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Position Description

Sidney Municipal Court

Position Title: Probation Officer/Deputy Bailiff
Department: Sidney Municipal Court
Immediate Supervisor: Chief Probation Officer or Chief Bailiff
Positions Supervised: None

Under general supervision, a probation officer/deputy bailiff is responsible for the security of the Municipal Court, and also the supervision of defendants, who are under the terms and conditions of probation, or the “in lieu of jail” program.
High school diploma; valid Ohio drivers license; weapons certification required, or must be able to obtain such status; L.E.A.D.S. certification, or must be able to obtain such certification.
Knowledge of court policies and procedures, legal terminology, correct use of grammar, punctuation, spelling and arithmetic, office practices and procedures, computer systems, data entry, filing. Ability to receive and maintain training in self defense, first aid, fire safety, arrest techniques and practices, crisis intervention; work independently and as a member of a team to accomplish a specific goal; ability to use all types of modern office equipment; good organizational and communication skills; exercise good judgment in dealing with public; maintain confidentiality of court records; develop and maintain effective working relationships with supervisors, co-workers, judges, attorneys, officials, and general public; ability to prepare required reports, and routine correspondence; ability to handle potentially violent and/or emotionally distraught individuals, must demonstrate regular and predictable attendance.

  • Assist the public and respond to inquiries in a professional and courteous manner.

  • Schedule and supervise community service and alternative service program workers at pre-approved locations. Prepare weekly work schedules.

  • Prepare and file appropriate paperwork with the Judge for offenders who are non-compliant with assigned programs.

  • Answer telephone and respond to all questions regarding fines, community service, driving privileges, jail time, restitution, etc.

  • Supervise probationers to ensure compliance with conditions of supervision or payment of fines.

  • Develop appropriate case plans for the offenders to follow while on probation or the “in-Lieu-of-Jail” programs. Conduct field visits and office visits.

  • Schedule and interview offenders for Pre-sentence investigations and mental health and/or substance abuse evaluations. Research, prepare, report, review and present recommendations to the Judge.

  • Specimen collection for drug screens on offenders for supervised probation and offenders for court appearances.

  • Develop, review and administer follow up on payments for restitution, jail, early release reconsiderations, driving privilege requests, discharging fines, lifting of warrants, etc.

  • Review and implement revocations due to violations.

  • Develop and administer plan for assisting offenders to obtain information for compliance with the BMV.

  • Data entry into the case management system for new probationers. Continued update on personal information and status of probation.

  • Oversee indigent driver fund by determining indigent status, arranging treatment and submitting invoices for payment.

  • Set up individual files on probationers- confidential reports, pre-sentence investigations, assessments, deferred prosecution, etc.

  • Collaborate with social service agencies and local service providers.

  • Secure grant funding and manage budget of $125,000+ from CCA grant.

  • Supervision of all offenders to the CCA program. Responsibilities include coordination of intakes, termination, assessment of needs and risks, development of case plans, appropriate referrals to house arrest, community service, counseling, etc. Conduct field and office visits. Data entry into CCIS WEB of all required information for grant.

  • Serve warrants and escort prisoners from court or clerk’s office to second floor holding cells.

  • Transport prisoners daily from jail to court for scheduled appearances and/or arraignments.

  • Pickup and transport prisoners from jail facilities statewide for failure to appear and probation warrants.

  • Execute service on all papers issued by court for Shelby County. Maintain proper service records on all documents.

  • Convey court papers to and from Shelby County Sheriff’s office daily.

  • Provide security for courtroom and Judge during court proceedings.

  • Provide security for clerk and prosecutor’s office.

  • Monitor cameras.

  • Operate X-ray machine, metal detector and wand.

  • Perform searches - (pat downs) after arrest.

  • Maintain and monitor house arrest program - random drug tests, hook up, disconnect, collection of fees, verification with employers, house checks, etc.

  • Required to be certified for LEADS to run driving records and confidential criminal history records through BCI &I.

  • Maintain and prepare all paperwork for probation and bailiff’s office.

  • On call 24 hours a day to handle emergency pickups. (counties that will not hold)

  • Work closely with Sidney Police Dept, Sheriff’s Dept, State Patrol, and other agencies as needed.

  • Attend meetings and serve on committees and consortiums as needed.

  • Maintain and increase knowledge and skills through attendance at meetings, conferences, training seminars, and in-service trainings

  • Bailiff for daily prisoners and court proceedings. Brief Judge on cases to be heard before court. Ensures court paperwork is completed and processed appropriately. Maintains recordings of all courtroom proceedings.

  • Required certification in firearms to carry weapon.

  • Attend staff meetings to be held on a regular basis.

This position description in no manner states or implies that these are the only duties and responsibilities to be performed by the position incumbent. My (employee) signature below signifies that I have reviewed my position description, and that I understand the contents of the position description.

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