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Nelson O. Guinmapang Jr.

Case Study (Apple Computer)

Apple Computer is an American Multinational corporation with a focus on designing and manufacturing consumer electronics and even develops software products. It was con-founded by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs. Steve Wozniak met Steve Jobs while he was working at Hewlett-Packard. Steve Jobs worked part time, where he would finish up games that they designed in Grass Valley.
In 1975, the first personal computer kit, the Alistair 8800 was announced. Since Steve Wozniak couldn’t afford an Alistair 8800 he decided to build his own personal computer by using cheaper chips. As circuit board alone, it could do more than Alistair. He and Steve Jobs called it Apple I, Jobs handled on marketing it while Wozniak continued to improve it. By 1977, Wozniak had built Apple II, then he and Jobs decided to form Apple Computer Inc. when it went public on 1980, its stock value was $117 million, three years later it was $985 million.
This story of how Apple started is one of my favorite. We watched a film titled “Pirates of the Silicon Valley” last year that’s why Apple story is a little familiar for me. We can see that Steve Wozniak is determined that he will develop a computer even if he was still a child. I can say that if we really put out hard work and commitment to do something then we can be successful. According to Wozniak, if we try to start our own company, we must have the highest ethics and be open and truthful about things, not hide. We must not lead people. Know in your heart that you’re a good person with good goals because it will carry over to our own self-confidence: make our own product better that the average person would.

Nelson O. Guinmapang Jr.

Case Study (Excite)
Excite is an Internet portal, it offers a variety of services, including web search, instant messaging, web-based e-mail, and customable user homepage. It was founded by Stanford University students, Graham Spencer, Joe Kraus, Mark Van Haren, Ryan McIntyre, Ben Lutche and Martin Reinfried. All of them are Computer Science major except for Joe Kraus who was a political science major. Even if Joe Kraus is a political science major, that didn’t stop him in helping his co-founders in developing Excite. In a matter of fact, he did more coding than some of them. Except Graham Spencer, Spencer almost did all the work and he was the one who come up with the idea of how Excite will work.
Like other start-ups, Excite encountered some problem, since they were 6 of them who founded this Internet portal. They have to find a way to redistribute the equity in a way that isn’t even. They approved that Graham will get more since he has more technical ability than other guys. From this experience they had we can see that in business, you must choose wisely your partners. Because maybe in some future time there will be some regrets or arguments that will be encountered. Also you must consider what other things can be helpful for your company.

Nelson O. Guinmapang Jr.

Case Study (Software Arts)
Software arts was a software company who develops VisiCalc, the first electronic spreadsheets. It was co-founded by Dan Bricklin and Bob Frankston.
VisiCalc became a “killer application” for computers at first, but because it was not produced by a company organized like a modern startup. That maybe caused the downfall of this company although it was distributed by Daniel Fylstra’s Personal Software (later renamed VisiCorp). As a business, Software Art’s fall was as fast as its rise, but it had influence than many longer-lived companies.
In this story, I can say that startups don’t last forever. Eventually something big will happen, whether it can be good or bad for your company, you must be ready for the consequences that you will face. You must know the people you’re working and able to trust them to make your company a successful one. But even though their company doesn’t exist today, it helped a lot of people in doing a startup nowadays and also in the business of company.

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