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Міністерство освіти і науки України

Сумський державний університет

Збірник тематичних текстів

та вправ з граматики

для студентів І курсу

спеціальності “Спорт”


Сумський державний університет


Збірник тематичних текстів та вправ з граматики для студентів І курсу спеціальності “Спорт” / укладачі Ярмак Л. П., Гладченко О.Р. - Суми: Сумський державний університет, 2015. - 53 с.

Кафедра іноземних мов

UNIT І. Sports All the Year Round

UNIT II. The British and Sport

UNIT III. Sports in the USA


Sports All the Year Round

I Think and say:

  1. Most people understand the importance of sports but not all people go in for sports. Can you explain why?

  2. Do you go in for sports? Do you enjoy doing it? Are you an amateur or a professional?

  3. What do you think is more important: to develop professional sports or to pay more attention to the physical culture of all people?

II Read and talk:
1 Read the words and their translation. Memorize them:

outdoor sports

спорт на відкритому повітрі




парусний спорт


лижний спорт


санний спорт


стрибки на лижах з трампліну

a skating rink



велосипедний спорт



to indulge in


track and field events

легкоатлетичний спорт




оздоровчий біг

to be keen on





художня гімнастика

to encourage

підбадьорювати, підтримувати

to keep fit

бути в гарній фізичній формі

indoor games

спорт в приміщенні


гра в шахи




гра в шахмати

a chess tournament

шахматний турнір

2 Read and translate word combination:
to be fond of sport, people are united, to make our bodies stronger and our health better, on a frosty winter day, to give excellent opportunities, to take the first place, public interest, all the year round, to become popular with, firmly established games.
3 Read the text:
Sports all the year round

A lot of people all over the world are fond of sports and games. These are the things in which people of every nationality and class are united. Physical exercises of any kind are useful and can make our bodies stronger and our health better.

The most popular outdoor winter sports are ice-hockey, skiing, skating and tobogganing. Some people greatly enjoy figure-skating and ski-jumping. Isn't it nice to go to a skating-rink to skate or to the forest and mountains to ski on a frosty winter day?

Summer gives excellent opportunities for swimming, boating, sailing and many other sports. Among outdoor games football probably takes the first place in public interest - this game is played in most countries in the world. The other games that have firmly established themselves in favour in different countries are tennis, volleyball, basketball, badminton and table tennis, rugby and cycling and many others.

All the year round people indulge in athletics, gymnastics, track and field events, running, jumping and jogging. Quite a few men are keen on boxing and wrestling, while scores of young girls and women enjoy calisthenics. Over the last years aerobics and shaping have become popular with girls and young women. The most famous promoter of this kind of sports was a well-known American actress Jane Fonda. She encouraged women of all ages all over the world to go in for this kind of sports because it helps them to keep fit and healthy.

Among the indoor games the most popular are billiards, bowling, draughts, table tennis, fencing, badminton and the great international game is chess, of course! The results of chess tournaments are studied and discussed by thousands of enthusiasts in different countries.

4 Answer the questions:

  1. What unites people all over the world? Why?

  2. What are the most popular outdoor winter sports? Which of them is your favourite? Why?

  3. What opportunities does summer give people who are fond of summer sports?

  4. What kind of summer outdoor games do you enjoy doing? Why? What do you dislike doing? why?

  5. What sports are men keen on?

  6. Why are aerobics and shaping so popular among women?

  7. Is there anything your favourite among indoor games? Why?

III It is interesting to know:
1 Answer the questions:

  1. Have you any idea about so called “sporting spirit”?

  2. Why is it so important for people to have it?

2 Read the text about what makes people endure hardships in their lives:
What is the sportsman? He is one who is interested in sport. But that is only one meaning of the word. even if a person is not interested in any sport, and has no opportunity or inclination to play any game, he may be called a sportsman if he has something called the “sporting spirit”. This “sporting spirit” is something that the playing of games develops in people, though a person may have it who plays no games. It is the ability to endure hard knocks without getting angry or seeking revenge; the ability to smile in times of danger and hardship, the ability to win without boasting afterwards, and to lose without complaining. A sportsman forgets himself in his loyalty to his own side; he refuses to be disheartened when the game is going against him; he goes on fighting when the battle seems already lost.

Some people hate playing if there is no crowd to applaud them, some play only to win prizes, others are unwilling to play against stronger opponents for fear of defeat. Such people are not sportsmen in the best sense of the word, but if they go on playing they may become sportsmen in time. We should all try to become “good losers”, to accept our disappointments cheerfully. Everyone has disappointments at some time or other; sportsmen smile when they occur and refuse to be disheartened by them.

3 Some vocabulary to understand the text better:
to have opportunity and inclination - мати змогу та хист

to endure hard knocks (hardships) - витримувати труднощі

to get angry - злитися

to seek revenge - шукати помсти

to boast - хвастатися, пишатися

to lose without complaining - програвати без нарікань

to be disheartened - приводити у зневіру

to applaud - аплодувати

to win prizes - вигравати призи

loyalty - відданість

to be unwilling - бути неналаштованим

for fear of defeat - через страх програшу

in the best sense of the word - в найкращому розумінні цього слова

to accept disappointments cheerfully - витримувати розчарування без жалю

to occur - траплятися

to refuse - відмовлятися
4 Some facts in favour of sports:
Why this obsession with sport?

What is it that makes sport so enjoyable for so many? First, we seriously believe that sport is something we can all do, however badly or however well. Tens of thousands set off on the London and New York Marathons. Amateur football matches take place all over the world every weekend. Sport is a democratic activity.

Second, sports stars are self-made people. Sport is dominated by athletes from ordinary backgrounds. This is why it is a classic means by which those from the poorest backgrounds can seek fame and fortune.

Third, we enjoy watching sport because we like to see the supreme skills of those who act like gladiators in modern arena.

5 Some vocabulary to understand the text better:
obsession - одержимість (бажанням)

enjoyable - приємний

badly - погано

well - добре

to set off - вирушати

to take place - відбуватися

self-made people - люди, що добились успіху

ordinary background - звичайне походження

means - засіб

to seek fame and fortune - шукати славу та успіх

supreme skills - надзвичайні вміння
Sport the global unifier

'Sport probably does more to unify nations than any politician has ever been capable of'. So said Nelson Mandela. The only truly global occasions are the Olympics and the World Cup, watched by thousands of millions across the world. These great sporting events bring together players and athletes from different races like no other. Not only that, but sport provides just about the only example of global democracy where the rich do not dominate: on the contrary, Brazilians have long been supreme at football, the Kenyans at middle-distance running, and black Americans at boxing.

6 Some vocabulary to understand the text better:
a global unifier - глобальна об'єднуюча сила

to unify nations - об'єднувати народи

a politician - політик

to be capable - бути здатним

a truly global occasion - справді світова подія

to bring together - зближувати

on the contrary - навпаки

middle-distance running - біг на середні дистанції
IV Practical grammar
Interrogative Sentences

Питальні речення
Питальні слова


що; який




куди; де



How many

скільки (для злічуваних іменників)

How much

скільки (для незлічуваних іменників)





What kind of





кого; кому



How long

як довго
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