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EasyDirect PAM V1.1.0.6

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Release Note EasyDirect PAMRelease:
Patch: No
Release Date: July 14, 2017Supported Operating Systems & Office products Operating SystemsOSDescriptionTypeWindows 7Professional edition32 & 64 bitWindows 10Professional edition32 & 64 bitNote: Home basic & Home Premium are not supported for all Operating Systems.Windows 8.1 is not officially supported. MS Office OfficeTypeMicrosoft Office 200732 & 64 bitMicrosoft Office 201032 & 64 bitMicrosoft Office 201332 & 64 bitMicrosoft Office 201632 & 64 bitNote: No other Office suites apart from mentioned above are supported.Minimum System RequirementsHardwareMin. RequirementsProcessor2 GHz Single CoreRAM4 GBStorage10 GB freeDisplay1280 x 800Known IssuesItemDescriptionVersionExport SchedulerUnable to select the time using mouse scroll for Hours and MintuesThis is a issue found in the 3rd party control which is used in the application and cannot be addressed at this moment. error displayed after successful uninstallation that software may have already been uninstalled. This notification not observed in all PC's (Issue Id : 4933) viewLast seen Current location are not updated correctly when interchanging/hooking/unhooking pipettes too fast (Issue Id : 3131). status is not updated (Active/Inactive) when unhooking the pipette during write operation.(Issue Id : 3458). This is observed when the SmartStand is connected through Bluetooth. to set "2" as the Sync frequency. If set, then after few minutes the sync frequency is automatically changes to old value which was set prior to "2".(Issue Id: 3481) viewWhen powered off, SmartStand status cannot be set to Inactive.(Issue Id: 3311) some PCs with LM506 dongle is connected, while restarting the PC, the PC crashes (BOD). And after another restart, the PC is working again. This is found to be a Bluetooth device driver issue. (Issue Id: 3264) StationPC COM ports available in the Docking stations does not work reliably, particularly when the system resumes from Sleep/Hibernate. BehaviorItemDescriptionVersionExport SchedulerWhen the user set a folder/file (local and in network) which could not accessed while exporting, the data is exported to a file inside "C:\Users\Public\Mettler Toledo\EasyDirect PAM\Export" folder. Also details can be found in the log file in C:\Users\Public\Mettler Toledo\EasyDirect\Logging\ EasyDirect.Service.SA.Host.log1.1.0.6Service datesThe application with empty Date field of Last service and next service, observed that the SmartStand re-calculates the Last and Next Service dates automatically from the Manufacturing dates. It will calculate last service as a manufacturing date and next service as plus 1 year of next service date. So, even if we write empty dates to the Pipettes, SmartStand fills the dates with new calculated dates. Note those fields are not written into the pipette, Smart stand just calculate and returns to EDPAM. one Flex Scan or RFID Reader and only one reader can be connected. DetectionFor Auto Detection to work properly, the application stores the current Port number through which the reader is connected. If the port number is changed subsequently by the operating system, Auto Detection will not work. In this case, the user has to remove the instrument and add again using the new Com port. RFID readersConnecting multiple RFID readers to the same PC may cause adverse effects in connecting, reading and identifying the RFID reader. This is not applicable for the Pipettes connected through SmartStand. downloadPlease refer to Section 7 in the Installation guide for more information. DonglesApart from LM506 (USB), no other 3rd party Bluetooth dongles are tested and hence not recommended to be used. Next QuickCheck & Next Calibration dates are empty in the pipette, and the pipette is scanned on a Balance, the balance shows "01/01/2000", but the date in the Pipettes remains empty. the user language after the Export template mapping is done will not change the mapping in the Export section. The user has to manually change the mapping after changing the language. Note, incase of automated data export, language selection is based on the above export template. [Id 4759] 10(update 1703)Progress notifications displayed in installer wizard seems to be different when compared with other OS. [Id 4834]. The application is correctly installed. Instruments Firmware versionInstrument NameFirmware Version SmartStand1.0.0.10EasyScan™ Flex Reader1.0.0.0Legacy USB RFID Reader----

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