My name is Daniel G. Sobczak. I am currently a graduate student in Georgia State’s teems program majoring in Social Studies Education

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My name is Daniel G. Sobczak. I am currently a graduate student in Georgia State’s TEEMS program majoring in Social Studies Education. I graduated from Oglethorpe University in May, 2001 with a Bachelor of Science in Economics. Currently, I am employed by The Home Depot as a Department Supervisor of the Plumbing, Kitchen and Bath, and Appliance departments. I also hold the title of Specialty Sales Department Supervisor which holds me responsible for the outcome of the sales goals for specialty associates throughout the store. Previously, with Home Depot, I was the Front End Supervisor, Special Services Supervisor, and prior to that I was a Cashier Field College Trainer which gave me an introduction to adult education principles. I was responsible for training new cashiers, returns cashiers, and Head Cashiers as well as being the “Front End Peer” or go-to person for seven stores in the Atlanta area. I also have been employed for approximately 2 ½ years as a substitute teacher in Gwinnett County Public Schools at Richards Middle, Shiloh Middle, and Shiloh High Schools working in multiple capacities, everything from Special Ed to Physical Education and all academic areas.
Personal interests include ice skating, actively reading and attending Gwinnett Gladiators and Atlanta Thrashers hockey games. I also enjoy local history – Gwinnett County offers a rich history in the greater scheme of Georgia History at large. I enjoy the outdoors, and climb Stone Mountain when weather and other factors allow the time.
Education, to me, is the cornerstone of American society. I believe it is a joint effort of not only students and educators, but also parents and the community at large. It is important for parents to begin to expose children at an early age to the basics of education such as letters, numbers, colors and shapes. These basic foundations will better prepare students as they enter pre-kindergarten and kindergarten. Communities must support their local schools to ensure the success of the community at large. A great example of this support can be seen in the 1990’s how the community around Shiloh High School came together to support the construction of the Shiloh Community Stadium and to raise the funds for the double-lung transplant for Shiloh Student Matt Peddicord. Although these, on the surface, were not directly educational related, they exemplify the role of the community in the school environment. Teachers should consistently show high energy in the subject matter that they teach and never give in to the students that lack interest in being in school.

My ultimate goal is to teach Social Studies at the High School level, preferably in Gwinnett County. I enjoy this subject and want to share that love with my students. I also want to continue on the legacy of my own teachers who have helped to mold me into the person I am, and the educator I hope to be. I enjoy working with people in a meaningful context and am truly happy when I am in the class room, even though it is just in the role as a substitute. I truly feel I can make a lasting difference in the lives of many people.

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