Ofrendas and Jack o’ Lanterns The Supernatural Project

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Ofrendas and Jack o’ Lanterns

The Supernatural Project

Dear Students,
We’ve read about vampires, and witches, and werewolves, oh my. We’ve talked about why humans like to be afraid, and why they’ve come up with stories that explain the things they fear. We’ve learned that stories are far more universal than we knew, and that maybe the veil between the worlds really is lifted on October 31.
To commemorate this Hallowed season, you have the choice of making either an ofrenda or a jack o’ lantern.
Here’s how:

  • Consider a mythological person, place or thing (or combination… let’s face it, it happens). Feel free to look at your Mythology Glossary/Handbook for ideas.

  • What are the symbols (objects, animals, locations, people) associated with your mythological person, place, or thing of choice?

  • Create an ofrenda (that’s the offering “altar” or table for Dia de los Muertos) or a jack o’ lantern that represents the various symbols associated with your chosen mythological person place or thing.

  • In addition to your ofrenda or jack o’ lantern, your group will need to write a 3-5 page essay explaining why you chose your mythological person, place, or thing, and why you chose the specific symbols that are on your jack o’ lantern or ofrenda and their meanings. This will require research, so I will also require citations and a bibliography.

You may use:

  • For the jack o’ lantern:

    • A pumpkin.

    • Paint (No carving! Sharp objects not allowed at school and carved pumpkins rot – quickly.)

    • Stuff that you glue onto the pumpkin. (You’ll probably need Gorilla glue or Krazy glue.)

  • For the ofrenda:

  • A shoe box

  • Any box, really. Just not too big.

  • Objects that are actually real.

  • Objects that are “real”- fun sized from a craft store or toys.

  • Pictures that are cut and glued to cardboard to create cut-outs

  • Drawings

  • Colored or textured paper (like for scrapbooking), fabric, etc.

I will provide SOME of your supplies, but others you may have to provide yourself. Plan accordingly. This is a group project, so divide it up! (Halloween stuff starts going on sale this weekend as well. You’re welcome.)

Most of all, have fun (but only school appropriate fun, of course) and be creative!
Happy creating!

Mr. Jackam

Requirements for Paper:

  • One of you begins the appropriately titled work in google docs and shares it with each member of the group (and me.)

  • Color code each person’s contributions to the work. (Divide up the topic equally.)

  • 3-5 pages (800 to 1200 words)

  • 1 inch margins

  • Typed, double-spaced

  • 12 pt Times New Roman font

  • Work cited page in MLA format – Go to www.easybib.com for assistance in generating appropriate citations. Minimum of 4 reliable sources.

Papers and projects are due Wednesday, November 2nd.

Papers will be shared with me on google docs. charles.jackam@evergreenps.org

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