Pearl Trimble 238 Second Ave

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Pearl Trimble

238 Second Ave.

Decatur, GA 30030

August 25, 2004

To Whom It May Concern:

I take pleasure in this opportunity to write a letter of recommendation on behalf of Del Hughes, Atlanta Boom Volleyball Club Coach.
My daughter, Michelle Trimble, had the opportunity to play for The Atlanta Boom Club Volleyball Program 17 & Under Team this past season. She was fortunate to have Coach Hughes as her Club Coach. There was no doubt in my mind when I first met him that his goal for my daughter was to help her develop as a young lady and as an athlete. His sincerity and professional integrity was clearly evident in what he said and his actions.
During Michelle’s Club Season, I saw her skill level and confidence improve tremendously. This was directly related to Coach Hughes’ ability to motivate and encourage her to stretch herself and believe that she could achieve on a higher level. His ability to relate to the young ladies he coaches on both a personal and profession level is to be commended. It is rare to find this level of coaching proficiency in working with today’s young people. He clearly loves the game of volleyball and communicates this love of the game in all that he does.
I have no doubt that my daughter has and will continue to improve under his tutelage. His coaching abilities will be a tremendous asset in helping her achieve her dream of playing college volleyball and beyond on a competitive play.


Ms. Pearl Trimble

Thankful & Proud Parent of 2003 AJC Dekalb County Volleyball Player of the Year

2005 Div I Scholarship Recipient
(Pearl Trimble-who herself was an athlete on the USA national basketball team, passed away in 2005 just before being able to witness her daughter capture a national championship alongside her extended family, Atlanta Boom. Michelle Trimble returned to become an Atlanta Boom Coach in 2007)~Pearl, we wish you well. God Bless!

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