Mobile App Protection (map) for Android Make Mobile Apps "Self-Defending"

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Mobile App Protection (MAP) for Android Make Mobile Apps “Self-Defending”
A new software solution is aimed at helping the enterprise get a handle on the explosion of mobile devices and apps on their networks. Mobile App Protection, or MAP, from Mocana, is a security solution that goes beyond sandboxing, SDKs, containers, and hypervisor technologies to enable administrators to specify distinct security policies for each enterprise app on every device on their network. Mocana MAP even enables businesses to manage and secure mobile apps they create for the unmanaged consumer devices outside the enterprise network.
• MAP makes apps “self-defending”, to protect sensitive corporate data at-rest or in-transit, meter usage intelligently, and control access for compliance purposes.
• MAP “wraps” individual apps with whatever security policies are desired.
• MAP enables administrators to set up multiple versions of the same app with different security policies for different users, devices and contexts.
• “Wrapping” apps with MAP – even in batches of thousands – is automated and takes just seconds on the MAP console. This can be done “offline” to conform to existing enterprise app staging procedures.
• MAP is completely transparent to end-users.
MAP can work within an existing mobile device management (MDM) console. Once a smartphone app is developed, the administrator loads a finished app binary (APK) into the MAP system, sets the desired app security policies, and MAP does the rest. Even protect third-party apps can be protected without access to source code. Newly wrapped apps are uploaded into an enterprise appstore – or Mocana’s App Catalog -- for distribution to users.
With MAP, any enterprise mobile app can encrypt its data with FIPS 140-2 validated security – even if that app didn’t have any security built into it, originally. With MAP, any app can be put behind its own password-prompt. MAP can even prevent cutting-and-pasting (and data leakage) from any selected app, under specified conditions. These capabilities ensure that only the authorized user can access the enterprise app, and prevent the loss of sensitive enterprise data should the device fall into the wrong hands. Data stealing malware is also thwarted, as it cannot gain access to the important data stored within its intended target.

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