, safe and responsible use of technology

4.6 Inappropriate content - the term ‘inappropriate’ refers to material that is not suitable for a community or public setting e.g. pornography, violence, explicit sexual material

4.7 EAP - Employee Assistance Program. Contact details are available on the Council Intranet site.

4.8 Elumina - Brimbank City Council Occupational Health & Safety reporting system


All users of public PC’s or Wi-Fi are expected to access content appropriate to the public library environment. The main area of content not to be accessed is pornography.

Customers accessing inappropriate content via the internet may have sessions cancelled, suspension of membership or be banned.

All staff should understand and be able to apply cybersafe principles when assisting customers.

5.1 Filters on internet content

The BCC IT department currently maintains a filtering system on all internet content accessed by customers.

The current provider Tesserent has a core list of categories that are blocked. These include:

  • Pornography/sexually explicit

  • Phishing and fraud

  • Malware

  • Hate and intolerance

  • Hacking

  • Criminal activity

  • Child abuse images

  • Botnets

  • Block override

Pop-ups are currently blocked by the current internet software and will only show if enabled.

5.2 Blocking inappropriate sites

The BCC IT team can add specific sites can be added to the blocking/filtering system when identified.

Websites identified as having pornographic content should have the address sent to the Library Systems and Website Support Officer who refer on to the BCC IT department.

5.3 Customers accessing inappropriate internet content

If customers are accessing inappropriate Internet content and staff have observed this, staff should:

  • Speak with the customer to let them know that the inappropriate content has been accessed, that it is not appropriate for the community or public setting and they must close down the site

  • If the behaviour continues the customer will be given a second warning and advised that repeat behaviour will result in the customer being required to leave the library

An incident report is to be completed.

5.4 Refusal of customers to cease looking at inappropriate content

Should a customer refuse to log off after staff have advised them that the site being accessed is inappropriate for a public space, staff are able to use the Pharos system to log off the session.

Staff will direct users of WiFi to close down the site. If they refuse, staff will ask them to leave. If they do not comply staff may seek assistance using the duress alarm

5.5 Staff suspect inappropriate content is being accessed

Staff may suspect that inappropriate content is being accessed by customers but are unable to verify this.

Staff should approach the customer and ask if they need any assistance (part of the roving approach to supporting customers). This gentle approach is aimed at alerting the customer that they are not alone!

If staff continue believe the sites being accessed are inappropriate but cannot verify this, the SLSPO is able to make a decision to log off the session. This should be done in exceptional circumstances only

This action should prompt the customer to approach staff who can apologise that a session has abruptly finish and allow them to suggest that there may have been a problem with the site.

An incident report is to be completed

5.6 Consequences for poor behaviour

Consequences for inappropriate accessing of internet content are listed in the Managing Difficult Customer Behaviour Procedure. Actions include but are not limited to:

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