Objective: Seeking a full-time position in the administrative and clerical field where

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Veronica Hidalgo

Fresh Meadows, NY 11365 (646) 644-1447 veroisahidal@yahoo.com

Objective: Seeking a full-time position in the administrative and clerical field where

my work experience and skills can be utilized effectively.

Skills: MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, QuickBooks Pro

Reynolds and Reynolds Systems; ADP Systems; Arkona Systems;

Notary Public, Dealer Track Systems.

Interpersonal I am a self-motivated person who is a quick learner with good

Skills: communication. I follow instructions and can work under difficult

situations. I take full responsibility for completing the work assigned to me.

Speak and write fluent Spanish.

Education: ACE Computer Training Center, Forest Hills, N.Y. (Dec 2008- Feb 2009)

Successfully completed training in the following:

MS Office 2007, QuickBooks Pro 2008

GNYADA, Whitestone, N.Y. (Oct 2008)

Completed training in the following: Bookkeeping ll

Urdesa School, Guayaquil, Ecuador

Received High School Diploma

Karp Automotive Inc, Rockville Centre, N.Y. (Feb. 12-Present)

Biller/ Title Clerk for three carlines-Buick-KIAs and Volvo (FT)

  • Processing deals and breaking down deals to various banks for funding.

  • Ordering New York State Inspections, MV-50 Books and Plates.

  • All phases of NYS DMV registrations, In-transit and Out of State.

  • Secure titles and lien releases on used car trade-in.

  • Maintain the police book and plate log.

  • Preparing and finalizing swap paperwork and wholesale paperwork.

  • Clean DMV schedule and write checks to refund customer for overpayments.

Veronica Hidalgo

Fresh Meadows, NY 11365 (646) 644-1447 veroisahidal@yahoo.com

Garden City Mazda, Hempstead, N.Y. (Oct. 09-Jan. 12)

Biller/Accounts Payable (FT)

  • Responsible for managing Accounts Payable.

  • Responsible to preparing packages that dealt with funding.

  • Processed all the registration for vehicles to be titled not only in NY but other States.

  • Maintained the company stock with both new and used vehicles.

  • Kept records of the company’s jacket deals.

  • Maintained records for the passenger plates, MV-50 books, and police book.

  • Prepared paperwork required for deliveries.

  • Posted checks from Motor Vehicle’s registration and supervised the scheduled.

  • Worked with Reynolds and Reynolds operating system.

G/C Volkswagen, New Hyde Park, N.Y. (July 02- Nov. 08)

Biller/Bookkeeper/Assistant Office Manager (FT)

  • Arranged paperwork for the Department of Motor Vehicles such as customer registration and various ownership documents.

  • Maintained record for jacket deals.

  • Oversaw various deals.

  • Processed car deals for deliveries.

  • Organized the required paperwork for the proper funding package deal and maintained monthly posting logs.

  • Supervised the general journals, schedules, and clean funding.

  • Maintained the inventory for new and used cars, dealer trades, wholesalers, and trade-ins.

  • Responsible for license plates, registrations, titles, prorate fees, lien payoffs, police book, MV-50 book, and in-transit permit plates.

  • Maintained office management stock.

  • In charge of cash sales summary and the daily deposits.

  • Receiving all payments and receipts on a daily basis from the services and parts department as well as recording every transaction.

  • Responsible for posting receipts books.

  • Issued checks, receipts, and floor planning.

  • Ensured accuracy of the statement for parts, credit cards and bank.

  • Responsible for accounts receivables and accounts payable.

  • Worked with ADP operating system.

Falcon Hyundai, Mt. Kisco, N.Y. (Oct. 07- June 08)

Biller/Bookkeeper (Temp)

References: Norma Centola 718- 614- 3623 Jorge Hidalgo 413- 535- 8575

Janet Pescia 516- 437- 6395 Tony Martinez 516- 497- 1021

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