Parameter: Screen: machine app smart connection / mobile phone screen display

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model:Junsun S100


Screen: machine APP smart connection / mobile phone screen display


Camera pixel:1200W/SONY

Video angle:170 degree wide angle

Power supply way: with the ACC ignition start

Battery: battery, more secure

Video resolution: HD, 1080P, 60 frame /S

Video mode: loop recording, automatic coverage

Language: Chinese / English

Temperature range: - 40oC~70oC

Interface communication: over the wireless WIFI interface to connect to the phone APP

Time: time accurate overprint overprint in the video

Video playback: mobile WIFI download the required file playback

Gravity induction: three axis stereo collision acceleration sensor

Seamless video: every video seamless connection, no leakage of seconds

Memory card:4~32G, CLASS 6 or above

Video clip:3 minutes /10 minutes /5 minutes

Video format:H.264 compression, *.MOV
Product definition:

qq图片20160330145233.png1, power supply 2, menu 3, recording 4, photo /WIFI switch 5, LED status light 6, reset button
power supply :Short press to achieve the stop / start video; long press to achieve mandatory shutdown; enter the menu settings when the short press

To confirm the function.

menu :Short press into the set menu; long press to enter playback status. (WIFI can't set menu when opening and starting video recording)

recording :Short press on / off recording; long press on / off stop monitoring; menu setting is short as selection function

photo /WIFI switch: Short according to the realization of HD camera (open WiFi can not take pictures), automatic storage in TF card can be downloaded via the mobile app; long according to the realization of WiFi switch; the settings menu short press to select the function.
User manual:

A: download APP

1 the direct use of mobile phone two-dimensional code scanning on the box and the corresponding equipment.

Please use the mobile phone in the Android mobile phone scanning the most commonly used two-dimensional code, App installation.

2 Apple mobile phone search FinalCam on AppStore, download the application and install on Apple's mobile phone.

B:WIFI connection

Blue light to record status indication, normal recording 1 second blue light flashing, stop recording light blue light; light for Wi Fi state indicating lamp, mobile app Wi Fi connection for video preview, 1 second green light flashing; other state green light

Open the WIFI mobile phone, wireless network search, find the DVR- HX**** device, connecting the initial password: 12345678, after a successful connection please return to the main interface and open to download and install APP.

Android operating system WIFI connection settings: access to the phone set interface, click WLAN, as shown below:

Apple operating system WIFI connection settings: access to the phone set interface, click on the wireless LAN, as shown below:

C: device connection

Open APP application, the following chart, click on the top right corner of the "+" position, add equipment, connect to the screen after the success of the connection.

Driving recorder equipment related settings

To enter the device SD card in the download file list

Delete the device

List of files stored in SD card

Add HX**** DVR- device

D: mobile APP video related settings

Equipment into the camera screen, the user can set the relevant features, as follows:

Download file list

Files downloaded from the device

Camera setup


STake photos and save it on the phone.

Cell phone brightness adjustment

Screen display mode

Photo size

time synchronization

Wide dynamic

Motion detection

Sound recording / closing

Video / pause

E: mobile detection settings

Click on the mobile detection icon, the user can turn on / off the mobile detection function.

F: time synchronization settings

Click the time synchronization icon, the user can synchronize the time on the phone to the vehicle recorder equipment, and save.

G:WDR wide dynamic settings

Click the wide dynamic icon, the user can open / close the wide dynamic function. Wide dynamic function is open, the processor will automatically handle the high brightness and low dark intersection area generated by the dim sense of light, so that the picture is more clear and delicate.

H: photo photo file size settings

Click the photo size icon, the user can set the size of the photo,

The following figure (please ensure that the device has been inserted in the SD card):

Note: the larger the value of SIZE, the more clear the image of the camera, but the larger the memory occupied by the actual memory card size to select the size of the camera file.

J: mobile phone brightness settings

Click the icon to adjust the brightness of mobile phone users, mobile phone screen display brightness settings, this adjustment is the brightness of its mobile phone.

K: camera

Click the camera icon, the user can take the picture and stored in a mobile phone, please pause the video camera when.

L: video / stop the video.

Click on the video icon, the user can suspend the video or video is enabled, the recorded file will be cyclic covering and stored in the SD card device, users can into the download file list, to the desired video download or delete action.

M: recording function

Click the recording icon, the user can close or open the video is the need to record.

N: volume control

Click the volume control icon, the user can adjust the video volume size.

O: downloaded file view

Right click on the preview screen on the first row of the icon has been downloaded to the mobile phone users can view APP video or image files.

Has been downloaded from the device to the mobile phone APP video files and image files

Quick click on a file, you can open the file to view.

If you need to select more than one file, please touch the selected file, don't let go, until the pop-up menu bar until the election! As follows:

P: device SD card file management

Click on the preview screen centre right row in the middle of the second icon users can view the SD card device recorded in the list of files, download, and delete files.

Q: device settings

Right click the preview screen settings of the three row of the icon can be changed by the user equipment.

Equipment status indicator:

working condition

LED lamp status

Non Wi-Fi connection status

Normal recording

The green light is always on, and the blue light is flashing in one second.

Stop recording

Green light

Wi-Fi connection status

Normal recording

The green light flashes, the blue light flashes

Stop recording

The green light flashes, the blue light is always on.

Equipment fault self discharge:

Can not boot?

Check whether the LED light is normal, the power cord is normally connected.

Can't normal recording / recording?

Please use genuine class 6 or more high card, it is recommended with 4GB -32GB the SD card space, and check the memory card is inserted correctly, or the memory card is not formatted, please in the app format the SD card.

Picture is not clear?

Please remove the lens protective film, and use a clean cloth to wipe the lens clean, the best glasses cloth. Make sure the front windshield is clean.

Hot plug in the SD card, the device will be shut down?

The device does not support SD card hot plug function, user's friends on the device electrical plug the SD card, the device will automatically shut down, to protect the main equipment is not affected by the dither current, thereby enhancing the equipment service life.

Mobile phone screen preview occasionally appears black is like?

Because the output device is Hd 1080p high bit rate of the video screen, and through the WiFi wireless transmission to a smart phone, please ensure that your mobile phone configuration to the normal decoding 1080p video files, generally speaking Android phones prone to such problems, the reason is Android phones in the use process will gather a large number of cache files, occupied a certain proportion of memory space, and the user may be appropriate cleanup redundancy background documents and free up more memory area for app using the probability of the occurrence of such problems will be greatly reduced, not even occurred.
Full HD mobile APP Download

WiFi Name: DVR_HX****

Password: 12345678

Android APP Download Apple APP Download

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