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Intro to Web Chapter 7.2

  1. Once your web site is published it is time to announce your web sites presence to its target ___________________________________.

  2. For an organizational/topical or e-commerce site, a large number of visitors are a factor in the sites ____________________________ or ______________________________.

  3. To generate a high volume of traffic to your site, launch a full-scale campaign using both __________________________ and __________________________ promotional techniques.

  4. When your site is included in search engines’ indexes, you gain the obvious advantage of allowing searchers to locate your web pages that relate to specific keywords.

  5. You can wait for search engines’ ___________________________ to find your pages and add them to their indexes or you can take the initiative and register your sites URL with major search engine directories.

  6. ______________________________ is applying design and development techniques to your web pages to increase the possibility that they will appear near the top of a search result.

  7. Search tool advertising programs allow you to add a _____________________ placement or _______________________________ listing for specific keywords to a search results page. You pay for the advertising on a __________________________________ basis, which means each time a visitor clicks on your paid or sponsored listing, you pay a small fee to the search tool.

  8. A _______________________________ service is a business that registers web sites with multiple search tools for you.

  9. An _______________________ program is an e-commerce online advertising program in which a web site, called the advertiser, pays a fee or commission on sales generated by visitors driven to the site by links on other websites called publishers.

  10. One of the most well-known affiliate programs is _______________________________.

  11. An _________________________________ network, is a business that manages affiliate programs by helping to establish the relationship between advertisers and publishers, by monitoring visitors’ click throughs, and by processing commission or fee payments.

  12. A ________________________________ is a link between two web site owners who agree formally to put a respective link to the other’s site on their web pages.

  13. Reciprocal links work well when the companies are in related fields but are not direct ________________________________.

  14. _______________________________ programs use reciprocal links in a more formal manner and a much larger scale.

  15. An _________________________________ network brings together companies that want to purchase online advertising with companies that want to sell ads on their sites.

  16. Describe the types of ads typically offered by an online advertising network:

  17. The purpose of a banner or sidebar add is to motivate visitors to click the and in a process called ___________________________________.

  18. Other types of ads include pop-up, pop-under, and rich media ads. Describe each.
    Pop-Up : ________________________________________________________________________
    Rich Media Ads-__________________________________________________________________

  19. Publishers base the amount of money they charge advertisers on ads by the number of _________________________________, which is the number of times the ad is viewed.

  20. Receiving an ______________________________ for your web site can help promote your site.

  21. _______________________________ messages can be a cost-effective way to promote a web site.

  22. _____________________________ advertising, also called permission based e-mail advertising, requires the message recipient to “opt in” or formally agree to receive the email advertising.

  23. Unsolicited email advertising is called ______________________________.

  24. An effectively written, free permission-based email __________________________________ can entice visitors to revisit your web site to learn about new products or services.

  25. Describe the three traditional ways to promote your web site:

  26. A savvy ________________________________ understands that Web design is a continuing process and that the work of developing, creating, and maintaining a Web site is never really finished.

  27. A part of an ongoing maintenance plan includes: (list 5 items)

  28. A __________________________________ is a measurement standard with witch actual performance can be compared.

  29. Raw data contained in a Web server transaction log can measure visitor’s behaviors through Web server log _______________________________________________________.

  30. Developing ________________________________________, sometimes called web metrics, involves combining various types of visitor data.

  31. Describe the difference between a unique visitor and unique visitor:

  32. The page views measurement is used to determine page _________________________.

  33. A _______________________ analysis identifies how a visitor moves through your site by clicking from link to link and could also identify how long the visitor stayed at each page.

  34. An important measurement for e-commerce sites is the __________________________, which is the rate at which a visitor who is shopping on the site becomes a buyer of the site’s products or services.

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