Press release – Improving Access to English Language Services

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Improving Access to English Language Services
LESAN (Laurentian English Services Advisory Network) is a network of English-speaking people and their organizations and associations that has as its mission to improve access to services and, in particular, health and social services for the English-speaking population of the Laurentian region. It enables the English-speaking community to establish common goals and be in a position to speak with one voice to promote improved access to services in English.

The English-speaking minority population often falls through the cracks of Quebec’s Health and Social Services System. LESAN’s goal is to create committees in the Health and Social Service Center (CISSS) territory of the Laurentian region. The committees work closely with partners at different health and social services institutions, as well as, with other community organizations to identify existing local needs. Local priorities for English language services can then be initiated.

Ideally, each committee should be composed of English-speaking community representatives, municipal officials, religious leaders, educators and local service providers. In short: people interested in working together towards better access to health and social services in English.

LESAN is the umbrella group for five English Committees which are located throughout the Laurentians. Over 40 community organizations, many volunteers and representation from the CISSS des Laurentides make up each committee.

The LESAN groups are organized as follows:

• English Communities Committee (ECC) in the MRC des Laurentides;

• LESAN des Pays-d’en-Haut in the MRC des Pays-d’en-Haut;

• LESANA in the MRC d’Argenteuil;

• Health Center Partnership Committee in Kanesatake;

• LESAN Deux-Montagnes in the MRC Deux-Montagnes.

LESAN is sponsored by 4 Korners Family Resource Center and financed by the Community Health and Social Services Network (CHSSN), as well as, by Health Canada. 4 Korners facilitates, supports and coordinates the efforts of each LESAN group throughout the Laurentians.

For more information or to become involved with this important network that connects English-speaking communities please call the 4 Korners Family Resource Center at 1-888-974-3940 or email us at

LESAN: Informing, linking and supporting the English-speaking community of the Laurentians.

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