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The Library provides computer workstations for use by cardholders to access an integrated office suite, the local catalogue database, and Internet resources.

Patrons are required to have basic keyboarding skills to use the computers and be at least 8 years of age to use any computer except those with Internet access. Patrons must be at least 10 years of age to use computers with Internet access. Users must also have a current library card and have a clear record with the Library.

Patrons may sign up at the front desk for account access that will provide 1 hour per day computer access and up to 3 hours for word processing if no one is waiting to use the computer. No telephone reservations will be taken.

The library provides an “express access” computer for those patrons who need 20 minutes or less to check email or perform brief tasks. The Library requires that patrons with unattended minor children under the age of six use the express computer to minimize disruption to other library patrons. Patrons are asked to limit the use of computers to non-profit tasks such as homework, personal correspondence, resumes, etc. Patrons are responsible for obeying copyright laws and are responsible for any intentional damage to computer hardware or software.

Patrons may not save their work on the library’s computer hardware. Patrons may use their own diskettes, zip or flash drives to save their work on. Diskettes are available at the front desk for $1.00 each.

Patrons are required to use paper provided by the Library for printouts. (Exceptions may be colored paper or high-quality paper as approved by staff.) The cost is $.15 per page for text printing and $2.50 per page for pictures regardless. This fee helps defray printer-related expenses. If you print a page, you will be responsible for the cost of printing it.

* For Internet use guidelines, please see Internet Use Policy.

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