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Birtan Ay

Personal Details

  1. Visa valid until : 29/01/2017 Mobile : 07401 780474

  2. Nationality : Turkish Other : 020 7766 5209

  3. Post Code : WC2H 7AS E-mail : LinkedIn :

Education & Qualifications

2001 BSc Mathematics YTU, Istanbul, Turkey

2013 ITIL Foundation Educore, Istanbul, Turkey

2008 SAP Materials Management Medyasoft, Istanbul, Turkey

2000 Windows 2000 Directory Services Netron, Istanbul, Turkey


An IT Service Manager with 10+ years commercial experience concentrating primarily with ITIL, Service Now, Incident Management whilst combining business analysis, service request management, project management and problem management for financial services, most recently for the largest investment bank in Turkey.
Has designed and implemented ITIL based processes for IT units including helpdesks, demand managers, first and second level support teams. Has implemented service desk tools such as Service Now which is an ITSM solution for enterprises. Managed a budget of up to £110,000. Managed IT teams of 3-15, liaised with both business and technical stakeholders.
A results-driven leader with strong communication skills and the ability to liaise at all levels in an organisation who has consistently delivered results in fast-paced and challenging environments.

Effective client facing abilities, as well as a collaborative working style have ensured timely service delivery in corporate as well as SME environments. The ability to translate technical solutions into business concepts has enabled stakeholder buy-in as well as establishing sustainable stakeholder relationships.

Seeks contract work being immediately available for both interviews and starts for all across London

Skill Summary:

IT Service Management: ITIL, KPI, SLA, Service Management, Incident Management, Major Incident Management, Problem Management, Event Management, CAB, Service Design, Continuous Improvement, Single Point of Contact, Service Delivery, Configuration Management, Project Management, Stakeholder Management, Investment Banking

Business: Finance, Equities, Derivatives, FX, FIX, HFT, Algorithmic trading, Capital Markets

Software/Desktop: Service Now, Spectra, SAP MM, Microsoft Visio, Adobe Photoshop CS2, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Access, Point of Sale Systems (MICROS, DENGE), Trade Systems (Trade Master, Bloomberg, Integral, Tradable etc.), CameronFIX Engine, Cameron Dashboard, BPM, OPNET, Crystal Reports, Back Office Softwares, PC Networking and Hardware Support

Operating systems: Windows 10, 7, XP, 2000, NT, 98, 95, Android, IOS.

Languages: ASP, HTML, SQL, VBScript, Pascal, Clipper.

Databases: MySQL, Microsoft SQL, Sybase.

References available on request; recommendations available via LinkedIn

Employment History

Jun 2013 –Mar 2016 Is Investment Securities, Turkey

Investment banking company offering products and services to domestic and international markets.
Employed as a Service Delivery Manager to form and manage a help desk support group. Formed two teams consisting of 3 Support Technicians each, supporting 450 internal and 1500 external users.

  • Create ITIL based incident management, problem management and service request management process designs

  • Drive software development groups to succeed in solving order management systems issues with the use of effective problem management processes

  • Lead weekly problem management meetings, managing a problem management team of 4 and 15 consisting of developers, business analysts, technology architect and managers of technology units

  • Determine problems from incident reports and statistics and perform follow up actions on

  • Follow up customer demands on in-house finance tools such as trade and back office applications

  • Work with different technology units to create process designs based on ITIL demand management, software development life cycle ( SDLC ), change management, deployment and release management

  • Manage major incidents on OMS ( Order Management System )

  • Develop SLAs ensuring they are signed off each operational department and report KPIs on monthly basis

  • Design service design flowcharts of incident management, problem management and service request management on Visio

  • Provide effective service management for all incidents and service request management

  • Create and publish reports with regards to service delivery management on weekly basis

  • Act as single point of contact for overseas customers such as JP Morgan, Bloomberg and Morgan Stanley to solve their issues on order management systems

  • Stakeholder management involving meetings with technology groups and business units

  • Work alone to form and manage a help desk team to support users and clients at first level

  • Manage an event management group support systems and order management channels 24 hours a day

  • Provide project management for the implementation of the Cameron FIX Engine

  • Examine FIX protocol logs and locate problems when order delivery issues occur with Cameron Dashboard

  • Work with 3 System Administrators to create a configuration management logical map

  • Extract data from recent service desk tool Spectra to prepare help desk support reports

  • Extract data from different databases such as Ms SQL and Sybase by SQL scripting for preparing historic data of incidents and demands

  • Examine order delivery issues by Logwatcher in relation to trade applications such as Trademaster, Matriks, Bloomberg, Integral, Tradable

  • Implementat a service desk tool ServiceNOW

  • Authorise users of a back office application Kybele

  • Prepare cross check control reports on a 3-month basis for audits

The main projects worked on are as follows:

  1. First Level Support Setup

The project aimed to increase first level support functionality of IT and decrease issues for main in-house trade applications minimising problems such as high latency, memory problems, database locks etc. Employed to form and manage a help desk support group so customers did not need to call developers, system admins or managers directly and therefore save time and reduce cost

  • Worked in collaboration with a third party recruitment and interviewed candidates

  • Selected and trained 3 help desk operators

  • A knowledge base was created by the helpdesk team to handle incidents on in-house and third party software applications. Incidents, service requests and demands were collected as separated records by the helpdesk team

  • Designed and implemented an ITIL based incident management, service request management and demand management processes

  • Defined KPIs with the Technology Architect and obtained SLAs sign off by each IT and business group

  • Developed a service and product catalogue formed and published with catalogue manager

  • All incidents associated with services and products were handled by service desk software so, issues were tracked down at the product level. With problem management process these issues were revealed and eliminated by new releases or fixes.

  • Problem management with a group of 10 to 15 consisting of Developers, Business Analysts, IT Managers, Software Development Director, Technology Architect, Deputy General Manager.

  • Worked with the Technology Architect and Catalogue Manager to create a service and product catalogue

  • Collaborated with developers and Business Analysts to create knowledge base.

  • Chaired problem management meetings on weekly basis

  • Reported incidents, problems and service request statuses to the IT Manager and Deputy General Manager.

  1. Collaboration between BIST (Istanbul Stock Exchange) and NASDAQ

Borsa Istanbul (Istanbul Stock Exchange) formed a technology partnership with NASDAQ in 2013. In November 2015 Borsa Istanbul has changed all its infrastructure on trading systems. Because of this transition Is Investment planned to equate its trading systems technologies with Borsa Istanbul. The aim of this 6 month project was to change 47 in-house products and services located in core of order management system on time with Borsa Istanbul and go online at the same time with exchange with minimum issues.

  • Managed a team of 6 Technicians and liaised with 40 Project Managers, Business Analysts, Developers, Change Managers, System Administrators, Security Admin, Deployment Manager, Configuration Manager and Technology Architect.

  • Organised technology units during the go-live stage and reported to the Technology Architect.

  • Prepared change management tasks and flows, deployment time tables.

  • Liaised with developers, analysts and project managers.

  • Created online forms for project tasks so the changes to procedures could be tracked online. Kept managers informed about change procedures.

  • Delegated tasks to project stakeholders.

  • Accompanied analysts and developers during go live tests.

  • Involved at last month in change management stage.


  • Electronic order delivery to Borsa Istanbul Market resulted in latency reduced by 800%

  • Ensured an increase of first time fixes by the 1st level support team to 45% on a monthly basis between 2014 and 2016. This was an increase from 20% in 2013.

  • As a result of taking the initiative to implement the ITIL based problem management processes memory issues were eliminated on the main in-house product TradeMaster and memory usage of the application was reduced by 77%

  • Successfully delivered the collaboration project of the Istanbul Stock Exchange and NASDAQ ahead of schedule, in 36 hours as opposed to initially estimated 48 hours, without any major incidents or financial impact

Skill snapshot: ITIL, Finance, Service Management, KPI, SLA, Incident Management, Problem Management, Project Management, Stakeholder Management, Service Design, Configuration Management, ServiceNow, Spectra, Ms SQL, Windows 7, XML, Cameron FIX Engine, FIX Protocol, Visio, Sybase, Logwatcher, Matriks, TradeMaster, Kybele, Bloomberg, OMS, Integral, Tradable

Apr 2011 – Jun 2013 Arkhe Software Technologies, Turkey

Arkhe is a software development company providing software and hardware products as well as cost control consultancy services for food and beverage services industries.
Employed as a Support Technician to install software as well as providing customer support and training. Worked with technical support teams of 3 technicians. First and second level support up to 50 clients remotely, on phone and on site.

  • Perform hardware tests with POS systems such as IBMSurePOS, Hugin Flytouch, Partner SE110, Mobile Compia m3, Widefly WF35 and receipt printers and hubs

  • Complete software release tests on DENGE products

  • Install products on client premises such as bars, restaurants, clubs, retail shops etc.

  • Train customers on the use of the software products

  • Implement cost management systems, DENGE MYS

  • Act as a consultant in regards to cost control management for customers

  • Own documentation of technical support and keep chronological versions on CSS

  • Design reports on Crystal Reports

  • Use SQL Scripting on Ms SQL to extract data for reports

The main project worked on is as follows:

Ikbal Project

Ikbal is a large food producer with its own restaurants across Turkey. The company required a cost management mechanism to control its branches and franchises. A data centre was required at headquarters to support production. In addition, POS systems and hardware products needed to be setup at all branches. Managed a team of 4 technicians to complete the project.

  • Setup procedures made by a team of 3 technicians.

  • Created production receipts and stock cards on the application and all branches needed to be connected to mainframe.


  • By using DENGE cost control management system the company begun to catch abnormalities and located the leakages and their sales bottomed up in same year.

  • As a result of a successful delivery of the Ikbal project the company begun to collect data from its branches such as daily sells, stock levels, costs of sales and many more.

Skill snapshot: Cost control management, DENGE software implementation, Excel, Crystal Reports, Ms SQL, CSS, Point Of Sail Systems, Systems design and set up, Wireless handsets (Mobile Compia m3, Widefly WF35), IBM SurePos 500, Hugin FlyTouch, Partner SE110

Feb 2010 – Apr 2011 IGG AS, Turkey

Franchising food production company delivering equipment, food and beverages to its franchises.
Employed as a Cost Controller / Team Leader to implement cost control software and reduce costs within the company. Managed storage units leading a team of 12 employees in warehouse.

  • Implement the DENGE software in all branches and production units

  • Publish cost control reports using the DENGE software and Excel

Skill snapshot: Cost control management, DENGE software implementation, Excel, Management skills.

Aug 2009 – Feb 2010 Firat Bayir Education Centre, Turkey

An education centre aiming to improve pupils’ math, physics, biology and social behaviour skills.
Employed as a Support Technician to support 5 users within the company on face-to-face basis. Set up their applications, operating systems, email accounts, resolve support issues with desktops and email systems.

  • Install and maintain desktop computers and laptops, including both hardware and software

  • Monthly and daily backups on the File Server and Mail Server

  • Server Support, Server Maintenance, Software Support and User Support

  • Install Windows XP operating systems to desktops

  • Create student registration and call recordings forms by Ms Access

  • Prepare reports with Excel

Skill snapshot: Windows XP, MS Access, MS Office 2000

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