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Title: The Stormrider Guide Europe ­Atlantic Islands

Author: Editor – Bruce Sutherland

ISBN (Hardback):

Cordee Code:

Proposed Price (Hardback): £19.95


Imprint: 1st Edition – 1st imprint


No. of Pages: 224

Publication Date: Oct 2007

Size: 280 x 220

New Edition/Reprint: 1st Edition – 1st imprint

Binding: Section sewn and glued

Date of Last Edition/Reprint:

Jacket/Cover: Glossy laminate 350gsm artboard

Illustrations: 300 Maps: 60



The Stormrider Guide Europe has grown so big, it now comes in two easy to handle parts. The box set contains The Stormrider Guide Europe – The Continent and The Stormrider Guide Europe – Atlantic Islands. These two books contain everything a surfer needs to know about where to go surfing in Europe.

Brief Description:

The Stormrider Guide Europe – Atlantic Islands

Includes – Iceland & Scandinavia, Ireland, Wales, England, Scotland, Azores & Madeira and Canary Isles

Fully revised and detailed information covering The Surf, Ocean Environment and Surf Culture on a country by country basis. The Surf outlines where to go and when to go and demystifies the Atlantic Islands from Iceland to the Canaries. Ocean Environment deals with pollution, erosion, access and hazards, while Surf Culture illuminates the surf scene including history, surf media, contests and localism. The indispensable travelling information is concise plus there’s links to all the latest oceanographic and swell forecasting resources.

The Atlantic Islands are accurately mapped in detail, showing where to find the main surfing breaks. Each surf break report outlines how and where the waves break, quality, consistency and the general vibe. The unique Stormrider symbols reveal optimum wind, tide, swell size and direction, as well as wave type and bottom contour. Crowds, hazards, dangerous sea-life, pollution, access and environmental problems are also noted.

A picture tells a thousand words so there are hundreds of the best photos of European surf ever compiled. Stunning images in crisp colour from the cream of the world’s surf photographers add that extra dimension that makes The Stormrider Guide Europe – Atlantic Islands the most detailed surf guide money can buy.

Author Biography:

The Stormrider Guide Europe is compiled and edited by Bruce Sutherland from information and data provided by respected surf journalists and local experts in each respective country.

Bruce Sutherland, a director of Low Pressure, and co-author/editor of The World Stormrider Guides and The Stormrider Guide North America has 25 years extensive experience of surfing and travelling.

Selling Points:

  • Over 100,000 surfers have bought The Stormrider Guide Europe (ISBN 0-9519275-5-8) over 13 years, making it the best selling surf guide on the planet.

  • High quality design with colour road atlas style maps and superb photography.

  • Integrated text, symbols and maps contain crucial, otherwise unavailable information.

  • Sells to all ages, levels and types of surf enthusiasts.

  • Reference book format means that the guide is constantly read over its 5-year shelf life and beyond, ensuring maximum exposure.

  • Part of The Stormrider Guide series of reference books including The World Stormrider Guides Volumes 1 & 2 (ISBN 0-9539840-0-1 & 0-9539840-2-8) and The Stormrider Guide North America (ISBN 0-9539840-1-X)

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