Name: Class: Date: Getting to Know the Atlantic Provinces!

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Name: Class: Date:

Getting to Know the Atlantic Provinces!
This assignment will cover the following outcomes:

- 1.1.2: Construct a map of Atlantic Canada and locate the capital city of each province, a service centre in the area, and major transportation links.

- 1.1.6: Describe the location of Atlantic Canada in the North American Context.

- 1.1.7: Use a map or globe to describe the location of the Atlantic provinces in relation to bodies of water, nearby provinces and states, ocean currents, the Prime Meridian, the equator, Europe, Mexico, Japan, Latin America, the Caribbean, and the Atlantic Rim.

- 1.1.8: Use a variety of Systems to locate places.

*The maps located in the back of the textbook starting on page 286 are vital to completing this assignment*

Part 1: On maps #1-4, perform the following:

1) Label with pencil the capital city, and two other large cities.

2) Draw and label the TransCanada Highway, and any airports, train tracks, or ferries.

3) Provide the absolute location of each of the capital cities.
Part 2:

1) On map # 5 label Atlantic Canada, Atlantic Ocean, the United States, the Prime Meridian, the Equator, Europe, Mexico, Japan, South America, the Caribbean.

2) Describe Halifax’s location in relation to each of the places mentioned in Question 1:
Atlantic Canada:_______________________________________________

Atlantic Ocean:________________________________________________

The United States:______________________________________________

The Prime Meridian:____________________________________________

The Equator:___________________________________________________




South America:_________________________________________________

The Caribbean:_________________________________________________

Map #1

Province Name:_____________

Map #2

Province Name:_____________

Map #3

Province Name:_____________

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