Name your age group: a 18-22 b 23-26 Your respective year

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NAME _____________
1. Your age group:

a) 18-22 b) 23-26

2. Your respective year:
a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4

3. What according to you is the cause of demotion?
a) Shortage b) Bad grades c) Both

4. Who according to you is responsible for student’s demotion?

a) Teacher b) Student himself c) Mates d) All of them e) a and b

5. Effects on student after demotion:
a) Lack of confidence b) Lack of motivation c) Hesitates in facing people
d) All of the above

6. What a teacher should do for a student so the he/she should not get demoted?

a) Should motivate student b) Give motivational lectures
c) Should do counseling d) Other

7. What a student should do for his/her betterment (so that he/she don’t get demoted)?
a) Get regular b) Respect teachers c) Take studies seriously d) all of the above

8. What the department should do to minimize the cases of demotion?
a) Guide teachers to motivate students b) Hire counselors c) None of them

9. What the good GPA holders should do for the demoters ?
a) Should help them b) Should not start discrimination c) Both d) Other

10. What the parents should do?

a) Should make child aware of tough life b) Should make child aware of his/her responsibility c) Both d) Other

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