Military Officer Robotics Space and Naval Warfare Systems

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How are Robots changing our lives?


1. Choose 2 areas of life in which robots are being used.

2. Do a mini-report on 3 ways they are being used and who they are helping.

Military Officer
Robotics - Space and Naval Warfare Systems Robots in the Military
JPL Robotics Robots in Space
Intruder Military Robot Robots go to War
Military Robotics
Robots Used in Iraq Robots for Observation

Home Owner
Robot That Walks on Water Robotic Insect
Spy Fly Robotic Flying Insect
Your Very Own Robotic Butler Robot Butler
RoboMow A Robotic Lawnmower
Robot Controlled Car
Entertainment Androids and Robots
Florida Robotics Robots That Entertain
Robots for the Real World Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Sales of Industrial Robots Who's Buying Industrial Robots
Probotics America
Beach Volleyball Playing Robot Robots that Work Like People
Robot Manufacturing Engineer Systems
Machine Vision Self Learning Machine Sight
Climber Robot Wall Climbing Robot
ISRC The Intelligent Systems and Robotics Center
NREC Projects National Robotics Engineering Consortium

Integrated Surgery Systems RoboDoc
Lokomat Locomotion Therapy
SARCOS Robotic Medical Equipment
Computer Motion Surgical Robotics
Da Vinci Surgical Robot
Robotic Surgery How Robotic Surgery Will Work

World's Greatest Android projects Robots that look like People
Honda Humanoid Robot Project A Human-like Robot
Intelligent Robotics Lab Robot Learning
MIT Leg Laboratory Researching Robot Walking
DML Projects Stanford Dextrous Manipulation Laboratory
Cyberlife Research Project Lucy the Robot
Snake Robots Robots that move like snakes

More Robots
Tele Robot A Virtual Robot  
Robotic Devices
Personal Robot
Ursula The Robot A Female Android Robot  
AIBO Robotic Pet
Cye First Personal Robot

A Gostelow

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