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Page AANGFS Newsletter Fall 2000


From the AANGFS President's Desk:

Clee E. Lloyd, LTC, MC, SFS

This year has seen continued commitment of ANG medical resources in multiple areas around the world. Deployments to Northern Watch, SW Asia, Central America, Korea and Europe have given our medical deployment squadrons a chance to shine. ANG medical units continue to show unqualified excellence in all areas that they have been asked to cover.

Congratulations for the fine

support that all of you have

given to the mission of the

Air Force! (Continued on page 3)

Alliance of Air National Guard

Flight Surgeons Newsletter

In this Issue

President’s Desk (LtCol Lloyd) ----------1

NGAUS (Col Gerry Harmon)------------2

Tribute to Jim Whinnery (BG Higdon)----3

Bioterrorism (LtCol Dodson) ------------4

AANGFS Membership Application--------4

Farewell (LtCol Ramsey)---------------5

New Inspection (Col Meigs)-------------6

AMC Update (Col Mitchell)-------------6

AANGFS Dinner---------------------7

ICE3 Selectees (LtCol Ramsey)---------7

Thanks Merck-----------------------7

Letters (Lt Col Karp)-----------------8

Editor’s Two Cents (LtCol Pond)---------8

Publisher Information ----------------8

Sample Psychotropic Letters -----------9

AANGFS Officer Nominations ----------9

The Air Surgeon (Col Falk)------------10

Flight Surgeon Sustainment (Col Nell)---11

Future Meeting Dates----------------12

Volume 12, Number 2 Published by the AANGFS and on website: Fall 2000

Alliance Officers
President: Lt Col Clee Lloyd, OR ANG

24220 Skylane Drive

Canby OR 97013-8746


Vice-President: Col Gerald Harmon

117 Shearwater Court

Georgetown SC 29440


Treasurer: Col Annette Sobel, NM ANG

P. O. Box 1507

Tijeras NM 87059-1507


Secretary: Col John McGoff, IN ANG

6431 Creekside Lane

Indianapolis IN 46220-4308


Newsletter Editor: LtCol William Pond, IN ANG

4414 Trierwood Park Drive

Fort Wayne, IN 46815


Program Committee: LtCol Kirk Martin

Education Committee: LtCol Ralph Warren

Historian: LtCol Brett Wyrick

Web site: Col Bob Janco

Nominating Committee: Col Phil Steeves

The photo was taken at AMSUS in Nov 1999, and includes numerous SAS officials and AANGFS officials in front of a KC-135 Tanker

(Photo Courtesy of Gerry Harmon).

The 122nd annual meeting of the National Guard Association of the United States (NGAUS) was held at the Atlantic City Convention Center 11-15 Sep 00. Delegates from all states and US territories with National Guard units were in attendance. This is a brief summary of the meeting and a description of the importance of NGAUS to the Air National Guard medical service.

NGAUS membership is essentially open to all officers and warrant officers of the National Guard. In our particular state, officers are strongly encouraged to become members each year, and 100% membership of all eligibles is rewarded and recognized at the annual meeting. Annual dues vary with rank, and are on the order of $40 annually for Lieutenants up to $90 annually for 0-7 rank. I strongly recommend Life Membership, which is approximately $600 payable over 5 annual installments.
Delegates to NGAUS are appointed by each state organization, and the numbers of NGAUS members in each state determines the number of voting delegates for each state. The leader of each delegation is the Adjutant General for the state. Delegates can be Army or Air Guard, active or retired.

NGAUS represents the politically active arm of the National Guard, and has registered lobbyists with Congress and a dedicated full-time legislative action team. Each annual meeting considers over a hundred resolutions submitted by various constituencies, and

finalizes and votes on a slate of resolutions to be forwarded for consideration by the Congress and by the Guard and DoD leadership.
The ANG medical contingent managed to get a resolution passed requesting funding for a Third Health Technician position (at E-7 or GS-9 levels) as well as resourcing for Military Public Health and Bioenvironmental Tech positions at collocated ANG bases. We will attempt to keep these issues at the forefront of legislative and DoD efforts by NGAUS. The ANG medics (led by LtCol Andy Buzzelli, NYANG) also resurrected the “Weaver Society” devoted to the efforts of former Air Surgeon Colonel (ret) James Weaver. The Weaver Society is a social gathering at NGAUS bringing together ANG, NGB, and civilian leaders to address important needs of the ANG medical service.
Y’all need to join NGAUS and become exceptionally active within this extremely important organization. Information is available at

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