Name Worksheet for Musical Instruments

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Name _____________________________________

Worksheet for Musical Instruments
Name of Instrument: ______________________ (be able to pronounce it correctly.)
Area of the world: _____________________________

  1. Pictures

  2. Classification (Aerophone, Idiophone, Membranophone, Chordophone)

  3. Description including materials it is made from, variations in appearance, etc

  4. Country/Region of origin

  5. How the instrument is played

  6. When developed, or first recorded in history

  7. What kind of music is played on it and for which occasions the instrument is played or any special significance the instruments has (religious, cultural)

  8. Diagram with parts labeled (simplified is fine)

  9. Sound sample from a CD or linked to an Internet site

At least 3 Sources:

1) Books-- Encyclopedias and other reference books

2) Books about the country of origin, travel books

3) Magazine article

4) Internet sites

Internet sites must be completely identified by URL, author, name of site and date visited. Use EasyBib or BibMe and use MLA style.
Several web sites are listed on the MusicLinks page of the school web site.
DUE ON ____________________:

1-6 items above with Ascension heading, typed or in ink.

FINAL PROJECT due date to be determined.
Each student will do a report, and a 5-page PowerPoint.

Each group will do a combined PowerPoint Presentation for their region.

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