Our nation is a federal republic

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Our 1st language is Spanish, and the second language is English. The currency of our country is Dollar($). The population of our country is 5 million peoples, and the size of Atlantik is around 80.000 km2. Antantica is located near New Zeeland in the Oceania. The temperature is normally, around 20-25 degreases in Atlantica in every month. We got oil as resources, because Atlantica don't got mines with gold, diamonds silver and bronze. We are big exports of bananas, apples, dairy products (like cheese and milk), and beef. About ethnic groups, the most of population contain aboriginals, but we are like Cuba (sort of), because we also got black peoples from Africa and white peoples from Europe and USA, and we are all mulattos.

Our nation is a federal republic.
We have a big export of dairy products and cows, that will result very much milk and beef as well. We also have a lot of fruit, and we get imported pork from Denmark. We also get imported a lot of rise from China. We got many big plantations of corn, we use for flour, that we use for bread.
In our country we don't have any military, but we got a corporation with Australia, who helps us in emergencies in battle, if we get under attacked. Our school systems is free, and our teachers is very highly educated, that means the whole country is very highly educated as well, and the average income is extremely high is Atlantica. Our high level of income, result in taxes around 40%. We use taxes in percent, because that means if you are a high income person, you will automatically pay higher taxes, relative to the a low income person. Because of our high taxes, we got free health care. We got a few state schools, for the poorest peoples in Atlantica. We only got a few state schools, because the most peoples, got enough money to pay for the private school, and there is a tradition for the private school. Why? Because in the old times, the private school often were the best schools. It might isn't anymore, but it remained a tradition.

Hospices are pay by the state, but our society has a tradition that the old is taking care for the grandkids, and the young is taking care of the old. That means at there own kids is taking care of them when they get old. but there is opportunity to get help, tacking care of them ex hospice.

Transport around Atlantica; because we are a small country you have need opportunity to bike around the cities. We also have a great public transport around the whole country. We have underground in the capital and the big city’s, tram, trains in the province and lots of busses all over in Atlantica. Infrastructure is very functional, have many positive sides, first one is the environment, when we are taking the public transport are we reduce co2 realize, instead of taking a care with one our to person you can take the public transport all around Atlantica. And it’s cheaper opportunity for the citizen as well. Around our five biggest city’s we have tool ring, so if you decide to take your car in to the big city’s you have to pay tool to the state public transport.

Second thing is, with this great Infrastructure it entail to lots of jobs. Infrastructure is one of the biggest firms in Atlantica.

Atlantica is a peninsula and lay in the Pacific.

Nearly all energy in Atlantica renewable energy, we have wind energy because Atlantica is a peninsula and lay in the Pacific that means that we can have many windmills-park. We also have solar cells because alanrica is in a suptropical climate, were sun is shining whole year, unless 2 month of the year June and July. 32 % of our energy isn’t renewable energy it is natural gas.

Alantica is a multicultural country, started up with immigrants, so we have a big tolerance for foreigner. To get residence permit you can either marry with a citizen our you can apply for a citizenship.

We use lot of money and energy on, to prepare the criminals for the out side world. Like give them a education our find them a job. But to different kind of options for the criminals, it depends what crime they did.

Manly the government, but we run the country of course corporate with other countries.

We are a very functional country so we have very few big challenges, but one of them is our high taxes, and we are hoping for a totally renewable energy Atlatica

We are Atlantica!

We are the land of 5 million people, we are the country of green energy we stand for freedom in our country the opportunity to be human with out shame. A country with no racism no homophobia.

We are a small country, but we have great values like world peace, and a greener world. We are a country with different ethnicities and different bag grounds, but we have all in common Atlatica.

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