Problems with the old Kai Tak Airport

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You work for the Hong Kong government. Your task is to:

  • describe the problems with the old Kai Tak Airport.

You need to convince the public that the Airport Core Programme is vital in developing Hong Kong as an International economic centre.

Below is an extract of the video transcript “turning vision into reality”:
“Hong Kong is the economic and communication hub of the Asia Pacific region and is the natural gateway to mainland China.
Civil aviation has long been crucial to Hong Kong’s economic success. Its airport soon became the world’s busiest with direct air services to over 76 key cities. The rapid growth in international passenger numbers and cargo tonnes that started in the 1980’s stretched facilities at the Kai Tak airport to the limit.
A new airport was essential to meet the expanding demands of business, trade, and tourism , and to maintain Hong Kong’s regional and global competitiveness. …..”

A new airport was clearly essential to meet the expanding demands of business, trade and tourism, and to maintain Hong Kong’s regional and global competitiveness. And so the Airport Core Programme (ACP) was devised comprising of ten major projects including the new airport and supporting infrastructure.

The Hong Kong Airport Core Programme projects.

  1. Airport Railway

  2. Central Reclamation

  3. Western Harbour Crossing

  4. West Kowloon Reclamation

  5. West Kowloon Expressway

  6. Route 3

  7. Lantau Link

  8. North Lantau Expressway

  9. Tung Chung New Town

  10. Chek Lap Kok Airport

These huge projects only took eight years to complete. Hong Kong could be proud of its achievements in completing them on time and within budget.

The opening of the Hong Kong’s International Airport at Chek Lap Kok in July 1998 opened up an exciting new era in civil aviation. Four times larger than Kai Tak, this ultra modern facility cost HK$70.2 billion. It underpins Hong Kong’s position as a vital domestic, regional and international aviation hub. Built on a site formed in part from the little island of Chek Lap Kok. This facility can operate around the clock. In scale and design it ranks among the world’s finest airport.

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