Matrox Video Editing System and Workstation

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Annex B

To: SOW Service Contract Support for the Matrox Video Editing and DTS Systems

Dated: 2 March 2015

Matrox Video Editing System and Workstation (Training Configuration)

1.0 Matrox Video Editing System (Training Configuration)

1.0.1 The Matrox Video Editing System is used by the CAF Imagery Technicians and is located at CFSATE, Borden.

1.1 Matrox Video Editing System Description (Training Configuration)

1.1.1 The main components of the Matrox Video Editing System are:

a. 29 x Matrox Video Workstations (HP Z800 series). These stations are spread within two classrooms;
b. 29 x Mobile Video Workstations (HP 8670W); and,
c. 2 x Storage Flex NAS.

1.2 Matrox Video Editing System Photos (Training Configuration)

Photo 1: Matrox Video Workstations located in one of the classrooms at CFSATE.

2.0 Matrox Video Workstations (Training Configuration)
2.1 Matrox Video Workstations Description (Training Configuration)
2.1.1 The main components and options of the Matrox Video Workstation in training configuration are:
a. 1 x Matrox MX02 external device;
b. 1 x HP Z800 Workstation 6 GB (Total 24 GB RAM);
c. 1 x Spare System Drive HP_Hard drive - 300 GB - SAS - 15000 rpm;
d. 1 x HP_NVidia Quadro 4000 - 2GB GDDR5;

` e. 1 x HP_16x Blu-Ray Writer - BD-R/RE - SATA – Black;

f. 1 x HP_22-IN-1 Media Card Reader Kit;
g. 2 x Samsung SyncMaster 244T;
h. 1 x Monitor Viewsonic VT2300 LED - 23in Widescreen LCD Display and Marchall monitor for the instructors;
i. 1 x Slim Line Premiere pro CS4/5 Keyboards;
j. 2 x TR-6 reference speakers;
k. 1 x MDR-6 Samsun Audio Mixer;
l. 1 x UPS Powerware 1500/VA /1050W 120V
2.2 Peripheral Hardware (Training Configuration)
2.2.1 The following list the peripheral/hardware equipment to be maintained and repaired as part of the Matrox Video Editing System in training configuration:
a. 7 x HP Scan Jet 5590 Scanners ;
b. 2 x Panasonic HD projectors;
c. 1 x Crestron audio / video controller;
d. 1 x Window Server 2003 Edition; and
e. 2 x Storage Flex NAS networks;

3.0 Software (Training Configuration)
3.1 The Matrox Video Workstations in training configuration are are standard with Window 7 Operating Systems (OS) and imaged with Adobe Creative Suite (CS) 6 Production Premium Suite or Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) which includes the following software:
a. Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 or CC;
b. Adobe Photoshop CS6 or CC Extended;
c. Adobe Illustrator CS6 or CC; and,
d. Adobe After-Effect CS6 Professional or CC;


e. Adobe Lightroom version 5.6;

f. Adobe Bridges;


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