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4Kids Entertainment, Inc., 1414 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10019 USA. Tel: 1.212.590.2100. Fax: 1.212.590.2211. www.4kidsentertainment.com, email blacey@4KidsEnt.com

At MIPCOM: Alfred R. Kahn (Chairman & CEO), Brian Lacey (Executive VP, International), Jennifer Askin (Manager, International Broadcast and Digital Sales), Gia DeLaney (Vice President, International Program Sales), Erin Silber (Consultant, International Program Sales (Asia Pacific, Middle East, Israel)), Sandra Vauthier-Cellier (Co-Managing Director, International Sales), Laura Smith (Marketing Assistant)

Acquisition Executive:

Office: R31.21

Chaotic: M’Arrillion Invasion

(26 x 30’ available in total)

As Tom and Kaz delve deeper into Chaotic, they quickly confront freaky new Creatures, uncover strange new Locations and scan awesome new BattleGear and Mugic.

Dinosaur King

(79 x 30’ available in total)

The Dinosaurs are back, and they’re bigger, badder and better than ever as they race around the world and through time to save their parents and battle new and more nefarious enemies.

Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds

(52 x 30’ available in total)

Welcome to New Domino City, once the playground to legendary duelist Yugi Moto, this sprawling metropolis has since been transformed into a futuristic society where dueling has kicked into overdrive!

Rocket Monkeys

(26 x 30’ or 52 x 11’ available in total)

Five million years of evolution have led to this. Meet Wally and Gus. Best friends and NASA trained monkeynauts on an odyssey through outer space. 

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Back to the Sewer

(13 x 30’)

The Ninja Turtles arrive back in present day New York but are shell-shocked to find that on the journey back through time, Master Splinter was digitally decompiled into hundreds of tiny “data bits” which were then scattered through the vast nether regions of cyberspace!


(35 x 30’ or 104 x 6’)

Meet the Gogoriki - a circle of best friends whose zany adventures always result in loads of laughs! The Gogoriki live in a safe, violence-free world in which the stories revolve around characters and comedy. 


Action (40 x 30’)

Magic, suspense and adventure abound in this exciting action series, filled with fantastic creatures and the multi-dimensional world of Chaotic.

Viva Piñata

(52 x 30’ or 104 x 11’) available in total

Viva Piñata -- introduces the wacky, zany, anything-can-happen world of Piñatas. Sure, these party animals live the sweet life on the lush Piñata Island. But, what they like best is to blast off to parties around the world to bring joy and fun to kids of all ages.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Gx

(155 x 30’) available in total

Jaden and his friends are officially upperclassman, as they enter their third year at Duel Academy, the world’s most prestigious dueling prep school!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fast Forward

(26 x 30’)

The year is 2105. Humans and aliens live together in peace and harmony. And now thanks to a strange twist of fate, they’ll be joined by four turtles, Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo and Donatello!

Classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

(104 x 30’ available in total)

This kids’ entertainment brand features the biggest heroes ever transformed and empowered by globs of weird, glowing green alien ooze. 

Classic Yu-Gi-Oh!

(236 x 30’ available in total)

Meet Yugi, an eager young freshman at Domino High School. Yugi and his best friends, Joey, Tristan, and Tea share a love for cool new game that is sweeping the nation… Duel Monsters!

Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

(100 x 30’ available in total)

When the diabolical King Dedede conjures up all his maniacal monsters, Kirby inhales their powers and gives them back a taste of their own medicine!

Mew Mew Power

(26 x 30’ episodes)

Mew Mew Power follows the adventures of five teenage girls who possess the powers of endangered animals and must battle aliens who want to destroy mankind even while juggling after-school jobs, homework and boys.

The Winx Club

(78 x 30’ available in total)

Ultimate Muscle: The Kinnikuman Legacy

(77 x 30’ available in total)

The ultimate animated series that has lots of action, laughs, super heroes, zany stories and wild characters. Kinnikuman, the series hero, was accidentally displaced as prince of his home planet.


(26 x 30’)

This colorful CGI animated series takes place in the year 2040 in Bubbletown – a place where robots are a part of everyday life! The robots are friendly and efficient … and they are everywhere.


601 Production Ltd, Auerfeldstrasse 14 RGB, Munich 81541 Germany. Tel: 49.89.95080733. Fax: 49.89.95080759. http://www.601production.com

At MIPCOM: Todd Gamble (Sales Manager)

Office: Tel: 49.170.7331678

Fight for Oil – The Muslim World and the Oil Conflict


Documentary (3 X 55 min)

Language: English, German

Director: Joachim Schroeder

Producer: Preview Production

Key Cast: Dr. Henry Kissinger, Former Secretary of State; Sheikh Ahmed Saki Yamani,

Former Oil Minister of Saudi-Arabia (1962-1986)

Delivery Status: Completed

Budget: 150,000USD

Year of Production: 2007, Country of Origin: Germany

The film covers the entire 100-year period but concentrates mainly on the Middle East, where “The Struggle for Oil, the World Power”



Documentary (52 min)

Language: English, German

Director: Ben Kempas

Co-Production Partners: ARTE and Bayerischer Rundfunk

Producer: Preview Production

Delivery Status: Completed

Budget: 150.000USD

Year of Production: 2008, Country of Origin: Germany

Native Americans on the Klamath River fight for their fish – against an energy corporation. Their struggle may trigger the largest dam removal project in history.

Who's Got The Power?


Documentary (52 min)

Language: English

Director: Casey Coates Danson

Producer: Global Possibilities

Delivery Status: Completed

Year of Production: 2006, Country of Origin: US

A forceful, new documentary film, addresses head on the reality of global warming, its attendant dangers in the form of carbon dioxide emissions---and presents genuine and workable solutions.

9 Story Entertainment Inc., 33 Fraser Avenue, Suite G09, Toronto, ON M6K 3J9 Canada. Tel: 1.416.530.9900. Fax: 1.416.530.9935. www.9story.com

At MIPCOM: Vince Commisso ( President and CEO), Natalie Osborne (EVP, Business Development)

Office: 00.01


Live-Action/adventure (13 x 22 min)

Created By: Les Stroud and 9 Story Entertainment

Partners: YTV

An innovative reality series that encourages kids to challenge themselves, overcome their fears and develop practical lifelong survival skills. Hosted by Survivorman Les Stroud, each episode tests endurance, wit and self-determination.

Wibbly Pig

Preschool comedy (52 x 10 minutes)

Created by: Mick Inkpen

Partners: Wish Films (UK) BBC Worldwide (UK) CBeebies (BBC), TVO

Based on Mick Inkpen’s multi-award winning literary franchise, Wibbly Pig, these humorous stories feature lovable Wibbly, a funny, inquisitive and engaging character who turns the simplest daily tasks and activities into a comedy routine.

Fugget About It

Comedy Pilot

Created By: Willem Wennekers and Nicholas Tabarrok

Partners: Darius Films, TELETOON

a prime-time animated sitcom about the misadventures of a former New York mob boss and his family who enter a witness protection program and are relocated to a sleepy Canadian town.


Animation (78 x 7 minutes)

Created By:

Partners: Big Studios Inc.

When three loveable, alien dinosaurs from another planet land on "Ert" and in the attic of 7-year-old Emily and her 5-year old brother Harrison, they become fast friends. 

Best Ed

Comedy (52 x 11 min)

Created By: Rick Marshall

Partners: TELETOON, Cartoon Network UK

Meet the odd couple for kids – a series about an unlikely friendship between a dog named Ed and a squirrel named Buddy. They’re not just friends, they’re best friends.


Action/ comedy (26 x 3 min)

Created By: Vadim Kapridov

Production Partners: TELETOON

A non-verbal classic cartoon, based on the whacked-out comedic adventures of our iconic anti-hero Futz. He’s ready for anything…prepared for NOTHING!


Created By: Noah Z. Jones

Partners: YTV

Comedy (52 x 11 min)

Features seven free-spirited animals in their underwear that run a beach front hotel like kids at a summer camp – doing their best to make each day more fun than the last.


Action/ comedy (26 x 22 min)

Created By: J.D. Smith

A comedy-action show where a 16 year old kid from the future finds himself taking orders from his 13 year old whiz-kid Dad in the past, shedding a hilarious, complicated new light on the father/son dynamic.


AB International Distribution, 132 ave du president Wilson, la plaine saint denis, 93200 France. Tel: 33.1.492.220.01. Fax: 33.1.492.222.16. http://www.ab-international.com

At MIPCOM: Valerie Vleeschhouwer (Managing Director), Marie laure Hebrard (VP Sales and Acquisitions), Julien Leroux (International sales manager), Nathalie Hadjadj (Marketing Manager), Celine Maret (Sales Executive)

Office: 22.01, Tel:



Animation (4 min)

Language: french/sub english

Director: emilie sengelin

Writer: Emmanuel Guibert , Marc Boutavant

Producer: folimage

Delivery Status: In Development

Year of Production: 2008, Country of Origin: france

ARIOL is the hero of the series. He’d be very much like any other little boy if he weren’t blue, had tall ears and a huge pair of glasses perched on his nose.



Drama (100 min)

Language: french/sub english

Director: Marion vernoux

Producer: CHEZ WAM

Key Cast: Emma DE CAUNE, Lio, Cecile CASSEL, Emilie DEQUENNE, Nicolas DUVAUCHELLE, Alain Chabat, Elie Semoun

Delivery Status: Completed

Year of Production: 2008, Country of Origin: france

Marie, a defiant young woman full of energy, lives through the period between the late seventies and the new millenium.



Documentary (52 min)

Language: french/sub english

Director: Laurent Bergers

Producer: Label image

Delivery Status: Completed

Year of Production: 2008, Country of Origin: france

How did this little fishing port become one of the trendiest places in the world in just under 50 years?



Drama (90 min)

Language: french/sub english

Director: Didier Grousset

Producer: Elzevir films

Key Cast: Dean Mechemache, Thomas Doucet, Souad Amidou, Mohamed Fellag

Delivery Status: Completed

Year of Production: 2008, Country of Origin: france

Said's schoolmistress can't sing his praises loud enough. But this year, Said starts high school and everything is about to change.



Police/comedy (52 min)

Language: french/english

Director: Alain tasma, Vincent MONNET

Producer: cipango

Key Cast: Elodie Yung, Gabrièle Valensi, Mhamed Arezki, Patrick Catalifo,Raphaël Langlet

Delivery Status: Completed

Year of Production: 2008, Country of Origin: france

Rookie Cops – a group of young adults who have just qualified from the Police Academy – are thrown into the harsh reality of the job.



Drama (90 min)

Language: french

Director: Fabrice Genestal

Producer: Lizland Films

Key Cast: Charlotte de Turckheim, Pierre Cassignard

Delivery Status: Completed

Year of Production: 2008, Country of Origin: france

Robert and Gérald Finaly, two little Jewish boys, are hidden from the Nazis in a French Catholic orphanage during World War II while their parents are deported and die in concentration camps.


ABC Commercial, 700 Harris Street, Ultimo NSW 2007, Australia. Tel: 61.2.8333.3314. Fax: 61.2.8333.316. www.abccontentsales.com.au, email: abc.contentsales@abc.net.au

At MIPCOM: Karen Dacey (Manager, Program Sales Worldwide), Anne McGrath (Sales Manager, Europe), Natalie Lawley (Sales Manager, Australia, New Zealand, Asia), Katherine McMillan (Sales Manager, Eastern Europe, Africa, Spanish Speaking Territories and Formats)


Office: 05:33, Tel:

The Eternity Man


Arts (1 x 63min) HD

Language: English

Director: Julien Temple

Writer: Jonathon Mills, Dorothy Porter

Producer: Rosemary Blight, John Wyver, Alex Fleetwood, Executive Producers Amanda Duthie, Jan Younghusband

Co-production partners: Essential Viewing, Illuminations

Key Cast: Grant Doyle, Christa Hughes

Delivery Status: Completed

Year of Production: 2008, Country of Origin: Australia

An edgy Film Opera about a WW1 veteran and recovering alcoholic who embarked on a forty year odyssey chalking a timeless message – Eternity – on the streets of a big city.

Captain Cook – Obsession and Discovery


Factual (4 x 55min) HD

Language: English

Director: Matthew Thomason, Paul Rudd

Writer: Matthew Thomason, Paul Rudd

Producer: Tony Wright (Australia), Andrew Ferns (Canada)

Co-production partners: Screen Australia

Delivery Status: Completed

Year of Production: 2007, Country of Origin: Australia

The high adventure, triumph and tragedy of one of the greatest explorers of all time – James Cook.

Mawson: Life and Death in Antarctica


Factual (1 x 85’) HD

Language: English

Director: Malcolm McDonald

Writer: Malcolm McDonald

Producer: Richard Dennison, Perry Stapleton (line), Executive Producer, Alex West

Co-production partners: Screen Australia

Key Cast: Tim Jarvis, John Stoukalo

Delivery Status: Completed

Year of Production: 2007, Country of Origin: Australia

A documentary that retraces the epic Douglas Mawson Antarctic Expedition of 1912, which is one of the most amazing feats of endurance of all time.

The Trouble with Merle


Factual (1 x 55’)

Language: English

Director: Marée Delofski

Writer: Marée Delofski

Producer: David Noakes, Executive Producer Mark Hamlyn

Co-production partners: Screen Australia

Delivery Status: Completed

Year of Production: 2001, Country of Origin: Australia

Looks at celebrity, identity, race and class – and why classic Hollywood actress Merle Oberon's origins mattered to people on a tiny island, in a country at the bottom of the world.


Adness Entertainment, LLC., 11500 W. Olympic Blvd., Ste. 370, Los Angeles, CA 90064 USA. Tel: 1.310.479.4630. Fax: 1.310.479.4650. www.adnessentertainment.com, email info@adnessentertainment.com

At MIPCOM: Mr. Yasuo Matsuo (CEO), Mr. Daniel Castaneda (VP International Sales), Ms. Kaori Nogariya (Licensing Director, Europe), Mr. Aki Komine (Executive Producer, Kamen Rider Productions)

Office: R35.15

Kamen Rider Dragon Knight

(40 x 30 minute)

Driven to find his missing father, KIT TAYLOR discovers a mysterious ADVENT CARD that gives him the power to transform into a KAMEN RIDER.


Adriana Chiesa Enterprises, Via Barnaba Oriani 24 / A - 00197 Rome, Italy. Tel: 39.06.8086052. Fax: 39.06.80687855. www.info@adrianachiesaenterprises.com, email: info@adrianachiesaenterprises.com 

International Sales

At MIPCOM: Adriana Chiesa Di Palma (President), Rossella Gori (Head of International Sales)

Office: Riviera Stand 36.17, Tel: 39.335.82.65.984


Drama (84’)

Language: Italian - subtitles English

Director: Paolo Benvenuti

Writer: Paola Baroni, Paolo Benvenuti

Production Company: Arsenali Medicei supported by MIBAC

Key Cast: Tania Squillaro, Riccardo J Moretti, Giovanna Daddi

Delivery Status: Completed

Year of Production: 2008, Country of Origin: Italy

The enchantment and mystery of musical creation, a Tuscan idyll of spellbinding beauty, an intimate and poignant moment in an impassioned life. A feature film in the ambit of events celebrating the Puccini 150th Anniversary.


Drama (116’)

Language: Italian - subtitles English

Director: Silvio Soldini

Writer: Doriana Leondeff, Francesco Piccoli, Federico Pontremoli, Silvio Soldini

Production Company: Lumiére & Co, AMka Films and Rtsi-Televisione Svizzera Co- Production

Key Cast: Margherita Buy, Antonio Albanese

Delivery Status: Completed

Year of Production: 2007, Country of Origin: Italy

Other scenes from a marriage, other scenes from their love. A film that revolves around the strongest of all subjects: the power of love, the emotional collapse of a couple combining drama and lightness.


Comedy (117’)

Language: Italian - subtitles English

Director: Paolo Virzì

Writer: Francesco Bruni, Paolo Virzì

Production Company: Medusa Film & Motorino Amaranto

Key Cast: Isabella Ragonese, Massimo Ghini, Sabrina Ferilli

Delivery Status: Completed

Year of Production: 2008, Country of Origin: Italy

One of the best Italian film of the decade… a young woman’s hallucinating experiences in a call center treated with the lucidity of an investigative docu-fiction, it paints a fresco in grotesque hues


Drama (93’)

Language: Italian - subtitles English

Director: Anna Negri

Writer: Anna Negri, Giovanna Mori

Production Company: Bess Movie

Key Cast: Alba Rohrwacher

Delivery Status: Completed

Year of Production: 2007, Country of Origin: Italy

A great contemporary love story in a time of precarious existence: alternatively emotional and funny weaving together naturalistic dialogue and close-up vérite style.


Drama (111’)

Language: Italian - subtitles English

Director: Riccardo Milani

Writer: Ivan Cotroneo, Claudio Piersanti

Production Company: Rai Cinema, Palomar, Hugo Films

Key Cast: Kim Rossi Stuart, Jamine Trinca, Michele Placido.

Delivery Status: Completed

Year of Production: 2007, Country of Origin: Italian

The fragile and tormented life of an artist of genius. Based on a true story: from his childhood in Africa to his European success as a gifted jazz musician, unable to love himself.


Animation (81’)

Language: Italian – subtitles English

Director: Mario Cambi

Writer: Pierstefano Marangoni

Production Company: Dujass Film

Delivery Status: Completed

Year of Production: 2007, Country of Origin: Italian

An animated feature film: a romantic, adventurous, tender and amusing story of a young vegetarian lion and the beautiful queen of a heard of elephants.

Advantage Media Group, 4298 Bright Bay Way, Ellicott City, MD 21042 USA. Tel: 1.410.465.0532 Fax: 1.410.992.8063. www.AdvantageMediaGroup.TV

At MIPCOM: LaLee du Monceau (V.P. Sales and Acquisitions)

Office: 21.16


Travel (6 x 60’ High Definition)

Visit the parks and reserves of Africa -- some of the last places on earth where one can see animals in their natural habitat.


Educational/Science (13 x 30’ High Definition)

This environmental oriented series demonstrates that making even small changes in our lives, and the way that we do things, can have a major impact on the environment and the world around us.


Travel (13 x 60’ High Definition)

Host: John Bujak

Everybody has heard of Orlando, the Grand Canyon, even Yellowstone National Park. But aside from these national treasures, every state has a hidden gem within its borders.


Sport (13 x 30’ High Definition)

An entertaining and educating series on the type of gear, equipment and techniques that are needed to put the "big ones" in the boat.


(1 x 60’ High Definition)

What would you do when the news anchor declares a state of emergency from a zombie outbreak?


Biography (1 x 60’)

Elvis Presley, Reba McEntire, Willie Nelson, Patsy Cline, Jerry Lee Lewis, Mel Tillis Tanya Tucker and Hoyt Axton, just to name a very few, attribute their success to one of the great architects and personalities of music.


(1 x 60’)

Films capture the humor, hard work, and endless sacrifices made by a group of believers in giving back. All proceeds of the sale of this special bike will to a scholarship fund in memory of those lost at Virginia Tech University.


History (6 x 50)

During the Second World War, pilots and crews of the Luftwaffe flew in the

greatest air battles ever fought.


Lifestyle and Travel (24 x 55’)

This breathtaking series offers an unparalleled travel guide to Switzerland and its railways.


Biography (1 x 90’ High Definition)

Understanding the Elvis story requires going back to his origins in rural Tupelo, Mississippi, where he grew up as the poorest boy in town.


Documentary (1 x 60’)

A Legacy of the Navajo Veteran" chronicles the history, service, sacrifice and dedication of the Navajo veteran from World War I to



Music/Magazine Continuing Series

A weekly series that focuses on the urban music industry and comprises interviews with R&B, hip-hop, Latin, pop and Reggaeton artists.


History (4 x 30’)

Of all the myths and legends handed down across the centuries, none has held the world in such thrall as that of the Holy Grail. It has been one of the key links between the Biblical and modern worlds.


Adventure (42 x 25’)

Presented in “Come-Along” style, host Mark Stanton presents scuba diving adventures geared towards recreational divers, and those who’ve dreamed about becoming one.

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