Report of action taken under class licence wml-cl23 Maintenance of waterways inhabited by white-clawed (or Atlantic stream) crayfish

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REPORT of action taken under

Maintenance of waterways inhabited by white-clawed (or Atlantic stream) crayfish

Wildlife Licensing, Natural England,

Horizon House, Deanery Road,

Bristol, BS1 5AH

Tel: 020 802 61089



Please use this form and submit to Natural England by 31 January for all maintenance works conducted in the previous calendar year.
Please refer to the licence for a more detailed explanation of the reporting requirements

Your Details (to be completed by the Registered Person)

Name of Registered Person


Registration No.


Period covered by this report

From 1st July 20      to 30th September 20     

Have any maintenance works been carried out in the preceding 12 months?

Details of maintenance works

Location (name of waterbody and administration area)


Location (minimum 6 figure Ordnance Survey grid reference)


Nature of works

eg bridge repair, culvert clean


Date works started


Date works ended


Numbers of crayfish, ratio of male: female and percentage of immature crayfish trapped or handled under the authority of licence WML-CL23:


Number caught

Male:Female ratio

% of immature crayfish caught

White-clawed crayfish




Marbled Crayfish




Noble Crayfish




Red Swamp Crayfish




Signal Crayfish




Turkish Crayfish




Virile crayfish




Other – please specify species      




Brief details of any habitat enhancements provided:


Have crayfish observation records been submitted to

Do you wish to continue to be registered for WML-CL23?

Declaration (to be completed by the Registered Person)

I confirm that the details given in this report are correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.




If submitting via email, please insert an electronic signature or check this box to confirm acceptance of the declaration:

WML-LR-CL23 (December/2017)

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