Program Review Business Administration Dr. Richard Harvey, Dean Dr. Jack Kirby, Associate Dean May 2009

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Program Review

Business Administration

Dr. Richard Harvey, Dean

Dr. Jack Kirby, Associate Dean

May 2009


Fairmont State Board of Governors

Date Submitted: May 2009
Program: B.S. Degree - Business Administration
The institution is obligated to recommend continuance or discontinuance of a program and to provide a brief rationale for its recommendation:
__X__1. Continuation of the program at the current level of activity;
_____2. Continuation of the program with corrective action (for example, reducing the

range of optional tracks or merging programs);

_____3. Identification of the program for further development (for example, providing

additional institutional commitment);

_____4. Development of a cooperative program with another institution, or sharing

courses, facilities, faculty, and the like;

_____5. Discontinuation of the Program
Rationale for Recommendation:
Based on current enrollment data, numbers of graduates, service courses that support numerous other programs across campus, and consistency with the institutional mission, the program should continue at its current level of activity.

________________________________________ ____5/11/2009_________

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Table of Contents

Program Catalog Description 1

Viability (§ 2

Enrollments 2

Applicants 2

Graduates 3

Program Courses 5

Service Courses 5

Success Rates for Service Courses 5

Extension Education & Off Campus Courses 6

Cost Per Student Credit Hour 6

Liberal Studies Requirements Met 7

Assessment Information 7

Advisory Board 8

Mission of the Advisory Board 8

Role of the Advisory Board 8

Membership 9

Adjunct Use 10

Graduation/Retention Rates 10

Previous Program Review Results 11

Adequacy (§ 11

Program Requirements 11

Faculty Data 11

Accreditation/National Standards 12

Necessity (§ 12

Placement 12

Similar Programs in WV 13

Consistency with Mission (§ 13

Business Administration Concentrations Appendix I

Five Year Enrollments by Concentration Appendix II

Graduates Appendix III

School of Business Graduate Follow-Up Survey Appendix IV

Course Enrollments Appendix V

Services Courses Appendix VI

Success Rates: Service Course Enrollments Appendix VII

Extension Education/Off Campus Courses Appendix VIII

Assessment Plan Appendix IX

Program Assessment Results: 2007-2008 Appendix X

Adjunct Use: Course Enrollments for Courses Taught by Adjunct Faculty Appendix XI

Fairmont State University – Retention Data Appendix XII

Program Requirements Appendix XIII

Hospitality Management Justification Appendix XIV

Faculty Data Appendix XV

Specialized Accreditations Appendix XVI

1Program Review

Fairmont State University or Pierpont Community and Technical College


Business Administration


School of Business


May 2009
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