Samuel Morse(1791-1872)

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Erin Maugeri

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Samuel Morse

Samuel Morse(1791-1872)

Samuel Morse helped invent the telegraph, but he was not the only one who helped in the progress. Many inventors and scientists helped make this development. These sources are all about the telegraph and something called “Morse” code. These two paragraphs are going to be compared, but they have something in common. Read to find out how they are alike and how they are different. This is how the telegraph and communication began.

Who Made America?

Samuel Morse was born in 1791, Charlestown, Massachusetts. He became a renowned university portrait painter and a New York professor. He also would want the world to remember him for his scientific work for the telegraph. He built the telegraph with now one wire not tons and tons of wires. Samuel also developed the “Morse” code. He would refine it to employ a short signal (the dot) and a long signal (the dash). It would send out messages to the whole world. It soon spread to parts of nations and now almost everyone uses “Morse” code and the telegraph. Newspapers joined forces as the Associated Press, to pool payments for telegraphed news from foreign locals. The president received battle reports at the White House via telegraph during the Civil War. Morse died in 1872 having an advanced practical technology that truly transformed the world.

Morse Code and The Telegragh

Samuel Morse and other inventors revolutionized long-distance communication. In addition to help make the telegraph, he also made the “Morse” code, made up of dots and dashes. Morse sent his first telegraph message from Washington,D.C., to Baltimore, Maryland. Before the electric telegraph they transmitted by long distance, some methods were used by weather and the need for an uninteruppted line of sight between receptor points. Two developments opened the door of production. Alessandro Volta invented the battery. Morse sent Vail the first historic message. Telegraph let people communicate together. The telegraph also allowed people to wire money across great distances. People started now using the telegraph. In 1866 the first permanent telegraph cable had been successfully laid across the Atlantis Ocean. Samuel Morse died in New York City, at the age of 80 on April 2, 1872.


These sources are both alike and different. They both state a lot of information, but state different facts. One of the selections state one thing and one states something else that was not in that was not in the other selection. They both tell about his life and lots of other stuff. Which selection do you like? Do you like “Who Made America” or “Morse code and the telegraph”.

Do you want to learn more about Samuel Morse and more, you can go to and You can learn tons and tons more at those websites. I hope you learned a lot from this article. Now you know more who made the telegraph and “Morse” code. Hope you learned more about history and technology.

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