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E-mail: rozyakther01@gmail.com | Phone: 646-525-7964



  • US Citizen with many years of experience in IT, focus on Software Quality Assurance and Software Testing.

  • Experienced testing Client/Server and Web Based Applications using manual and automated testing tools.

  • Thorough understanding of Software Development Life Cycle and Testing process/standards.

  • Ability to work in Waterfall, Agile, Scrum and Iterative development processes.

  • Experience with release management process.

  • Expertise in analyzing System Requirements Specifications, Functional Requirement Specifications, Use Cases, Design Documents, Wireframes, User Stories and other product related documents.

  • Experience creating and executing test documents like Test Plans, Test Scenarios, Test Cases, Test Data, Test/Traceability Matrix, Test Reports, Test Scripts, Meeting Minutes, etc.

  • Extensive experience in Manual, Automated, and Mobile Testing

  • Expertise in identifying, logging, and tracking defects until resolved using Bug Tracking Systems.

  • Experience performing QA on multi-platform applications including Windows, Web, Client/Server, & Mobile platforms.

  • Experienced performing Black Box testing, End to End testing, System testing, Integration testing, UAT, Exploratory, Sanity, Database Testing, and also testing the Software for integration, compatibility acceptance, functional verification, GUI, performance, stress, and regression etc.

  • Proficient in writing SQL Queries using SQLdeveloper, Microsoft SQL Server, and performing database testing.

  • Knowledge of several defect-tracking tools including TFS, JIRA, HP Quality Center/ALM, and MS Excel.

  • Experience with manual and automation testing tools such as TFS, Selenium IDE, Selenium WebDriver, Visual Studio, TestRail, HP Quality Center/ALM, QuickTest Pro, LoadRunner, SoapUI, REST, and other open source tools.

  • Understanding of iOS and Android Mobile Platform and architecture.

  • Proven exposure to GUI testing, Functional and Regression testing on mobile platforms

  • Good understanding of development technologies and Programming/Scripting languages.

  • Strong analytical, administrative, organizational, time management and communication skills.

  • Proven ability to work under strict time constraints, identify risk and implement solutions for success.

  • Dynamic, energetic, self-starter and very detail & team oriented.

Professional Work Experience
Senior QA Analyst

AutoProcessor – Anaheim, CA

May 2016 to Present

Working as a Senior QA Analyst for Client’s Offshore Development team, and responsible for testing of new and existing features of their web application across multiple platforms and integration in Test Environment & Staging Environment in an Scrum-like software development environment. Responsible for performing various types of manual testing on QA Environment and Automated Smoke and Regression testing in Staging environment across UI, Back-office and other integrated applications.

  • Attend daily scrum meeting, sprint planning meeting, and retrospective meeting with Business Analyst, & offshore developers and QA member.

  • Attend weekly Project update meeting with Business Analyst, offshore Lead Developer, onshore & offshore Stakeholders, & Chief Technology Officer.

  • Communicate with Business Analyst, Users, & Stakeholders regarding requirement ambiguity, and develop & update test cases for the ticket stories within sprint in JIRA.

  • Assist Business Analyst in creating backlog stories and mock-ups.

  • Perform Ad-Hoc, Black Box, gray box, Functional, integration, GUI, End to End, Cross browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome), Cross platform (Android & IOS), Browser/Screen size responsive testing on QA Environment across all applications.

  • Perform API testing using SoapUI to update order’s credit card status between Riskified & Client’s back-office, Umbraco

  • Run SQL queries against MS SQL Server to verify and validate between UI, Client’s Back-office & database

  • Follow development lifestyle & testing lifecycle for each sprints

  • Update statuses on tickets as work progressed

  • Follow bug lifestyle for the bugs that were found throughout testing process and communicated with developers regarding fixes and validate upon fixes.

  • Develop automated script for smoke, functional, and regression testing in NUnit Framework, C# language, with Visual Studio, using Selenium.

  • Develop automated script using Selenium IDE in Firefox and convert them to Visual Studio when time is limited

  • Execute automation script after manual testing is completed

  • Flag issues during regression testing for major releases depending upon the Severity of the issues.

  • Work closely with development Team while debugging issues that arises.

  • Send weekly reports on work progress to Stakeholders, Business Analyst, Lead Developer, & Chief Technology Officer.

Automation QA Engineer

iHerb (Ecommerce)Irvine, CA

November 2015 – May 2016


  • Creates and executes test plans/test cases based on the Product Backlog Items in TFS

  • Responsible for documenting defects and verifying the fixes that follow

  • Work closely with Developers & Product Managers on various projects, give suggestions and reaching out to them for clarification on Product backlog Items

  • Review TFS Backlogs with Developers, QA Lead, Product Managers, and use TFS Test to create Test Plan, Test Suits, & Test Cases

  • Communicate with team regarding changes in backlogs and updating test cases

  • Holds test case review meetings with Product Manager when necessary

  • Works in Agile Development environment and interacting with Product Managers, Project Manager/scrum Master, Developers, QA Lead, other QA Members in Product Backlog, Sprint Grooming, Sprint Planning, and daily stand up meetings

  • Manually execute test cases once developer merges code and pushes to QA Environment

  • Perform Ad Hoc Testing, Smoke testing, Exploratory testing, Black-box testing, Functional testing (Both positive & negative), Integration testing, GUI testing, Back-end testing, End-to-End testing, Regression testing, Cross-Browser testing, Cross Platform testing, Sanity testing

  • Using Selenium within Visual Studio for automating regression testing & Smoke Testing on local environment, INT environment, & staging Environment

  • Run existing automation script during regression testing

  • Use existing template, class, & methods, page objects to create new script for Smoke testing in C# Language using MS unit test framework

  • Use Developers Tool to inspect object to gather test data for automation script

  • Perform User Acceptance testing (UAT) with Product Managers

  • Update Product Backlog Items for Product Manager, according to new changes

  • Give Suggestions to the Product Manager on Product Backlog’s features and functionality regarding on how it could be improved

  • Perform manual testing across all supported browsers & platforms (i.e. Chrome, Firefox, IE 11, 10, 9, 8, Safari, IOS Mobile/Tablet, Android Mobile/Tablet) and test integration between them to Identify and Report defects based on Requirements and Business Rules & Logics

  • Perform Mobile testing for IOS and Android using Chrome emulator & on device, both on the Mobile platform and Tablet Platform

  • Log bugs in TFS and communicate with developers regarding fixes, verify fix and update status

  • Use Screenpresso to take screenshots and add comments regarding bugs/defects and anything unexpected to help developers get a clear understanding of what and where the bug/defect is

  • Use TFS for Product Backlogs Management, Estimating Product Backlog Item task time, creating and executing test cases, and logging & tracking bugs

  • Perform database testing and back-end validation by executing SQL queries in Microsoft SQL Server.

  • Assist other teams with sprint work during down time.

QA Analyst

Cake (Digital Marketing)Newport Beach, CA

April 2015 to August 2015


  • Created and executed test plans/test cases based on the projects and stories being pushed forward by the team

  • Responsible for documenting defects and verifying bug fixes that followed

  • Worked closely with the business sponsor for each project, gave demonstrations in front of sponsors and reached out to them for clarification on requirements

  • Actively participated in all the planning meetings from project inception to release

  • Evaluated testing needs for each project and gave realistic estimates for testing

  • Reviewed JIRA tickets with Developers, Product Owner, and used TestRail to create Milestones, test plan, test suites, and test cases

  • Communicated with team regarding changes in backlogs and updated test cases

  • Prepared Test Data to perform testing in various stages of development and environment

  • Held test case review meetings with Product Manager and Developers and other team members

  • Worked closely with support team, feature development team, and internal operation development team

  • Worked in Agile Development environment and interacted with the Product Owner, Developers, Stakeholder, QA Manager, and other QA Members in Product Backlog, Sprint Grooming, Sprint Planning, Retrospective meeting, and daily stand up meeting

  • Manually executed test cases once developer finished coding and pushed to QA Environment

  • Performed Smoke testing, Exploratory testing, Black-box testing, Functional testing (Both positive & negative), Integration testing, UI testing, Back-end testing, End-to-End testing, Regression testing, system testing, Cross-Browser testing, Sanity testing

  • Performed User Acceptance testing (UAT) with Product Managers, Business Analyst and Stakeholder

  • Performed manual testing on web application, Client/Servers, modules, wizards, Portals and tested integration between them to Identify and Report defects based on acceptance criteria and business rules

  • Used Visual studio and Developers Tool to debug and identify defects

  • Logged bugs in JIRA and communicated with developers regarding fixes and verified bug fixes

  • Used Screenpresso to take screenshots and added comments of bugs/defects and anything unexpected to help developers get a clear understanding of what and where the bug/defect is

  • Used JIRA for story management, release management, and bug logging & tracking

  • Performed database testing and back-end validation by executing SQL queries in Microsoft SQL Server.

  • Assisted other teams with sprint work during down time.

QA Engineer

Scholastic Corp. (Publishing, education, & Media) New York, NY

November 2012 to February 2015


  • Developed Test documents (Test Plan, Test Cases, Test Data, Test Scripts, Test Reports, and Bug Reports).

  • Responsible for gathering user-cases, acceptance criteria from end users and review Wireframes, Requirement Specifications of the Product/system.

  • Worked with the development team to review project plans, analyze test environments and review technical spec.

  • Performed both Manual and Automated Testing of new builds and existing features.

  • Involved in whole life cycle of QA Methodologies starting from Test Planning, Test Design, Executing, Reporting, and Tracking the defects using Quality Center

  • Prepared Test Plan, Test Cases, and managed them using HP Quality Center.

  • Developed Test Scenarios with Test Data to support Test Objectives.

  • Worked in Agile Development environment and interacted with PM, Developers, Business Analyst, Other QA Members in daily stand-ups

  • Executed test plan, test cases and Test scripts using HP Quality Center.

  • Performed Black box testing, Functional testing, Back-end testing, Regression Testing, System Testing, Multi-browser testing, User Acceptance testing (UAT).

  • Performed Browser Compatibility and Cross-platforms testing.

  • Reported on tracking and verifying bug/defects/issues using Bug reporting tool.

  • Developed Test Execution Matrices during the testing cycle.

  • Prepared and documented Test data for various types of testing like valid data and invalid data.

  • Held test case and requirement review meeting; raised and monitored requirements’ ambiguities.

  • Assisted business analysts to clarify requirements’ ambiguities, define user stories, and generate test data

  • Maintained and ensured Entry criteria and Exit criteria for all QA deliverables

  • Tested individual web pages, modules, Silos, Portals and integration between them to Identify and Report defects based on business rules, logic, severity and priority

  • Worked on both Projects and Maintenance Releases.

  • Performed back-end validations using SQL statements against Oracle Database.

  • Worked with Developers, Business and Release managers to discuss ways to fix the defects.

  • Performed Grey Box testing and assisted developers with white box testing and creating test data.

  • Used JIRA for Release Managements, Release planning and bug tracking

  • Designed automated testing of Functional and Regression Tests using HP QuickTest Professional.

  • Developed Test Scripts through Descriptive Programming (using conditional statements, loops, user defined functions, function library) and data driven testing which applies the Business rules to validate the components displayed on the website.

  • Executed Automation test Scripts using HP QTP and reported defects.

  • Performed web service testing validated GET Method and PUT Method.

  • Analyzed test results, determined causes of failures, and wrote detailed and executive summary test reports. Presented test results to upper management. Recommended production monitoring techniques.

  • Attended Product Backlog, Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Demos and QA meetings.

  • Assisted QA Leads in determining appropriate test environments

  • Prepared regular Status Reports to communicate quality assurance activities to manager and team

QA Analyst

JetBlue Airways – Queens, NNY

September 2011 to October 2012


  • Analyzed and reviewed Business Requirements, use cases, Design Mocks, and Developed Test Cases.

  • Coordinated with the Business Analyst and development team to understand the architecture and functionality of the application

  • Proactively monitored health and visibility of the QA effort on each build for gap analysis and risk mitigation.

  • Developed Test Scripts, Test Cases based on requirements and functional specifications

  • Performed Smoke, Functional, System, GUI, Integration, Cross Browser, Regression, End to End, Exploratory Testing and conducted User Acceptance Testing (UAT).

  • Performed test case execution, tracked the status, and monitored defects life cycle in JIRA

  • Performed GUI, Functional, and Regression Testing on supported Mobile platforms and browsers.

  • Conducted strategic test team meetings to prepare list of test scenarios from the given set of business requirements

  • Performed back end testing by design and executing complex SQL Queries to extract data from different data sources to validate the corresponding reports.

  • Validated each and every field that the application is processing with the data in the Oracle database to make sure whether the application is pulling the correct data

  • Created Automated Test Scripts using QTP to perform Regression testing.

  • Used regular expression, Parameterization, synchronization, re-usable actions, data table, checkpoints and recovery scenario.

  • Performed Data-Driven testing and documented test results.

  • Updated test cases based on the Change Requests and making sure the fix is tested in future iterations.

  • Used HP Load Runner for Performance, Stress, and Endurance Testing.

  • Conducted Load and Reliability testing on Website’s workflows to identify and report performance bottlenecks.

  • Used VuGen in Load Runner and created Vuser Scripts for Load Testing, included parameterization, Transaction points and performed correlations.

  • Used Controller to Perform and monitor Load Test and Stress Test.

  • Used LoadRunner Analysis, generated various graphs and reports for higher management.

  • Actively Participated/ Involved in walkthroughs, Team meeting and status update meetings

  • Prioritize the defects for fixes and Defect Summary Reports

  • Attended daily stand up, Planning, and QA meeting.

Junior QA Analyst

TD Ameritrade (Online Broker – Stock trading & investment)Jersey City, NJ

February 2011 to September 2011


  • Was responsible for writing test cases, documenting bugs, and communicating with Development to get them fixed.

  • Researched and analyzed the software requirements, workflows, and designs to define detailed test suites, test cases, test data, and procedures.

  • Created test cases from approved requirement and design documents and traced them to the relevant use cases.

  • Reported defects and issues and re-tested them after fix.

  • Performed Manual and Functional testing to test the functionality of the application and module.

  • Validated test to check boundary conditions and error messages.

  • Performed functional, GUI, regression testing, User Acceptance testing, and End-to-End testing.

  • Developed SQL queries to perform backend testing of the database.

  • Performed regression testing using QTP, an automated test tool throughout all the phases of testing.

  • Created progress reports to ensure appropriate test coverage and results.

  • Created bug reports and test summary report and shared it with QA Manager and team

  • Responsible for documenting work for quick references Guide utilizing MS WORD.


Test Management & Defect tracking Tools

TFS, HP Quality Center, JIRA, MS Excel, Mantis

QA/Testing Software

Selenium WebDriver, Selenium IDE, Visual Studio, TFS, TestRail, HP QC/ALM, HP QTP/UFT, HP LoadRunner 10/9.5, JIRA, REST, TOAD, SQLdeveloper, SoapUI

Software Development Processes

Agile, Scrum, Waterfall, Iterative


Oracle10g, SQL Server, DB2, Microsoft SQL Sever

Software Development Technologies

C#, Java, .Net, HTML, HTML5, X-Code, XML, Perl, Java Script, VBScript, Shell, ASP, JSP, ASS, AJAX, J2EE, Apache, SQL, PL/SQL, Web logic, IIS, Web Sphere, Oracle Application Server, FTP, SFTP, HTTP, HTTPS, Adobe


IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera

Operating Systems

Win 8/7/XP, Mac, IOS, Android

Education : Bachelor of Arts, City College of New York

Work Authorization : Any Employers

Availability : Immediately & flexible to relocate

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