Monday 24th July

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Aurora Programme 2017/2018 Application Form

Please complete this form as indicated and return to by Monday 24th July. If demand for places is high we will be holding informal selection interviews for places on the programme between Mon 14th August and Fri 25th August. A range of interview dates/times will be available for you to book.

Your Name


Email address

Job Role

Line Managers Name

Cohort preference

Autumn 2017, Spring 2018, or no preference (delete as applicable)

I confirm that my line manager supports my application and can release me to attend all scheduled events for the Aurora programme:


Dates for 2017/2018 London cohorts are available via:

Please use the remainder of this document (two sides A4 maximum) to explain/evidence the following:

  1. What you hope to gain from participating in the Aurora Programme

  2. Your commitment to personal/professional development

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