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Forest Lighting Announces Affordable, Energy Saving LED Linear Lamps
LED T8 and T5 Lamps Ideal to Replace Fluorescent, Halogen and Low Voltage Lamps at Competitive Cost
Atlanta, Georgia. October 8, 2014. Forest Lighting has announced the immediate availability of new T8 LED Linear Lamps, which are ideal for replacing fluorescent, halogen and low voltage lamps in both retrofit and new construction applications. The LED T8 lamps are an affordable solution for customers looking to save up to 40% on lighting energy costs.
Forest LED T8 Lamps are available in standard 2-foot and 4-foot lengths, as well as an “Integrated” design that can connect multiple units up to 20 feet. The company also offers an “Integrated” T5 design, in 1/2/3/4 foot lengths. Forest Lighting T8 and T5 LED lamps last 30,000 to 50,000 hours. Different models offer color temperatures from 3500K to 6000K, 70+ CRI, and 75-100 lumens per watt. All products are UL Listed and DesignLights Consortium Qualified.
“We have made a major investment in inventory here in the US,” said Jian Ni, chief operating officer of Forest Lighting. “Customers looking for value can expect immediate shipment from stock. Our prices will be highly competitive.” A new website is available with selection and specification information, as well as a company profile.
Forest Lighting is the US subsidiary of a leading global manufacturer of LEDs, MLS Co., Ltd. of China, with $1 billion in annual sales. MLS LED manufacturing capacity is unmatched, as is their commitment to sustainability in manufacturing and product materials.


About Forest Lighting (

Forest Lighting, based in Atlanta, Georgia, is the USA subsidiary of MLS Co., Ltd. of China. MLS is among the top ten largest LED manufacturers in the world (Source: IHS Technology.) MLS has experienced 20% annual growth, has 10,000 employees, and the 2014 revenue forecast exceeds $1billion. The company is an ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 qualified manufacturer, and LED manufacturing capacity will exceed 16 billion units this year.

In the USA, Forest Lighting serves the commercial, industrial and institutional markets with a family of affordable LED T8 and T5 Linear Lamps designed to replace fluorescent, halogen and low voltage lamps in both retrofit and new construction applications. Products are UL Listed and DLC Qualified. Forest Lighting LED products are RoHS compliant, reflecting the corporate commitment to sustainability.

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