Northwestern Polytechnical University 127 youyi xilu, Xi’an 710072

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Arslan Habib



Northwestern Polytechnical University 127 youyi xilu,

Xi’an 710072,




I haven't any experience but i have ability to do my best for the company, I assure you to give my 100 % effort and dedication. For work in dynamic, professional and enterprising environment which will provide me the potential for advancement and increased Engineering skills, decision-making responsibilities through consistent learning under the business and IT and power and energy leaders. Looking to apply my 4 years of education to a position in this company. A hardworking, loyal and dedicated individual who is passionate about gaining experience in this school.


Govt. comprehensive school (Matriculation Exam)
Sahiwal,Punjab Pakistan

Aug. 2005

Govt. college of Technology (3 years Diploma of Associate Engineer )
Sahiwal,Punjab Pakistan

Sep 2005-Sep 2008

Achievements: - I have got Grad "A", it was three years diploma and totally based on electrical technology. Three years of my DAE i read only about electrical related theory and done practical.
Northwestern Polytechnical University (Electrical Engineering)
127 youyi,xilu ,Xi'an ,Shaanxi 710072 China

Sep 2010 to July 2014 (Present)

Achievements:- I have always got highest marks in class.
I have got scholarships two times during my degree period.
I am class monitor also have got more than 80% marks in 7 semesters.
My degree will complete in July 2014.


In college and university

I have got very good marks
I have got two times scholarships in my bachelor education in china
In my university education i have always got highest marks in class
In Pakistan i have won few major cricket tournaments at college and district level


Mat lab Programming.

Power transformer project(continue).
Ability to maintain confidentiality.
Working knowledge of all Microsoft Office packages.
Friendly personality with a 'can do' attitude.
Able to work overtime at short notice if required.
Welcoming, friendly, caring, approachable, constructive.
Regular and Punctual.

I have knowledge of many languages like,




Chinese (Beginner)


References Available on Request

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