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Exercises Proposed for teaching in (January-May, 2016 Semester)

  1. Name of the Teacher : Dr. Swarnendu Kumar Chakraborty

  1. Department : Computer Science & Engineering

  1. Course Title : Distributed Operating System

  1. Course code : MCSE 923

  1. Course Hands out

Course contents

Contact hours

Introduction: Function of an operating system, Design approaches, concepts of processes, threads, Critical Section problem, Other synchronization problem, Communicating sequential processes.

4 hrs.

Process Deadlocks:Introduction, Preliminaries, Models of Deadlocks, Models of resources, A graph theoretic models of System State, Necessary and sufficient conditions for a Deadlocks. Detection, Prevention and Avoidance.

3 hrs.

Distributed Operating Systems:Introduction, System Architectures, Issues in Distributed Operating Systems, Communication Networks, Limitations of Distributed OS.

3 hrs.

Distributed Mutual Exclusion:Classifications of Mutual Exclusion, Preliminaries, Solutions of Mutual Exclusions- Non token based algorithm, Lamport’s Algorithm, Maekawa’s Algorithm, Token Based Algorithm etc.

4 hrs.

Distributed Deadlock Detection:Introduction, Preliminaries, Deadlock handing strategies in Distributed OS, Control organizations for Distributed Deadlock Detection, Central Deadlock Detection Algorithms, Distributed Deadlock Detection Algorithm.

4 hrs.

Agreement Protocol:System model, Classification of agreement problems, Application of Agreement Protocol.

2 hrs.

Distributed File Systems:Mechanisms for building Distributed File Systems, Design Issues, Case Studies- Sun Network File System, The Sprite File Systems, Apollo Domain Distributed File System, Coda, Log Structure File Systems, Disk Space Management.

4 hrs.

Distributed Shared Memory:Architecture and Motivation, Algorithm for Implementing of DMS, Memory Coherence, Coherence Protocol, Case Studies- IVY, Mirage, Clouds.

4 hrs.

Distributed Scheduling:Issues in load Distributing, Components of Load Distributing Algorithm, Stability, Load Distributing Algorithm, Performance Comparison, Selecting a Suitable Load Sharing Algorithm, Load Sharing Policies.

4 hrs.

Failure Recovery:Classification of Failures, Backward and Forward Error recovery, Recovery in concurrent systems, Check points.

3 hrs.

Fault Tolerance:Atomic Action and Committing, Commit Protocols, Non-Blocking Commit Protocols, Voting Protocols, Dynamic Voting Protocols, Case studies-Fault tolerance under UNIX.

3 hrs.

Multiprocessor System Architecture:Motivations, Basic Architecture, Caching, Hypercube Architecture,

2 hrs.

Multiprocessor Operating Systems:Structure, Multiprocessor Design issues, Threats, Process, Synchronization, Processor Scheduling, Memory Management, Reliability/Fault tolerance.

3 hrs.

  1. Books/Literature to be followed:

  1. Books (Min. 2 texts + 3 references)

  1. Title Distributed Operating Systems

Author Andrew S. Tanenbaum

Publisher Pearson Education India

Edition 6th

  1. Title Advanced Concepts In Operating Systems

Author Singhal

Publisher Tata McGraw-Hill Education

Edition 5th

  1. Title Distributed Operating Systems: Concepts And Design

Author Pradeep K. Sinha

Publisher PHI Learning Private Limited

Edition 4th revised

  1. Title Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment

Author W. Richard Stevens, Stephen A. Rago

Publisher Addison-Wesley

Edition 8th

  1. Title Operating Systems In Depth: Design And Programming

Author Thomas W. Doeppner

Publisher John Wiley & Sons

Edition 1st
(b) Magazines/Journals (Minimum 5)

(i)Apple Mac OS X Lion 10.7.4, PC.

(ii)Operating Systems, UX Magazine.

(iii)Journal of Operating Systems Development & Trends.

(iv)Operations Research Letters, Elsevier.

(v)IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, IEEE.

  1. Mode of Teaching: J.C. Bose Model

  1. If the course is of practices, list the experiments to be offered.

  • Getting familiar with : Linux/Unix System

  • Processes in UNIX

  • Files

  • Pipes

  • Signals

  • IPC

  • Network communication mechanisms — BSD sockets

  • Parallel Virtual Machine

  • Remote Procedure Calls — RPC

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Name of the Teacher:Dr. Swarnendu Kumar Chakraborty

Designation: Assistant Professor

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