Odesa International Forum 2012 Application Form for Editor(s), Media Editor and Journos

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Odesa International Forum 2012

Application Form for Editor(s), Media Editor and Journos

Odesa International Forum 2012

16th-19th August, 2012

Take your chance to become a part of the Odesa IF officials team this summer!


Date of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY)

Phone number, which you will be using during the Forum (ex.: +38 0XX XXX XX XX)


Country, city

Languages (tick needed)







Other languages

Please, describe your previous EYP experience:




Name of the senior official (Chair/Editor/President/HO)

Please, state your motivation why you would like to attend the Forum (max. 200 words):

Please, name 3 qualities that a perfect journo should posses in order to maintain the session’s spirit and explain your choice:

Imagine you arrived and are waiting for orgas to pick you up. Suddenly you realize that nobody is coming for you and you find yourself in a totally unknown place. You start looking for the way to Odesa yourself. Finally you are getting to a place meant to be Odesa but apparently you found Atlántida! Please tell the story describing your adventure on the way to Atlántida and describe Atlántida itself. (max. 300 words)

Please, describe your vision for the newspaper of Odesa International Forum 2012 (in terms of content and lay-out)? (Please, answer if applying as Editor)

Please, describe how you see the concept of media coverage for Odesa International Forum 2012. Please, also specify your technical skills. (Please, answer if applying as Media Editor)

Thank you for devoting your time and applying for

Odesa International Forum 2012!

Please, send your application no later than 23.00 CET on

25th May, 2012 to


EYP – Ukraine “Sunrise of ECOunity”


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