My family. I don't know if I could have ever done this without you

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Many Thanks To... family. I don't know if I could have ever done this without you. Apollo, who has given me so much hope, love and encouragement throughout these years; I am eternally grateful.
...Charles Stanton and Kristofer Johnson for their knowledge and guidance in voice through my first years here.
...Victoria Cole, who has taught me that songs have more than just notes and lyrics, and that I am capable of reaching great heights; I will always be thankful for the time we have had together.
...Dr. Perkins, Dr. Corcoran, Dr. Pfenninger, Mr. Melloni, Dr. Santore, Dr. Arecchi for being such amazing educators and for teaching me that I will never, ever stop learning.
...Mrs. Oliver, who has renewed my passion and love for music education., who have taken the time out of your schedules to watch my four years at Plymouth State University come down to my senior recital; every one of you have touched me in a significant way and I thank you for being here!
...finally, my collaborative pianist, Ashley Rose, who is not only an incredibly talented person, but a fiercely loyal pianist; through long rehearsals, borrowing music, and lots of laughter and tears; you are extremely gifted and selfless. I could have never asked for a better accompanist and friend.

Plymouth State University

Department of Music, Theater

and Dance

This recital is in completion of the Bachelor of Science degree in Music Education, K-12 Teacher Certification

Spirate, pur, spirate Stefano Donaudy


Les Berceaux Gabriel Fauré

Chanson d'Amour (1845-1924)
Smanie Implacabile Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

from Cosi fan Tutte (1756-1791)

Lullaby Gian Carlo Menotti

from The Consul (1911-2007)

Wie Melodien zieht es mir Johannes Brahms Vergebliches Ständchen (1833-1897)

Zuiegnung Richard Strauss


Everybody Loves Louis Stephen Sondheim

from Sunday in the Park With George (1930-)

Program Notes

Stefano Donaudy was an Italian composer in the late 19th /early 20th century. His main focus was on solo voice and operas, however, he also composed chamber and orchestral music. The song Spirate, pur, spirate is meant to have a light and hopeful tone to it, for it is about someone asking for their love to be blessed.
Gabriel Fauré was a French composer during the latter half of the 19th century. He studied under Camille Saint-Saëns and was eventually the teacher to such students as Maurice Ravel and George Enescu. His talents in composing didn't lie in just one area; he was gifted in orchestral, chamber, church, piano and vocal music. Les Berceaux means “the cradles” in French. The accompaniment of the piece in the left hand is meant to be the cradle rocking back and forth as the vocalist sings about the passing of time and how the cradles are now being rocked in the wind because the children that inhabited the cradle now have grown up. Chanson d'Amour is a beautiful love song that repeats phrases about how one will never tire of kissing the sweetheart's lips or how beautiful the other person is to the one singing, inside and out.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is one of the most prolific composers ever to have been born. A prodigy by the age of three, Mozart composed for dozens of different musical settings; concertos, string quartets, piano trios, symphonies and operas. One of his most famous operas is Cosi fan tutte..The aria Smanie Implacabili is sung by Dorabella, one of the sisters. Her life is in torment and disarray because her lover is off to war and ends up being a bit melodramatic over the situation.

Program Notes (cont.)
Gian Carlo Menotti was a 20th century composer whose most works include music for ballets and operas. He won the Pulitzer Prize and the New York Drama Critics Circle for Best Musical Play in 1954 for The Consul. The aria Lullaby is sung by the Mother, who is singing her grandson (who is either dying or already dead) to sleep for her, rather than die, because sleep is for the old and close to death.
Johannes Brahms was Romantic composer who manifested from the tail end of the Classical era (thanks in large part to Beethoven). He was very close with the Schumanns (Robert and Clara Wieck) and they held him in very high regard. He composed Wie Melodien zieht es mir and the music has a haunting quality that gives the words to the song a deeper meaning. Vergebliches Ständchen can either be sung as a duet or solo. It is a playful song about a man who is coming up with reasons for why he wants his sweetheart to let him inside the house, and she comes up with reasons why she shouldn't let him inside.
Richard Strauss was a composer through the late romantic period. His strongest suit lied in composing for orchestras. He composed ballets, symphonies, concertos, as well as lieder and operas (such as Elektra and Salome). The song Zuiegnung is about the love and dedication that one has for another person for all the things that the person has given to them.

Samantha Fand is a senior music education major with a concentration in voice. During her time at PSU, she was affiliated with several music ensembles, including Symphonic Band (where she played clarinet), Piano Ensemble and University Chorale (which she was a section leader for seven semesters). She has also been a member of the Music Educators National Conference (MENC). Her music has also taken her throughout several places throughout the state. She has accompanied for several theater groups and has accompanied for schools, either for their musicals or concerts. She works at the New Hampton Community Church as the choir director and organist. Samantha is originally from Meredith, New Hampshire.

Ashley Rose is a senior in the Music Education and the Piano Performance and Pedagogy programs. She studies piano performance with Carleen Graff and keyboard accompanying with Constance Chesebrough. At PSU, Ashley accompanies student instrumentalists and vocalists and teaches piano to young students and adults, and she also tutors for the piano classes.  Ashley is pianist at Plymouth Congregational United Church of Christ in Plymouth. She has played flute in the Symphonic Band and sung in the University Chorale, and she is currently a member of the Piano Ensemble.  She is the president of the PSU Collegiate Chapter of MTNA. Ashley is from Hinsdale, NH.

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