Pre-ap physics 2d motion Homework

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Pre-AP Physics 2D Motion Homework

Instructions: Answer each question in the space provided. Be sure to show all work (GUESS) and box your answer(s). This homework assignment is due on 10/1/2010.

Part I: Projectile Motion

  1. Batman drives the Bat-mobile off the roof of a building in Gotham City at a velocity of 35.2 m/s and hits the street 3.11 seconds later.

    1. How tall is the building?

    2. How far away from the bottom of the building does he land?

  2. A Bomber is practicing a bombing run. The plane is flying with a horizontal velocity of 185 m/s, and releases a bomb when it is 593 m away (horizontally) from its target and scores a direct hit. How high is the airplane flying (dy) when it drops the bomb?

  3. A sniper fires a bullet parallel to the ground. If the barrel is 0.25 meters off the ground and the initial velocity is 250 m/s, how far does the bullet travel horizontally before it hits the ground?

  4. A rock is kicked from the ground with a velocity of 15 m/s at an angle of 15o above the horizontal. What is the range (dx) of the rock?

  5. Tiger Woods is at it again! He hits a golf ball with a velocity of 25 m/s at an angle of 65o. What is the range of Tiger’s golf ball?

  6. A trebuchet fires a projectile at an angle of 50o with a velocity of 68 m/s. What is the maximum height (dy) the projectile reaches at the apex of its trajectory?

Part II: Circular Motion

  1. A Ferris wheel turns 480o before stopping. How many radians is this?

  2. A child on a merry go round completes 1 revolution in 45 seconds. What is the angular velocity of the merry go round?

  3. The wheel of a car in motion has an angular velocity of 6.95 rad/s. What is the angular displacement of the wheel after 90 seconds of rotation at this speed?

  4. Two coins: a quarter and a penny, are sitting on an old-school record player as it spins an old-school record. The quarter is 0.05 meters from the center and the penny is 0.13 meters from the center. The record player completes one rotation every 8 seconds as it plays.

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