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Tony Coles,

Peppermint P for YoYo Games

+44 207 240 2645

Froad Announced for iOS and Android Devices
Latest YoYo Games Title Hopping Onto Stores This Month
London, UK – XX February 2012 - YoYo Games, the leading portal for user-generated game content, is pleased to announce that Froad, the latest game to be built using YoYo Games’ GameMaker platform, will launch for iOS and Android devices on Tuesday 7th February 2012.
In Froad, players take control of an amphibian character called Froad, who is named this way because nobody can tell if he is a frog or a toad. Froad is a survival game where players must catch as many bugs as possible, as requested by Froad himself, to see how many days they can help him survive. If players catch the wrong bug or a bad bug, such as a Bee or a Wasp, Froad’s health will deteriorate until his hunger bar is empty, at which point the game will end.
Froad contains two insect-filled worlds for players to take on, the Forest and the Pond, containing a variety of different bugs dependent on the location. Each world will cycle between day and night which will bring different varieties of creepy-crawlies for Froad to munch through, but it will also bring new dangers for Froad to avoid.
Froad will feature:

Froad will be available to download via iTunes and The Android Market from Tuesday 7th February 2012 and will be priced at £0.69 (UK), €0.79 (EURO) and $0.99 (USD) according to region.
For more information, please contact:

Tony Coles, Peppermint P

Tel: 0207 240 2645


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Notes to Editors
About YoYo Games

YoYo Games was founded in 2007 by a group of leading Games and Entertainment industry executives including James North-Hearn, CEO Foundation9, Michel Cassius, ex European Marketing Director Xbox and Spencer Hyman, formerly COO Last.FM. The company, headed by CEO, Sandy Duncan (ex Vice President of Xbox Europe), was created to support the founders' belief that a new generation of games development talent and devices was emerging and there was an opportunity to incubate and showcase some of the very best of this talent on these new and existing platforms.

YoYo Games is a leading publisher of mobile games on both IOS and Android. It is the publisher of the top 5 hit game on Android Market "They Need to be Fed" and the award winning "Mr Karoshi".  YoYo Games debuted in the top half of the Develop100 list of the world's top games developers in 2011. All of the games published by YoYo Games are developed using GameMaker.
The free to use version of GameMaker, GameMaker: Lite is downloaded more than 1 million times every year from the company's website

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